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Translate The Note [Seira]

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Crocus was as majestic as it was beautiful. The capital of Fiore was one of the largest cities in the entire country, and in regards to elegance and grace hardly any other city could compare to it. The citizens of Crocus were known to be wealthy, often even nobles and everything was also a little bit more expensive here. Seira, who was born into a wealthy family herself, felt at home in Crocus, even though she was from Era, which was a similar place after all, and while the capital wasn’t a place where she would want to live right now she enjoyed visiting. It was completely different to the places she had been travelling to lately, Orchidia Town and Nanuq Town, and there surely would be some for her to do here before she could move on to Magnolia Town. Crocus was, strangely enough, also covered in flowers and flower beds could be found nearly everywhere. It was all a matter of decoration and presentation, of course, but Seira still enjoyed the fact that this city cared for its appearance. Seira had only recently arrived in Crocus, yesterday to be exact, and she had done nothing more but to find a hotel that wasn’t too far off from the center where she could get some rest. It was now the next morning and she stood up with more or less specific plans and ideas as to what to do in Crocus. She knew there was a request board close to the center of the city and most mages stopped by to pick up some missions and earn some pocket money and she was simply going to do the same. Seira got dressed and stopped by a café on her way to the mission board to eat some breakfast. The weather was great and she wouldn’t mind spending the entire day outside if she had to. It wasn’t a long walk and when she arrived she noticed that there were quite a few other people around, each of them looking for a task to do for themselves as well. Seira, however, wasn’t looking for anything too physical, she was still more or less tired from the long travel after all and as she skimmed through the mission fliers she looked around and eventually found something interesting. The title was simple, a translator was needed in the library and the client was a person called “Luciel”. The description explained that the person named Luciel had found a note written in a runic language that was no longer being used and for their own purposes they wanted it translated to see if they could make use of it. They were busy, however, and so they were looking for someone who could do the job. The note, apparently, wasn’t massive so one day at the library should be good enough to translate it all. Seira herself was quite the bookworm and she absolutely adored libraries and working inside libraries so she picked up the job and signed up for it.

About two hours later Seira’s request to do the mission was forwarded and she was able to meet her client in front of the library. Luciel was a woman, quite obviously a wizard as well. She greeted Seira with a nod. “Pleasure to meet you, traveller. My name is Lucie and as you probably already know I need this note translated, preferably by the end of the day. It’s not very long, I’ve recently found it and I’ve been wondering if maybe it could be of use for me. I’ll never know unless I translate it, but unfortunately I am very busy and have no time whatsoever, so you could do it for me.” Seira took the old note from her and simply nodded. “Yes, I will do that.” Luciel pointed towards the library and then at the note. “You will find a few dictionaries for the valan runic language on the second floor. There’s a desk by the window right next to them, just leave the note and the translation once you are finished, I will send your reward to your current residence here in Crocus right away.” With that being said Luciel left and Seira entered the library and walked up to the second floor, just as Luciel had told her to. She found the dictionaries and also the table where she was supposed to sit and after looking through some of the dictionaries she went with one of the smaller and newer looking ones first. The note only consisted of two words, like a list perhaps and it could very much be the list of ingredients for a potion or something similar so Seira could understand why Luciel was so interested in something so seemingly minor. Finding the right words in such a massive book, with a language that Seira was completely unfamiliar with took her about 1,5 hours in total. It got easier once she figured it out but after translating the first word into “hare meat” and the second one into “cabbage” she wasn’t exactly sure if this was still the right thing she was looking for. Seira double checked it and eventually moved on to the other two words which, after some research, could be translated into “potatoes” and “ox hooves”. She had a feeling now that she knew what this note was, but she decided to double check everything again to make sure that she wasn’t mixing up complicated words, giving them a simple meaning even though that wasn’t correct. After she couldn’t find any better translations Seira eventually came to the conclusion that this was simply a grocery list from the past. It was pretty funny and she felt a bit bad for Luciel, but this was easily earned money and she left the note and the translation at the table like she had been told and left to stroll through Crocus for the day before returning to her hotel room where her reward was waiting for her, just as promised.


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