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Feed The Fish [Seira]

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Feed The Fish [Seira] Empty Sun May 28, 2017 2:57 pm

Unlike the other days, today had been quite the rainy day in Hargeon Town. It was unexpected at first, but Seira knew that the weather couldn’t always be great. It had been raining ever since the girl woke up and at 11am she had decided to stay in her room for today, because there really wasn’t anything to do when the weather was like this and she wanted to rest, relax and read a bit. She got out of bed quite late because of that and only got into the bathroom and dressed to go down into the lounge to eat some breakfast. Luckily living in an inn often made things very easy for the young mage and she was quite thankful that she didn’t have to leave the house to find something to eat. Even though Seira did some occasional grocery shopping for the sake of having certain fruits around with her all the time, she prefered to just go downstairs where someone would cook something for her if that was what she desired. The lounge of the inn she was staying at had a kitchen nearby where guests could order food and eat it right away in case they were too busy to go out. Seira used that opportunity to order some fried rice for herself and while she was eating she thought about what to do with the day. Apparently the weather was going to get better later today but there was still some time to pass and after finishing her meal Seira simply went back up into her room and laid on her bed for a while to read through the books she had brought along. She also had one of the town’s local newspaper and decided to educate herself a little on Hargeon and the people that lived here. Raina Burke, a marine biologist she had worked for before was apparently quite well known and appreciated by the community. The woman was known to be the best at her job and there was no one quite like her. The people who lived in Hargeon dependent on her, and seeing how many people were fishermen they needed the advice and help of someone who understood the waters on a deeper level, so to speak. If something wasn’t right or if there were no more fish to catch for whatever reason, Raina would probably know the solution. A day earlier she had spoken to Raina about the pollution that harmed the aquatic life in the waters and Seira had the impression that that woman was very passionate about her work and everything surrounding it. She had fallen into quite the rant about how humans didn’t care enough for the ocean and how she wished they would be more careful and considerate when it came to it, especially with trash and dirt. Seira, being a mage aligned to the element of nature, was very fond of nature as well and couldn’t help but to agree with the marine biologist. Even though she perhaps wasn’t quite as passionate about it, Seira could definitely relate to her feelings.

Time passed and it was already afternoon when Seira heard a faint knock on her door and noticed a white letter being slid under her doorstep. From previous experience the female mage already knew what this meant and a quick look outside the window confirmed what she had suspected. Seira had gotten lost in one of her books for a few hours and in the meantime the rain had passed and it had gotten quite sunny again. The weather was much better now and it was clearly time for some work. Seira picked up the white envelope and opened it. The letter was, unsurprisingly, from Raina Burke. The letter stated that she had plans on feeding her fish and could use some help to obtain the food so she asked Seira to come along with her. Since she also stated that she would, of course, pay the wizard for her company the girl had no doubts and issues with going there and put on some clothes that were waterproof. She wore thicker clothes than usual, even though it was almost summer, knowing that the rain would have cooled down the temperature by quite a bit. Raina had left Seira with an address that lead to her warehouse where she stored the fish food. Seira had seen said warehouse before and found it quickly. She entered it and got plenty of fish food and then walked down to the shore where Raina was already waiting for her. The two women greeted each other and Raina checked on the food before putting it all into the boat that they would be taking to reach the fish. Seira assisted her as best as she could and then took a seat in the boat herself. The boat started going down the canal where her fish were and while they were still basically on the road, Raina explained how these fish were unlike the others since they were sort of her pets. No one was allowed to fish here and she visited them several times a day to make sure they were happy and healthy and she also fed them frequently. Those fish seemed to mean a lot to her and Seira listened patiently as she started stating biological facts about each and every single one of them. Eventually they arrived and stayed in the boat while throwing the fish food in. Seira couldn’t help but think that she was going to smell like fish for the rest of the week and in her mind decided to buy a strong shower gel and shampoo on her way back to the inn. There were many strange looking fish in the pond and Seira had quite a few questions about some of them. Raina was able to answer all of them without hesitation, since she was an excellent marine biologist after all. They stayed with the fish for about half an hour before returning to the shore, where Raina would hand out Seira’s reward and thank her for her company.


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