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Detective Game [Solo | Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Detective Game [Solo | Lacie] Empty Sat May 06, 2017 3:41 am

Lacie Eventide
Right okay another day but she would leave soon, just after she got the money. Money was important to sustain herself and not depend on other people, that made sense. That made much sense, she didn’t like to depend on others but staying in an inn, no matter how cheap it was, costs money every day and also the food that she was eating. She wasn’t buying dresses or coats or shoes or anything else in the name of clothing for that matter and it annoyed her. She liked shopping but there was no money. Besides the fact that she would have to pay to use the training grounds didn’t make her exactly a happy camper either. It pissed her off more than anything. She would just have to find more jobs to do and move to another city where she hopefully found a training ground where she could a) find someone to train with because she was depending on other people their wounds and power so she could either heal or defend and b) one that was free! She muttered to herself as she read the notification about the request for the third time. She liked reading things for the third time mainly because she wasn’t the most smartest person compared to others. Everything was always done for her and to understand things she would have to at least read things twice, to make sure she didn’t miss something and to completely understand she would read it three times. Yes she was jealous of people that would remember and repeat after one time only but she didn’t mention that to anyone. She read a lot, all kind of books to look educated and smart but again it was all a facade, a part of her mask and new personality that was invented around the age of twelve or sixteen, she couldn’t really remember and she didn’t care about such small details either.

Not much later she was on her way to a coffee cafe because her client wanted to meet her there. The whole request had made little sense to her but she wasn’t going to complain if she would get money from it. She looked at her outfit, the black dress, her hair up in a bun on the back of her head, a cream coloured trench coat and black wedges, she looked perfect if she could say so herself. Well there were many coffee cafes in Orchidia but at least he was decent enough to mention the name of the one where he was. It wasn’t that difficult to find, she was here for a long time now. She spotted her client easily, he pretended to be a detective, or so she thought. And he obviously looked like one pretending as he was sipping his coffee, papers all over the small round table. This was going to be a disaster, however Lacie smiled as friendly as she could and walked over to him, faking her enthusiasm. ”Hi, I am here for your request, my name is Lacie.” She didn’t say his name with the purpose of him being a so called detective, saying his name wouldn’t be smart.

Wordcount: 513/1000

#2Lacie Eventide 

Detective Game [Solo | Lacie] Empty Sat May 06, 2017 5:04 am

Lacie Eventide
He greeted her with a nod and a tick against his fedora or well she guessed it must represent one. He looked her up and down with piercing eyes that she absolutely didn’t like but she wouldn’t show him that and she smiled innocently at him, ”Yes, you are the one I send the request.” She nodded, still wondering how he met her, was it the welcome committee again? Finally he gestured her to sit down but he remained quiet for the reminder of drinking his coffee, what a weird fellow. Finally when he finished his coffee he gestured for her to come along. She simply did what he expected her to do, mainly because she kept her eyes on the price: the jewels for once she finished this job. Once outside the cafe he told her that she would have to follow him along because of a murder investigation that he was doing. She would have to follow him, shadow him, not definitely walk next to him. She was glad she had a book in her purse so she could pretend to sit somewhere. Because damn this guy stood in the middle of Orchidia city centre, on the plaza and he was acting very strange, asking random people. He ran off screaming sometimes something that formed the word clue and at those moments she almost lost him, this guy was ridiculous. He was stupid and a big idiot and she was annoyed every ticking second on the clock. But she pretended, she pretended to be enthusiastic, kept her mask on. The Divine would punish this guy for using her important time and for being an idiot. Maybe this was already a punishment. She was sure that for her it was easy to play along, she didn’t even have to say much, she would smile with an apologizing smile to the people that were examinated, because she felt bad for them as this was ridiculous but she would hurry after Dex every time he ran off again and she watched him do ridiculous things. Man this man was such an idiot that she started to count how many times she thought that.

Finally after what seemed like hours investigating or running after this weirdo, the job was done. He stopped in the middle of the street and she had been so careful but she fully bumped into his back. She rubbed her nose when he turned around with another aha, ”Thank you miss Lacie, I have everything that I need. No one has followed us?” she shook her head no one paid much more attention to them after shaking their heads in a “oh damn” gesture but she didn’t say that. She was sure he wouldn’t believe it because he didn’t realize it at all at this point. She let him be, the Divine would fix this. He gave her the jewels for the job and she waved him goodbye, he seemed to go after the last clue alone or so and she went back to the inn, hoping no one would ask her for such a ridiculous job again. That was nineteen times in the last half hour that she thought he was an idiot. Thank the Divine, today was over.

Wordcount: 1073/1000

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