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Translate the Note [Law]

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Translate the Note [Law] Empty Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:40 pm

On this beautiful day, Law was cooped up in a library. He was in here quite a bit, given his love of books, however he wasn't here simply to enjoy a good novel today. He was on official business, doing work as a translator of sorts. This was for money, as one would guess, something Law had become a little cautious about ever since he got thrown out of a restaurant because he couldn't pay the bill. Didn't want that to happen to him ever again, after all. It was probably the scariest thing he had encountered in his life - besides maybe lizards of girls, that was. Walking down the halls of the library to search for the book he had to translate, Law began to think about what brought him here in the first place..

Three hours earlier, before Law roamed the halls of the library, he was roaming a much bigger place, the streets of Crocus. You see, Law had been looking for work to do as of late, and was thinking perhaps looking around for job agencies, boards, or even those hiring off the street would be a good idea. In all honesty, he didn't really have anyone he could just walk in and ask for work for right now. He'd have to find somebody to do that. And the only way to do such a thing was to aimlessly wander around the city and keep an eye out. Indeed, that seemed to be the best option of all of them.

After a while, just as it seemed as though it would be the better option to simply give up and go home for the day, Law found it. Sitting center in the middle of a plaza was a big board filled with requests for mages of many kind. Law let out a sigh of relief knowing all this time wasn't for waste and walked up to the board, which seemed a little more peaceful than the crowded streets. Looked like mages in Crocus weren't that interested in work or something. Oh well, that was fine.

Law's eyes scanned the pages on the board. Nothing much he was in the mood for right now, or within his mage rank... suddenly, he spotted something. A girl needed a translator for a note. Smiling, Law knew this one was right for him before going to the address written down on the note. Work, here he came!

Walking into a lab of some kind, Law looked down at the paper. "Is Luciel here?" a younger-looking girl stood up. "Yes, I'm assuming this is about the note?"

Law nodded as Luciel spoke again. "Thank you very much for coming, I thought perhaps it would never get done. Anyways, here's the note. I also attached a little sticky note on it that'll tell you the dictionary you need to translate it. It should be in the Downtown Library. Thanks a bunch." she then walked away, Law holding the note in his hand.

Law would head to the library as quick as he could, not wanting to waste any time. He didn't know when it closed after all. Walking into the door, Law smiled. He had never been in this library before, but the one on the other side of town where he usually was. This one didn't seem as big, but had a lot better of a presentation. Plus, there was a cool little coffee shop tucked into the corner, that was a nice touch. Maybe he'd grab a cup of coffee sometime. But, he'd save that for the future. He'd have to go an translate the note now.

Walking over to the librarian to ask where the section was, he was answered politely and pointed to a specific aisle. What good service, it seemed this library was pretty good. He'd made up his mind to certainly come back here some day. Nice place, after all.

And, here we are. The tale of how Law got here had been complete, and now the tale of what happened next would begin. Finding the book he needed by the name of it's author, he took out the large dictionary and brought it over to one of the reading tables. Grabbing some spare paper and a pencil that were given out there for students to study with, Law began to get to work on it. The note was short, but he was sure he would need to spend a little bit of time on it. This was his first time being a translator of sorts, so perhaps this would be exciting.

About ten minutes in now, Law had got one word so far: Cabbage. It seemed a little bit weird, but perhaps it had more meaning. After all, there were still three more words. The second one was similar: Potatoes. Blinking, Law was a big intrigued. This... this....! Reading the third word, Law know knew what this note was all about. "Hare Meat"... it was a grocery list?! He was translating a grocery list? And on top of that, now he just felt hungry! Sighing, he supposed he had to complete his job. Taking a little bit more time on the last one, he was able to translate the word "Ox Hooves". Done, he returned the book and pencil before exiting the library. He had a feeling he would most likely be back here soon, though. So, that was certainly something to look forward too.

Meeting up with Luciel, Law explained the situation. "I see, so it's a grocery list. Either way, you've done what I asked, so thank you very much. Here, I didn't forget about your pay." Law took the money and left after saying goodbye to Luciel. Perhaps she would give him more jobs in the future? Only time would tell it seemed. For now though, Law was going to go and spend his hard earned money on some of that coffee at the library. Maybe he'd read a book while he was at it as well.



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