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All In A Day's Work [Mei]

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#1Mei Mei 

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Mei Mei
Mei had taken a quest once again. Her mother’s mini vegetable farm was getting more famous, and to be honest, she did not even need to take jobs anymore. She could literally just help her mom deliver the vegetables and earn money that way. But Mei had some pride in her, that meant that she wanted to earn money on her own and contribute to the family instead of just delivering vegetables. To be honest, taking a quest earned her more money than delivering vegetables, if she did one job a day. But if her mother needed her, she would help her, of course, as her mother was aged and not capable of going around delivering vegetables in the neighborhood.

“I’m leaving!” Mei announced to her mom who was busy making breakfast in the kitchen, but since their house was small, she was sure her mom heard her. If you shouted from the front door, literally everyone in the house could hear you, unless something loud was playing on the television or something like that. Otherwise, there was no problem hearing someone shouting from the front door. So Mei left the house and headed to where she was supposed to meet Dex. To be quite honest, Mei was not very fond of the guy and was only doing this job for the money. Since he was pretty dumb - not trying to be mean, but can’t deny the truth - she was sure that in the end of the day, she would get her reward. All she had to do was join him in his praise for himself.

Dex had asked to meet at a coffee shop, which - if she remembered correctly - was the same place they met last time so Mei did not have any problems trying to find the place. Plus she knew Orchidia Town inside out so she knew what was where and there was barely any place she hadn’t been to. After all, her home was here, and her family was here. So was her guild, and all her friends. One day, she would leave this town to travel to the other towns, and someday outside of Fiore, maybe to Sin! She always thought she had a lot in common with the Sinese people. Especially the names and such. Her name was a pretty Sinese name. But she wasn’t sure about that. It was only just an assumption.

Mei arrived at the coffee shop and spotted Dex immediately thanks to his ridiculous hairdo. She ordered a coffee for herself and once it was ready, took it to the table Dex was sitting at. “Hello Dex, it’s nice to see you again,” she said with a smile as she sat opposite to him. The man raised his eyes from the newspaper he was reading and frowned a bit first before remembering who he was meeting again and folded his newspaper.

“Oh! You’re here again. Did you take my request? I guess it’s good you took it since we’ve worked together once,” said Dex, finishing his coffee.


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Mei Mei
Mei was not sure if she was excited or nervous to take a job that Dex requested again, but hopefully things would go well this time. She sure hoped they did. Even if they happened to not go well, she would just play along and get her reward, not that she was the type to do such mean things, but she knew what Dex was like and she did not want to waste time and energy. Dex was acting as though he thought she was suspicious or something, which made her raise an eyebrow. “Yes, I’ve taken your request again,” she said, quickly drinking her coffee although it was hot, but she was in a hurry now since Dex had also finished his coffee. She didn’t want to be the one whom he had to wait for. Dex folded the newspaper and got up to put it back on the stand and came back to the table. He probably wanted to discuss it first. Mei listened attentively as she slowly finished her coffee sip by sip. She should have gotten iced coffee or something, but that was her mistake. Now her tongue felt burnt, but at least she finished her coffee exactly when Dex was done telling her about today’s request.

“Alright now follow me,” said Dex, getting up abruptly and almost knocking over their cups. Mei held the table before everything fell and shattered. Thankfully, she was just in time. Dex let out a nervous chuckle and exited the coffee shop, followed by Mei who apologized to the waiters and waitresses. She made a mental note not to visit this place in about a month. Now she followed Dex along to his current investigation of a murder case.

At first it would seem as though Dex was doing things right since Mei was not a detective so she did not know what was going on or what she was supposed to do other than follow Dex around and help him if he needed her assistance. After a while of following him around, she began to notice that there was probably no murder here at all and everything Dex was doing was useless. But if she went and told him that, he would probably be disheartened and not give her her reward for the job, so she followed him around and shut her mouth unless Dex asked her something or spoke to her. At the end, Mei played along with his fantasy the whole time so he rewarded her handsomely for following him around and basically being his assistant. “Thanks for helping me! I think I’ve found a lot of clues,” said Dex before giving her a wave and leaving. Mei also waved back, and headed back to her home where she would keep her money in a piggy bank. She had been saving up to buy something cool at the market. Maybe a magical item, a companion, whatever she could afford with the money she had now.


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