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Crocus - Magnolia (Travel by Walking)

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#1Tori Lancaster 

Crocus - Magnolia (Travel by Walking) Empty Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:48 am

Tori Lancaster
After seeing Crocus, it was time to return home to Magnolia. It was a long and difficult road, but she made some friends and earned some money. But most importantly of all, she started to spread the word of Fairy Tail. Her guild had become her home and her family, even though she didn’t know very many guild mates, something just told her that was so. Hitting the road, Tori recollected on where she was in life thus far and what all happened since she came to Fiore and to Magnolia. She arrived to Fiore as a simple ice mage, but due to a lacrima implantation, she had become the Ice Dragon Slayer, a title that accompanied the most powerful mages throughout history, according to a book she found in the Crocus library. She also found something about the Dragon Emperor, a title given only to the strongest of all Dragon Slayers and said to be as strong as a dragon himself. The book spoke about Dragon Slayers fighting each other in a “king of the hill” style contest to determine which was the strongest, and the most popular tactic of Dragon Emperors throughout history was the element of surprise, when their opponents had no knowledge that he even was a fellow Slayer. Tori decided, just in case this was real, that was the tactic she would use, not telling anyone that she was a Dragon Slayer. On the surface, she was still just a simple ice mage, and that’s precisely how she wanted to keep it. The only person she might tell would be her new friend, Kazumi. A book on Dragon Slayers said that it is incredibly rare to find a Slayer that wasn’t of the base elements, and considering Kazu’s crystal was earth based, it wasn’t the earth itself so that was safe. Only time would tell how that story would unfold. One thing was for certain, though. Tori would get stronger, one way or another.


Tori has traveled to Magnolia

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