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Distraction Time [Quest | Lacie & Scarlett]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Distraction Time [Quest | Lacie & Scarlett] Empty Sun May 07, 2017 12:20 pm

Lacie Eventide
A little richer, only in her pockets not in her mind. The last job she had done was with an idiot. She had meet lots of people and in general she was very positive but the meeting with Dex was so ridiculous and embarrassing! She thought people were watching her now, pointing her out as the red head that had been with him. Why was she a red head?! She had wanted to have a different body and looks since she was eight, since the death of her stupid sister because they were twins. She would rather have any other hair colour than this, a blonde one! She didn’t mind her body, technically she didn’t even mind how she looked but by the Divine, Alice would look exactly like her! Or well technically again she looked like Alice, since she was so much minutes younger but since Alice didn’t age as she was dead, it was a different situation. Lacie was alone, not that she acknowledged that, she still talked about her mother as if she was around her, which she wasn’t and she was never alone now that she had bought Scarlett. The first thing she had done after that incident in the crepe store where she had met Hyoen. Or well, not immediately the first as she first had to get money to buy her, the red fox was very beautiful that’s why her eye had fallen for her but that was about it. She needed to train her to listen, to not pee indoors and so on. She now also had to read about what this little beast did eat and so on. But she would figure that out as she bought some sort of manual with it. But enough about that, she was holding on to the lease, learning Scarlett to stay close to her before she would be able to walk without it. She was on her way to a job that she would maybe even hate more than the one she had done before. She had to distract a senile old guy away from a castle. The worst thing was that he screamed from time to time that satan was around the castle. Ha! He had never met satan. The devil was back in the abyss with her stupid sister, that was his vessel. She would tell him that clearly, that was her job for today, that’s why she picked it.

Together with Scarlett she arrived at the castle and greeted Jelies Sov and simply mention that she was there so he could relax and focus on his job for the day. She took a seat at the wall next to the door to wait for Leis to arrive, she was sure it wouldn’t take that long but it took about an hour in which she had simply started to get acquainted with Scarlett and feed her a little bit and cuddle. Maybe it wasn’t so bad to not be alone anymore and as long as this little fox could spit out fire, she was saver than before.

Wordcount: 514/1000

#2Lacie Eventide 

Distraction Time [Quest | Lacie & Scarlett] Empty Sun May 07, 2017 1:24 pm

Lacie Eventide
Finally after that hour Leis showed up, he was immediately spitting words but because he was anticipating in talking, he stammered over his words and was inaudible, which was good for Lacie had to grab her stuff and hurry towards him before she would fail her job, which would be rather sad, ”Okay here’s the deal. I can tell you a lot about where Satan is but you would have to come with me..” Not the best strategy if she would keep her Lacie mask on but she didn’t intend to do that. She didn’t like this guy, mainly because he kept saying things that weren’t true and mostly about the Illumin made it so that it hurt her on a personal level. The Divine meant everything to her. He must be really dumb that old man for he immediately agreed with her, was he that interested in the devil? Oh my that made it even worse! She thought he was just crazy! So she guided him away from the castle, which was easy with the wheelchair, he didn’t have much options else, she brought him to the river side, hoping not many people would be there. She was lucky, probably many people wanted to see the guest arrive in brilliant dresses and costumes, bah. Finally he didn’t want to be there and because he asked her friendly she guided him through the streets of Orchidia where he started to talk about his wife and she felt sad about it. She had never thought about finding a partner, she looked at Scarlett most of the time as Leis told something about his wife again, what she liked for flowers, what her perfume smelled like and her favourite colour as they bumped into those things one by one. It must not be very easy being alone and loving someone that was never there anymore. Maybe she was a bit jealous about that, she wished she would find someone that would love her for the way she was. The Divine took a big role in her life, she would probably never find someone that could make her forget the Divine for a few seconds.
When it was at the middle of the afternoon, Leis asked her to bring him back to his house. He had enough for today, so she simply followed his wishes and together with Scarlett walked to the little house, ”Thank you missy for spending time with me.” Which she found heart breaking, which actually meant that she still had a heart for people. He didn’t seem so crazy at all. ”Make sure not to spread nonsense again.” she said but with a smile and he said he promised, she wondered how long that promise would take but she left him, a bit happy with herself as she skipped along Scarlett through town. Orchidia wasn’t that bad. At the end of the day she picked up her jewels from Jelies and went back to her inn. Another job completed.

Wordcount: 1014/1000

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