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Remove The Drunk [chelvaric]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Remove The Drunk [chelvaric] Empty Fri May 12, 2017 10:42 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was Waiting in a bar in the middle of orchidia. Not the fancy neighborhoods but more placed in the back of dark ally’s and hidden away from plain sight where the normal people wouldn’t get to see it. Chelvaric took a deep breath from his siggy as he was always doing when he had to wait long. He hated waiting and this was just cruel some boring. Why couldn’t the guy show up faster. If he just had to kick him out then it would be easier if he just could come inside and then he could kick his teeth in and it was over. He was really inpatient today as he didn’t caught any fish and he wanted to leave this tavern and go get some fish while it was so dark. Nothing would make him more happy then doing that but no he was stuck in this tavern to throw some stupid drunk out. Chelvaric ordered another beer and waited for it to arrive as he looked at scraggy who was peacefully sleeping next to him. Chelvaric wished he could be like scraggy right now. Sleeping somewhere not thinking about anything and just dream all day. He wanted to go back to his spirit plane where he could run around and sometimes a demon would show up but he could handle them easily. He wasn’t afraid of demons at all and he would never be he could care less about them. Finaly the man showed up. Chelvaric had been waiting so long and this basted took so long to come here. But he couldn’t do anything yet as he was told to wait for him to do something bad.

Chelvaric just looked as the man was walking around and grumbling to himself. He was drinking a lot and not really doing anything sensible. He was falling over chairs and he was talking rudely to other customers but he couldn’t kick him out because of that sadly. He really wanted too as he was bored as hell. And he really needed some distraction to get away from this boredom. But the man didn’t do anything bad so Chelvaric waited and waited for a while. He was thinking if snow was doing good. Hopefully she got some jobs done and was growing stronger. Last time they met he definitely felt like she got stronger then him. He shouldn’t let him get done in by her tough he would go and win from her when the time came! He wouldn’t be the weakling of the team. It was time to intervene as the man jumped forward and grabbed a customer. Yelling in the mans face about how he stole his beer and that nothing was good. Chelvaric didn’t wait and jumped forward and grabbed the man by the shoulders while twirling to the chair next to him. He then gave him the beer and watched him drink it out as he thanked chelvaric for the drink.

“Now you should head back home your way to drunk. Nothing is worse than someone who spoils the fun of a party mate.” Chelvaric said to the man and he looked at him as he was staring at Chelvaric for a while without saying anything. He seemed lost in his mind. He then jumped up and fell back down in his chair. He burped load and then started talking to Chelvaric. “I won’t go anywhere lad. I need to stay in this place and drink as much as I can. I could be dead tomorrow all I know what will happen then. I can’t help it but I need to drink all the time or I will die do you understand that!”, the man shouted at Chelvaric. He sighed as he looked at the man and then came up with a brilliant idea that the old man wouldn’t see trough nor could do anything against. He was drunk anyway so he wouldn’t be by his senses to find a flaw in Chelvaric’s thinking. “well I know a place with lots of booze. More than here and you can drink for free all night long. The only thing you have to do is follow me okay.”,Chevlaric said to the man and stood up and walked to the door and opened it. The man didn’t even have to think twice about the over and sprinted to the door. He would leave this place and get even more drunk. Chevlaric stepped outside when the man stepped outside and closed the door behind him. The man was looking around and it took him awhile to realize he was tricked and was let outside where there was nothing to drink or to eat or to do. The man turned around and started shouting at Chelvaric. “WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS I HAVENT DONE ANYTHING TO YOU”, the man raged around and jumped to Chelvaric. Chelvaric Just pushed him to the ground and started talking to the man. “this is for your own good okay don’t get yourself so worked up if I don’t do this you would drink yourself to dead. Your scaring the other customers just go home old man before the demons get you.”, Chelvaric said and pointed to the end of the street where scraggy was making ghostly sounds and waved his arms around and danced up and down. Making ghostly sounds. The old man shrieked and ran away really fast. That was good riddance Chelvaric thought and he walked back into the bar. He needed something to drink and then he could go eat something and take a nap. Finally, he thought no mare boring business for today. He walked into the bar and a lot of people where nodding there heads to him as he had fulfilled his duty very good and he felt good about himself. He deserved this rest even more now. Nothing would stop him from taking nice long deep sleep at the roof of a house and not think about anything.


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