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Train with Me[Quest: Amon]

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#1Amon Irving 

Train with Me[Quest: Amon] Empty Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:41 pm

Amon Irving
Amon had just arrived in Ochida Town after spending a few days in the mountains. He had decided on stopping in Ochida before he made his way to Era, as he had heard word from one of the remaining members of the watch that one of the survivors of Project Apex was there working as a member of the Rune Knights. This interested Amon because he wanted to speak with her in order to see if there was a way of reversing the side effects such as being emotionless and the one thing that haunted him most, Apex his other half. However this was all on the back burner as he had decided to earn some money doing some jobs around town for a few days before leaving to hit Era. On his first day in town he found a job board, these were the type of jobs anyone could get to and find. These weren’t usually the type of things Amon did but again money is money and he was just interested in a check.

The job he pulled down from the board was from a female mercenary who needed some help training. The girl’s name was Seheada, and from what she wrote on the request she was in desperate need of help. So Amon had decided to take this job as he would then make his way to the forest to meet this girl. Amon arrived at the forest after walking for about 20 minutes but he couldn’t find her when he arrived. “Is this the right spot?” Amon wondered to himself when suddenly he heard a voice from up above that yelled down to him “Im up here pal!” the girl would then begin to make her way down from the high up tree but she would actually trip on a branch and fall face first. Amon would walk over and help her up off the ground, and she would smile at the masked man saying “Thanks pal, my name is Seheada. What’s yours?” Amon hesitated to answer but after a second he figured out a idea. “My name is A.I. Actually im here to help you train, that is what the request is for right?”

The girl smiled at Amon and began to speak “Oh that’s a weird name, but yeah I need some help training. You see im a mercenary and im trying to get into a combat training school. Sadly every time I take the entrance test I fail. But a girl like me won’t let a few failures stop her, which is why im still trying and training. But that’s where you come in, I need you to help me train so maybe next time I go to take the test next time I can get into the program.” Amon heard the story she told and the girl seemed highly motivated she seemed like she wasn’t going to let anything get in between her and her dreams. This girl hit a soft spot for Amon because as a child he never had things like dreams, and he certainly wasn’t motivated to do anything as being a slave has that effect on people. And with that Amon used his right hand to punch his left palm and said “Your story has inspired me… I shall ensure that you pass the test next time you take it.”

The girl’s face glowed with excitement, Amon’s face would of did the same thing if he was capable of such a thing. So the two would begin training the first thing they started with was the most obvious thing, stretching an essential before you can ever train or even fight. Amon helped her limber herself up while also doing the same for himself. At some point Amon felt awkward due to the facial expressions Seheada was making as he touched her to help her stretch. The next thing they did was some simple push ups, something else that was a staple involved with working out, as the excise works out your arms and legs but mostly your arms. After Amon somehow got her to do 300 push ups he went and got her to do about 150 pull ups and 100 sit ups. After that the two would take a fifteen minute break during which Seheada said to Amon “Hey A.I. I really wanna work on my speed so maybe we can do some running?” It was like a light bulb went off in Amon’s head as that was a great idea, and so that’s what they were gonna do. “Yeah that’s a good idea Seheada, I’ll get a course ready for us to run on.” Amon said and after about 20 minutes he came back with the course done and ready to run on. The two gathered at the start point of the course, and as they prepared to take off at full speed Seheada looked to her right and spoke to Amon “I just wanted to say thank you for everything A.I.” and right after that she would take off running at full speed. However this didn’t matter to Amon due to the fact how this one girl touched his heart in such a way. After thinking about it for a second Amon realized that he was still in a race and so he took off after Seheada in hopes that he was gonna catch up to her. About midway through the course Amon had finally caught up to Seheada, after which he made a remark as to how fast she was. She smiled at Amon for the compliment and as she did so she fell due to tripping over a log. Amon would of course help her up yet again, only this time she seemed to be far more embarrassed, maybe due to the fact she was ahead in the race. “Thanks A.I. for everything again. And as I promised here is your reward, I hope you don’t go spend it all in one place!”

WC: 1021/1000

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