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Capital Crocus to Magnolia Town [Foot Traveling]

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Capital Crocus to Magnolia Town [Foot Traveling] Empty Sun May 14, 2017 2:31 pm

“Are you leaving today, Seira?” Batra looked at the young woman as she walked down the stairway carrying her stuff with her. She had been in Crocus for about five days now, and although that didn’t seem like a lot considering that she had taken five days just to get here from Nanuq Town, the young woman had different goals and they weren’t in the capital. After doing a little bit of work and finding a few jobs that earned her some money she decided that it was time to move on. Although she had always enjoyed staying in the capital, because of how peaceful everything was, Magnolia was a better place for her to be and she knew that there was also a significant amount of work that could be done there, simply because of all the mages that lived there. “Yes, I am leaving today for Magnolia Town. It was my pleasure staying here with you, as always, thank you so much for your good services. I have to find work though so I should leave early, because it will take me 3 days to get there.”

Batra nodded. “You know you are always welcome to be my guest, anytime.” She smiled at the man and nodded. “Yes, thank you and goodbye.” Seira left the inn and Crocus shortly after. The travel to Magnolia was much more relaxing and easier than the travels she had before, simply because the weather was better and she was more familiar with everything. There were also many motels and inns on the road between Crocus and Magnolia so finding a place to stay most definitely wasn’t a problem. Seira entered Magnolia after three days of walking and, as per usual, the first thing she did was check into an inn she liked. Knowing that she would probably stay a few weeks in Magnolia it had to be a place that was nice and affordable but fortunately there were many to be found in this place.


Capital Crocus to Magnolia Town [Foot Traveling] LqKLdpe

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