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Remove the Drunk [Solo | Quest]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Remove the Drunk [Solo | Quest] Empty Sun Apr 30, 2017 4:29 am

Lacie Eventide
Even though Lacie had decided she would leave Orchidia, she hadn't done that yet. Mainly because of the fact that she wanted to do some more jobs, earn some more jewels and so on. It was rather easy to do jobs here, she had volunteerd to work longer for the Welcome committee and she helped someone to train so she could join the knights.. or well Lacie believed it was the knights, she didn't remember anymore. It was about two months ago and the only reason she had done the job was to earn money. Had she at first looked like the nice innocent girl, she had some difficulty with keeping up that mask all the time. She was tired of it but she couldn't afford to slip the mask of. People had to like her, people had to think she was nice.

She had gotten a new job for this evening and although the owner of the pub had doubted at first glance that she could handle it, she had confinced him to give her the job. She wasn't sure if she would be able to be convincing especially not because she didn't have a supportive magic for this nor any real strength, but she still had her mouth. And she was sure as hell to finish this job, even though she hoped no one that she knew would be in the bar. That would be a very bad idea, that would destroy her mask in less than a second.

She had lifted up her hair and clipped it up with a black flower, she was wearing a black strapless dress and now sipping on a margarita. It all didn't matter for now, she would have to do this job and that could make an excuse for breaking character as long as someone would believe her. She hadn't seen anyone she knew here at this point, she also was sitting at the bar. There were a few red heads in Fiore, no one would immediately assume it was her if you considered that you could only see her back. She sighed softly, she had been here an hour and the guy that she would have to get out of this bar forever, hadn't showed up yet.

She was bored because of this and looked through a magazine while waiting, she kept an eye on the owner of this bar to see if her target, Mitya or so, would show up. She was sure she would see it on his face so she didn't have to turn around. She also felt eyes on her, even though there were more red heads in Fiore, it wa still sometimes surprising for people to see them and she was definitely sure that people were wondering if she truly was alone. Very surprising, no one had yet tried to make a move on her. She eyed Enil and noticed his shoulders tensed a little, so the target had arrived. Enil walked over to her and softly whispered that she only had to get him out in case he causes a scene. Idiot, being so soft didn't work that way. However all Lacie did was smile and nod and muttered a: "You are too kind." Done with this mask that was for sure.

Wordcount: 561/1000

#2Lacie Eventide 

Remove the Drunk [Solo | Quest] Empty Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:19 am

Lacie Eventide
The target, Mitya wasn't sitting very far away from her and that made this all very easy. She could eye him without really looking at him as if he was a target. Especially because of the chance that he was getting. Man he was drinking awefully fast, she had still her one margarita but he already was done with two beers and was now on to a gin. She sipped from her margarita and watched and watched. He quickly got tipsy and he was talking loudly, not to someone specific and she could understand how this was very annoying. For god sake if you had nothing better to do and no one to talk to, than shut up.

It didn't take that long anymore, after about half an hour he started to really shout about how bad the drinks were, which was the so called reason for him switching drinks all the time. He started to throw his glass at Enil behind the bar and that's when the bartender looked at her with an all saying look in his eyes. She hopped of her chair and went to sit next to the one of Mitya, "If you don't like drinking here, why are you here?" she asked stone cold because even if it was her job, she was very annoyed by him and she wanted him out. She took a sip of her margarita. The man turned to look at her, how impressive was a small red haired girl: not so much. She didn't have much magic power, so she couldn't use that, all she could do was her angry face and the tough side she had when she felt this way, when her mask was broken.

She still had to do more than only this but at least she got his attention. She didn't have to say much, at first she let him flirt with her but she didn't answer it, she let it happen so he would think he could do something more, she had to wait until he put his hand next to her on the chair, touching her hip and she smacked him on the cheek. "If you don't know how to behave, get out." Someone else, another woman supported her, saying something that he was a pervert and should leave this establishment. He was absolutely upset about the hit on his cheek. She whispered a few more things in his ear, warnings that she couldn't handle but he didn't know that, so it didn't matter.

Lacie again jumped off her chair, shame on being so small, she pushed Mitya off his chair. "You are going outside." She pushed him towards the exit and tried to stay as far away from him as possible but still guided him outside. Once outside, he turned around to enter again but she blocked the way and pushed him again, if he would try one more time she would hit him again. She gave him one last warning and he finally left after looking very confused and she headed back in, she wouldn't finish her margarita but waited for Enil to pay her, after that she would leave.

Wordcount: 1101/1000

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