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Let's Get Physical [Leyaria]

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#1Leyaria Venerak 

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Leyaria Venerak


White Dragon Slayer

She was starting to rethink how she felt about Crocus, it being obvious that due to the circumstnces which stood out between these days than against the last time she was here amongst the biggest reasons for the change in opinion. That said, she wasn’t sure as well as to how much of htat was attributed to the fact that she was preoccupying her time with doing requests an jobs, otherwise freeing herself from having to spend time reflecting on what had happened in the past, and as a result of that, it was impossible not to look at what was going on, to see things and then realize that this was a welcome change.

Geth also seemed to enjoy its time in Crocus, appearing more lively than in the past, doing more things in which made her believe that she was doing the right thing. This return to Crocus, having originally been one in which she was dreading, was turning out to be a good one, one that was showing more benefit and good fortunes than it was a rekindling of previous memories which were becoming harder for her to bear. As the two sat around, Leyaria thought, wondering if she should get another job, taking up some if not for the sake of acquiring a few more jewels that would potentially enable her to spend a bit more time in Crocus or even move up towards the nicer parts of it. Right now she was staying in the area that was largely held off for traders, those who were wandering through on business, those that weren’t looking to spend a great deal of jewels and rather were instead just looking for a place to rest for the night.

When she saw the request, she almost found herself doing a double take, wondering if it were a mistake or not. It was a mission, or more what sounded more like a plea than anything else, insisting that someone provide some sort of assstaince towards a group of to be soldiers in the art of sword fighting. Leyaria felt like this was the perhaps worst idea of a job for her, one in which that she first ha no genuine training in sword fighting, nor that of any real combat skills outside perhaps of using her Dragon Slayer powers to overwhelm enemies, and even then, that was more a case of she had power but no real degree of control over it. It was hardly sufficient to say that there was much combat experience even with what she did know.

Most of her experience and talents had more been invested towards isolated encounters, situations in which she was able to win with little more than a single Dragon’s Roar, and even then, the one situation in which went beyond that, the time in Era, she even didn’t feel as though she gave much of a contribution to that either. Of what she could wholly recall, her strongest attack at the time didn’t do anything more than create a large explosion in which caused a blinding light, if not only for a moment. If it had actualy struct anyone, it was impossible to say definitively, but she suspected that it weren’t the case, as much as she might have come to believe her contributions to that fight held any sort of weight at all.

She worried that she might have been over her head with this one, not having the experience nor the real qualifications to really teach anyone anything, let alone fighting. If there were any sort of solace, when she arrived, she noticed that there were a handful of youthful students, all of them far younger than which Leyaria, which immediately caused a degree of relief to wash over her, to the point in which she couldn’t help but marvel at how fortunate things had come to work out for her. All of them were patiently waiting, though as soon as Leyaria and Geth appeared, immediately their interest shifted towards her companion, to the point at which they did not care about anything else, certainly not the lesson, nor the explanation as to why their instructor was not there. That didn’t matter to them at the moment, but instead knowing what sort of creature Geth was, and what he was all about.

Leyaria was humbled that the focus was shifted onto Geth rather than onto her, as that would mean that they were expecting or otherwise hoping that she would be expected to actually teach a lesson, but the fact that they were more interested in Geth, it meant that there was really very little that she had to do, instead just having to entertain them for a bit, perhaps show them some very sloppy techniques in hopes of marveling them for long enough to the point in which she felt like there was enough for her to say and get away with saying that she trained them. With that, she decided to do exactly that, showing them some very sloppy techniques that otherwise enabled them to at least show that they could handle and grip a sword, though that was still a question as to if that were feasible or if she were even teaching them the proper techniques. Otherwise she simply did whatever she felt like it seemed right at the time, no worried about what would be retained, what would be forgotten, and it was clear she did not know what she was doing, nor did the students, as they were all far more focused on playing with Geth than anything else.

Leyaria viewed this as enough of a win, as it saved her from having to deal with the fact that she didn’t actually teach nor in any way should have been acquired this job in the first place. Once the parents of the students started to arrive, she made no mention or reference to Geth, simply taking their jewels before departing on their way before anyone was more the wiser.

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