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Sweating like a horse (solo job)

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Sweating like a horse (solo job) Empty Thu May 11, 2017 11:59 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at the plains of grass that were surrounding the forest. They were beautiful to watch as it was in great contrast to the trees of the forest behind it. Nothing more peaceful than to walk trough a piece of grassland he thought to himself. Scraggy was walking next to him a bit more grumpy because of the punishment Chelvaric gave him after meeting a fellow mage in the city. They would walk for a couple of hours before they arrived at the location they needed to be. It was inside the forest and the light here was a bit dimmer than outside of the forest so it was harder to see for most folks that walk inside. But Chelvaric didn’t mind it much as he was used to the darkness of the night and nothing could stop him. Especially some dim lighting would be nothing against him. In front of him, there was a girl standing against a wall. She seemed a bit older than him but not by much he would guess around twenty-five. She had long beautiful gray hair and had a soldiers outfit on. Normal shirt and pants and a green cape hanging around her shoulders. It was simple yet effective for a soldier to wear. It wouldn’t slow her down by a bit in a fight. A cape was very handy to obscure the vision of your enemy when they get in the way or when you need to blind them before attacking them from a blind spot.

Chelvaric waved to her and she waved back while smiling very enthusiastically  “Hai there are you the mage I’ve been waiting for?”, she said to him as he walked closer. “yeah that’s me. I am Chelvaric I am here to be of service to you today. What can I do for you?”, he asked her surprisingly as he wondered what a veteran as her could want from him. “Hello, Chelvaric! I am Seheda Linas. I am a mercenary that protects mages and civilians alike. But my skill’s aren’t that great and I have been trying really hard to get inside the academy but for some reason, I always end up failing. Please I beg you can you help me train I need to get better before the next exam start!”, she said in near tears before looking at Chelvaric hopefully. “Of course I help you were fellow trained! I want to become stronger too and achieve my goal! To become a Neko.”, he shouted at the top of his lounges and grabbed her arm pulling her up. He looked deep into her eyes and said with a typical Blue Pegasus tone. “let’s start training miss Seheda well get those tender arms to work!”

All three of them walked towards the place she had set up to train and while they were walking they were talking about the weather and the bees and flowers surrounding them. a laugh or two came out of her mouth as she was still not over Chelvarics confession earlier that he wanted to become a Neko. She pointed at a path that was going through the woods that was filled with obstacles like barrels and planks and sand sacks. “So the training is quite easy we just race this track together and try to not fall or get slowed down by the obstacles. Let’s do this Chelvaric! Let us reach our goals by defeating these sacks and barrels”, she said as she took a very confident pose. Chelvaric liked her attitude and followed her as she ran off already to the course. He would put his back behind this and he wouldn’t stop till they finish it. Chelvaric was running and jumped when the first obstacle appeared. The first mile was quite easy and although Chelvaric was a big slacker. He was quite fit as he did work out and ran a lot when he was hunting for food. The girl wasn’t bad either as she could keep up with him not a lot of people could do that when he really started sprinting. So he upped the tempo to keep her on edge. “This has been already quite pumped me up Chelvaric I was right when I saw you. You are the perfect one to train me. This is really important for me you know. When I become a real soldier I will finally have enough jewels to buy my parents out of slavery. I won’t stop till I achieve that goal! But I won’t lower myself to bad stuff like stealing I will do it in a legit way.”, she said with great passion and jumped over a log but ran into a plank that was laying on the ground she was trying to get back on her feet but it was too late and she flace planted right on the ground. Chelvaric jumped over to check if she was alright. “Are you alright Seheda.”,Chelvaric asked her and pulled her up by her arm. She was super blushing and faced away before throwing a bag of gold to him and running the other direction. “Thank you for your help I am so sorry! Here is your reward I hope we meet again!”,she shouted at him as she kept running. Chelvaric wanted to stop her but scraggy pulled his pants and was shaking no. Chelvaric didn’t even notice that Scraggy had followed him all the way to here. That was quite fast for a little guy like him. He sighed and nodded to him. She was a weird girl but she a kind heart he hoped she would save her parents in the end. Maybe he should help her. If he was stronger he could free them and kill everyone that was standing in his way. Evil should not be allowed to grow in Fiore. He will root it all out once he becomes a neko. That was his second goal that he was keeping to himself. Not everyone on the good side saw things the way he did.


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