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Smuggler's Schemes [Bianca]

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#1Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †
Bianca was at the Docks once again to complete a request she had taken from Reagan, the old man she worked for last time with Geb. This job was much easier compared to the one she did before, so she did not bother calling for help or gathering others to do it with her. She did not have to meet Reagan beforehand or anything to start the job. In fact, Reagan was going to be pretending to be a fisherman so that people did not notice him. She wore a gas mask that she found recently and decided to use for missions that required a disguise. This was not really a disguise, it was just a mask so that people did not recognize her immediately, as well as in the future like, ‘Oh, this is the girl who caused a ruckus at so and so town!’ She did not want any of that. Other than that, she liked how the gas mask looked. She had never had to use a gas mask in her life before, so she already thought it was pretty cool. The design had all these pink neon lines going along the mask, which also glowed in the dark. How cool was that? Of course she would not use it for missions at night or something, but it was still cool and if she was feeling confident, she might not care about the neon lines appearing in the dark. Anyways, back to the job at hand.

The vampyress had clothed in a dark outfit, which - paired with the gas mask - would hopefully lead everyone to assume that she was from an illegal organization, especially when she did what she was about to do. She did not have many bright ideas to cause a distraction, so she would just cause some kind of ruckus at the docks. That was enough to grab everyone’s attention. There were not many people at the Docks today, so there was no way the security guards would not spot her, especially because of how she was dressed and the gas mask that she wore. She found a good spot and hid there for a moment before it was time for her to strike. Once she noticed the ship that she recognized from before, Bianca stood up and advanced towards a random civilian. With her Blood Magic, she created a spear while she moved towards the target, thrusting it into their chest and quickly drawing it out, the spear disintegrating afterwards. A loud screech was produced from the victim’s gaping mouth as she fell to the ground with her hands on the spear wound. Bianca took a few steps back and held a hand out, as if to warn those nearby. As she had expected, the security guards at the docks hurried over towards her, some of them attending to the wounded person and some of them coming to chase after Bianca. She stole a glance at the ship that was preparing to leave the Docks and then began to run for it.

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#2Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †
Apparently Bianca was much faster than the security guards and that made her want to giggle a bit, but she focused on finding a path that would be hard for them to follow. Of course if she had trained and learned a flying spell, she would have no problem at this point, but sadly she had not. The guards yelled for her to stop and blew whistles and all that shit, but Bianca kept sprinting along the Docks. She knew there was a path that led to the beach and near the beach, she knew there was a tiny forest. Bianca kept running, keeping the gas mask on so that no one would be able to recognize her. She had caught a lot of attention it seemed and in the distance, she could hear the wailing of the girl she had stabbed, as well as the wailing of sirens coming from an opposite direction. Someone probably called for an ambulance for the girl. The girl was small, and alone. There was no one near her which made Bianca use her instead of others. When she attacked the girl, she was holding a little basket, but instead of flowers, there were seashells in it. While Bianca loved picking flowers, this girl seemed to enjoy picking seashells at the seashore. The basket fell to the ground, followed by the body of the injured girl, with a small thud then a louder one. She was probably just a few years younger than Bianca herself.

The vampyress hurried to the woods where she would hide for a while. As the ship had left the docks and she had successfully gotten away from the guards, her mission was complete and all that was left was for her to get her reward. Once she was in the woods, she took off the mask and hid it on top of a tree she marked to come back and retrieve later. She would not mind if someone stole it, either, because she could just buy another one, although she liked how this was decorated with neon lines. She also took off the dark outfit that she wore above her normal outfit. Yes, she looked like she was twice her usual size, but that helped with getting attention. Plus, once she took it off, no one would recognize her. After neatly putting the outfit and the mask on a tall tree that she marked, she headed to the docks again to get her reward. Reagan sat there, dressed like a fisherman - and smelling like one, too - with a bag beside him. You could tell he went a little overboard with this disguise. Bianca looked around to see if anyone was watching and then grabbed the bag, leaving the old man who was staring at the ship that had left the docks. Bianca went into town for a nice seafood dinner before she headed back to her inn where she would take a nap.

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