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All In A Day's Work [Chelvaric]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

All In A Day's Work [Chelvaric] Empty Fri May 12, 2017 10:49 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvairc was walking through  Orchidia as he had to find a place.  He accepted another job. He was doing lots of jobs lately and he was getting a good amount of jewels from it. He wanted to become more experienced so doing jobs was the only and fastest way of doing that. Not that his jobs were that exciting.  But eh alteast it was something. He wouldn’t complain to much about It and just do them before he would go off to another city again. He had met some new people in orchidia already and he remit his best friend snow a while ago too. It was a nice meet and he had a lot of fun again. Now he was just on his  way for a job and nothing special. He had to aid a detective in his work. So it was  a bit more of a brainy and search job then a real fight or just carry stuffs around job. But it din’t matter to Chelvaric as long as he got some jewels out of it it was fine with him. At the least he could maybe learn something and get better at finding animal footprints in the wild when he went out for hunting. He shook his head as he had to find the guy first before even thinking about learning stuffs.  

Chelvaric and shaggy arrived at a coffee bar when they saw their client sitting on a table near the window. He seemed to be a man in his thirties and he was wearing a black sweater. He had puffy hair and was sipping some coffee. “Hello there I am Chelvaric who are you.”, he asked the man just o be sure he was the detective he had been searching for. Chelvaric didn’t want to run into the wrong man and waste his time like that. The man looked at him carefully as he wasn’t sure that he was the mage that he was waiting for. “Are you really the mage I was waiting for what if your someone else. ”,the man asked and started to walk around Chelvaric. He was inspecting him really close and wanted to make sure he had the right person before speaking further. He tried to touch chelvaric on the behind but chelvaric slapped his hand away and growled to him. “what do you think you’re doing. Don’t touch me I am the real mage okay don’t worry. You don’t have to be so suspicious. Now let’s go and find the murderer.”, Chelvaric said and he walked off with the guy. They first walked to an ally and they were started to search through the trash to find some clues about the murderer. Chelvaric searched and searched trough it but he didn’t find anything suspicious. Just normal peoples trash. He did see a bottle of milk shattered tough. He felt hurt for the waste of milk that happened in the household where the bottle came from. It’s a shame it got wasted but nothing he could do about it right now. He should buy some new milk too for the next week as he was out of milk. After an hour of search they still hadn’t found anything so they switched tactics and started to ask questions to people in the streets. But after asking for a while nobody really knew what happened. It was weird there was no evidence yet but a murder happened. Or maybe there was no murder after all but that couldn’t be why would he be hired to help then. He followed the detective to the houses close by and they knocked on the doors to get inside and inspect everything. But most people got angry when they knocked on the doors and they threw them shut again. Chelvaric sighed this was harder  then he suspected.

When he did get let in he didn’t really know what to search for but he did his best but nothing showed up again. Sometimes they would find some sort of clue but it wasn’t anything too conclusive so they only had some theories.  It could be that the killer hid the body in the sewers to dispose of it. Nobody came to look in the sewer anyway. So he and his client went down into the sewer and were searching through it. They stumbled on some bones but they couldn’t figure out if they were human remains or not. So they went to a nearby doctor to figure it out. But after a couple of minutes he already dismissed it as a dog bone. So they were back to square one. Chelvaric sighed as he was annoyed now. This wasn’t going anywhere. Was there even a murderer. “Okay chelvaric that’s enough for today I don’t think well find the murder scene.”, he said to him and looked around. “wel that’s ok-, what wait you don’t have a murder scene how do you know there is a murderer then?”, Chelvaric asked the man very confused. Why were they doing all of this if there was no murder that happened. But in the end he still would et paid tough so that was fine. “well I heard some rumors of a guy that went missing here so I think he got murdered and I was searching for clues.”, the man said to him cassualy. Chelvaric was  a bit annoyed and scraggy had the all the humans are stupid look but he wouldn’t say anything about it. He took the jewels from the man as a reward and walked away to his next job of the day he had more to do then one thing after all today. He would first stop for a good glass of milk tough this job made him thirsty and he realy was in the mood to drink a cup of milk. Very cold thick fat milk that would slide through his throat and made his belly all cold from it. He would enjoy this so bad.

1000 /1000

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