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Let's Get Physical [Seira]

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Let's Get Physical [Seira] Empty Sun May 14, 2017 10:37 am

Seira grabbed the blanket and pulled it over her head, closing her eyes in an attempt to avoid the sunlight reaching through her window curtains. It was early in the morning, the weather seemed to be beautiful, as always, and although she was not a morning person Seira had made it her job to get out of bed earlier these days to make use of the time she had and get through the day with more energy. Although Crocus was a lovely place the Sorceress had no plans of staying for longer than few days, maybe four or five in total, before she went down to Magnolia where she planned on staying for a bit longer. Not only had Magnolia more jobs to offer, the atmosphere was also kinder, there were less people than in the capital and everything had a more familiar feel to it, the people knew each other and she liked that. Seira had been to Magnolia several times before and had to admit that out of all cities in Fiore, it was currently her favourite place to stay and and she often did so for a few weeks. She had also found an inn she prefered over the others and it was quite a lovely place. Due to there being a guild in Magnolia the town also had plenty of good options for other wizards and she was most definitely going to make use of that. She planned on leaving Crocus tomorrow if everything worked out and so Seira decided to make use of the day while she still could. She had already signed up for a job for the day, after going through the missions at the board yesterday. The translation of a note she had to do for a wizard named Luciel was done quicker than expected so she had more time to figure out what to do for the next few days. Today’s client, although indirect, would be a man called Armin Bartholomew. Seira had done a tiny bit of researched and learned that he was the son of a once very famous knight and he was more famous for his name than anything, especially because he was apparently the last one of his bloodline. He was, however, known to be a good man and Seira would gladly help him out if he paid her right, of course. She had received a letter with all the informations from him because she hadn’t been able to visit him personally. Apparently Armin had fallen ill, was bedridden and couldn’t attend to certain events that needed his attention and now he was looking for replacement. In his letter, Armin explained that once a week he trained young children from the capital in one of the parks, a bunch of five, to help them strengthen their bodies and increase their abilities, since all of them hoped to become part of the military one day or another. They needed to be in top physical shape and thus training could not be skipped.

Seira had never been a very physical person in regards to training, but she could act on it if she had to of course and right now money was all that mattered. Besides, training a few kids in a park couldn’t possibly be so difficult, so what could happen? After all she did know some exercises and it wasn’t like she had to participate, she just had to command them and entertain them for the day and she would be good to go. The training would be starting at 8am in the morning in a small park that was about a twenty minute walk from her current inn she was staying at. Seira got ready quickly and left the house, not without stopping by a bakery to get some breakfast as she headed towards the park. The kids, all five boys, were already waiting for her and she was a bummed to find out that most of them, even though they were younger, got pretty close to her own height. Her appearance and everything was of course immediately frowned upon, not only was she a girl but she was also dainty looking, so when Seira began the fitness lection most of them weren’t sure whether or not they could actually trust her, wondering whether or not she knew what she was talking about. They were disrespectful at first, but Seira wasn’t a fool. She was a mage and as a mage she had no doubts about using her own magic to shoo the little ones around for a bit to get them going. Of course she wasn’t going to use any dangerous spells on them, but it was enough to make them understand that she was, in a way, a fighter too and that the only reason she didn’t really fight physical was because she didn’t have to. Instead of asking them what they usually did for exercise, Seira went through a large number of exhausting exercises, some of them required a lot of physical strength and endurance to be completed. All the while she was walking beside them to check on them and make sure that they were doing everything right. After about an hour and a half they were completely exhausted so Seira decided to let them run a few rounds around the park to loosen up their limbs while she let her petals follow them, causing them to stumble over whenever they didn’t take care properly. She also took every chance she could get to discipline them, hoping that they would start respecting women more from now on, and after another two and a half hours they were completely drenched in sweat and exhausted. Seira decided to end the lesson here, since they had done as much as this job required her to do and sent them home to take a shower while she cleaned up the mess they had made. There weren’t many people in the park to begin with and she was glad that they hadn’t been watching her. Seira finished everything else up and went back to the hotel were her reward was already waiting for her, that had been sent to her by Armin.


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