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Hard Choices [Private]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Hard Choices [Private] Empty Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:22 am

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

A part of her had wished that the circumstances of her arriving here were for pleasant reasons. Before  her, the Blue Pegasus Guild Hall was an impressive one, as magnificent and impressive of a building as she could have believed it to have been, far better even than what others had relayed to her. The tales of the impressive structure were ones in which she had heard all her life, from her time growing up in Hargeon on the streets to the mentioning of people who happened to have noticed the guild stamp placed upon her shoulder; it seemed as though everyone happened to know of Blue Pegasus.

With it came a sense of pride, but within her stomach similarly came an awkward feeling, one that in which wouldn't make what she thought any easier.

Entering within the guild hall, the cool air of which blew through it seemed to provide a nice contrast against the warm summer temperature outside, providing a degree of tranquility and an overall sense of good feeling for those who otherwise may have been struggling to endure the Hargeon weather. The main lobby of the building, in spite of how large the front of the building appeared, seemed to do no justice when looking around, the size and scope of the lobby seeming to dwarf even the largest of building interiors that she had seen in the past. It only lent to the awkwardness that seemed to persist while within there, very few people outside of perhaps the receptionist and one other beyond Leyaria and her companion Geth. For as large as a place as this was, for as grand and welcoming as Blue Pegasus had been regarded as, seeing it so empty, it left a strange impression on the whole thing.

There was a silence as Leyaria began towards the receptionist, the woman seated at the desk, a young woman, perhaps no more than a few years older than Leyaria, seemed to have been paused. Her focus remained solely on Leyaria, at least to some degree of some level of suspicion, though that may well have been more with regards to Leyaria's appearance. Since she had come from the Cell Games, she had not yet had a chance to either bathe or change her clothes, therefore making her appear far more like a homeless vagabond than anything else. As she got closer though and the Blue Pegasus guild stamp became more apparent, the receptionist's cold looks seemed to warm up considerably, more like she was reuniting with an old friend than that of noticing a random woman who had stumbled in.

"Welcome to Blue Pegasus, fellow member!" Her words were kind, inviting. Leyaria couldn't help but smile a bit at the warm reception, in her mind at least to slightly a degree finding it remarkable at how quickly it seemed the woman's opinion changed and just how cold she could have responded otherwise. "Is there anything in which I may help you with?" Her eyes glanced very quickly down upon Leyaria's body, her eyebrow raising very slightly as well, "Could we perhaps offer you a shower? Or a clean change of clothes?"

Leyaria blushed slightly. The attention was nice, though she was never quite used to being put on the spot, and even still, it was a feeling in which she wasn't all that used to, at least not yet. "Uh, thank you, but no thanks. I..." She choked on her words for a moment, "I was wondering. Is someone named Finn in?"

The receptionist's face seemed to glow very slightly at the mentioning of Finn's name. "Oh! So you're Leyaria! We've been expecting you!" As she spoke, she got up from her desk and began towards Leyaria, intent on perhaps showing Leyaria around the rest of the guild hall.

However, as soon as she came within Leyaria's reach, the young Dragon Slayer stepped back, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a small envelope, lightly crumbled as she carried it in her pocket, but the writing largely left intact. "Thank you, but really, I can't stay. I'm just... Look, can you give this to Finn when you next see him?"

The receptionist looked at Leyaria for a moment, a bit stunned at what she was asking, but did as requested, taking the note, glancing down at it for only a secodn before Leyaria was departing back towards the door, on her way back out to Hargeon. That Finn was not there was to some degree a relief, though at the same time, Leyaria couldn't help but wonder if she had made a mistake in not providing the letter to him directly. Either way, it was a decision that she had made, one that she had to accept with herself, and she was more comfortable with that, more than if she hadn't gone through with this.

Once Leyaria was gone, the receptionist, taking a look around as to not see if anyone were paying attention, opened the note that Leyaria had left, beginning to read it for herself.

Leyaria wrote:

I hope that this reaches you. I dont know if there will be a chance for you and I to speak with another again, but I cant help but feel it feel wrong if I did not do this. You accepted me into Blue Pegasus and I'm grateful for that, but I cant stay. Since we met, things have come to light that I simply cannot forget, that I just cant let go. I've tried to let things go, but in the end I cannot remain in a guild in which I cannot trust the people who've most accepted me.

I wish that this weren't the case, but I cannot afford myself to be afforded compromises in who I can trust. You accepted me as an equal, and I am thankful for that. But that aside, I cannot remain here.

I hope that we will have a chance to speak with one another again, and I hope that things can be different.

I'm sorry...

- Leyaria"

Closing the note, it took a moment for the receptionist to realize just what she was reading, and yet, for as many members had left the guild in the past, to see it firsthand, there was something different about this. To a degree, she did wish that Finn were here so that she may not have had to bear it, but as her eyes glanced again over the note, more and more she realized how much worse it would be to see that encounter, for him to be given this by her.

"Take care," she spoke under her breath, "Leyaria."

Heaven Sent, Crusade Driven

As there may not be 2 of returning members who started out as A-Rank within the same guild (Alisa Vollan and myself), this is my resignation from Blue Pegasus.

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