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Translating the Note [Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

Translating the Note [Leyaria] Empty Fri May 19, 2017 6:21 pm

Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

She had felt like she had been within the library for a long while, the words on the pages before her just seeming to be ones in which remained there throughout, to the point in which there wasn’t any earnest likelihood that she’d be able to adequately go through and actually decipher what iwas that they had written upon them. The characters were foreign, unknown to her such that they appeared only like those of which someone would see and perhaps never actually be able to determine and understand, things of which she had to believe was intentional, but for whom. That was in now in the library, she had to imagine that now that was likely a question to which she would never be able to adequately answer, nor did she particularly feel like something that she wanted to answer at this point.

The first problem, and perhaps the one in which was the greatest challenge amongst everything that she was thinking about and trying to do was perhaps determining whether or not this was a genuine language or rather it were something to which had been created simply for the purpose of creating without there being anything to actually determine what the language was. It was obviously not a case that it were English or native, or for that matter even, any language to which she could honestly understand. A part of her wished that her Dragon Slayer Magic would give her some sort of ability of being able to determine what the language was, but even in that, there was absolutely nothing to which she was able to do really to get a better grasp as to what the language was.

It felt like hours that she simply stood at the note, unable to further comprehend it, the more and more thinking that the idea of trying to accomplish this task was something that was so far outside of her capability that it didn’t matter, nor were there any chance that she could honestly achieve it. It did not help either that the library was essentially barren, nobody there save for her, her companion Geth, and a librarian who was otherwise occupied with her own business, business that Leyaria couldn’t help but feel guilty about prying her away from. Instead, she simply stared further and further at the note, struggling to decipher anything about it. The issue too stood that there wasn’t any way for her even to determine what if anything constituted as a way to divide the words. There weren’t any clear spaces or pauses that notated if the writing was to be spaced out. Looking at it, it seemed more and more like that of a long, drawn-on paragraph that went on and on for seemingly forever.

Finally, the librarian did approach Leyaria, though in a moment of surprise that the young Dragon Slayer was in no way ready for or otherwise expecting. As she asked Leyaria what it was that she was doing, Leyaria simply pointed towards the note, defeated and unable to say that she was hoping to understand just what it was that she was doing. However, in a rare moment of joy and delight for her, the librarian seemed to know exactly what it was that Leyaria was looking at, departing in an instant, disappearing further within the library, only to reappear several minutes later with a large book. As she explained, the language that the note was written in was an old one, a forgotten one, yet one that wasn’t completely lost. What she had before her was a large dictionary composed strictly of that language and as Leyaria skimmed through it, she noticed that the note, while itself looking very intimidating and daunting, was far more simple than even what she could have believed.

There were perhaps several words in total written on the page in total, something that even as she was going through the entire book, trying to decipher what was written, she couldn’t wholly get through her head. The first word, after a long time of searching, was one that was actually very simple, feeling wrong. It was “hare”, something that she was certain had to be wrong. She might have wanted to second guess herself had it not been that the fsecond word that she had come up with was “meat”, which meant that the first thing was “hare meat.” Strange, she thought, but she continued nevertheless in trying to further decipher the note. She was being paid for it after all, so it only made sense that she continue on, but as far as requests went, this was one of the more boring ones in which she had contributed towards, though at the same time, one of the easiest as well.

The second phrase that she had come to decipher turned out to have been “cabbage”, something which was making her think that something was wrong. Something about it, the first word being hare meat and the other being cabbage, it felt like this wasn’t nearly as special or fancy as she had first thought it to have been. As she uncovered the other words, “potatoes” and “ox hooves”, it finally dawned on her what it was that she had actually been looking at for the past several hours. When she finally came to that realization, she felt stupid to some degree, otherwise disappointed, expecting that this would have been something far more interesting or ancient than that of just an old shopping list. Figuring that this had to have been it, she went through the dictionary again, double checking and triple checking the note, making sure that it wasn’t wrong, and when she got the exact same results, she simply put them down on a piece of parchment and left it with the note. Luciel might be disappointed in finding out what the note actually said, no doubt thinking it would have been much of what Leyaria expected as well, though she simply figured that the job was done, and she if doubted it, should have checked it herself.

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