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Reaching New Hights [Solo]

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#1Emil Hyune 

Reaching New Hights [Solo] Empty Thu Jun 22, 2017 5:09 pm

Emil Hyune
It was noon with the sun raining down on the forest. Emil was in his hero costume with green jumpsuit, hoodie, and metal mask over his face. He had been traveling when stumbling upon Orchida town. Deciding not to join any guild Emil needed to start out his hero work and survive was start out with a open request. Luckily he had found one to help train a mercenary who was having difficulty training.

Pushing past a few bushes Emil finally found his client as he waved to her. Startled she jumped and fell over a tree root as Emil ran to her side."I'm sorry, I'm the mage you hired to help you train. I am the hero Tempest." Seheda took his hand being assisted to her feet. Dusting herself off she extened her hand as Emil took it with a firm handshake."I'm sorry for startling you." The girl simply shook her head in response. "If I ever

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