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Translate the Note [Solo]

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#1Tori Lancaster 

Translate the Note [Solo] Empty Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:46 am

Tori Lancaster
Another day, another job. Tori was on her way to the Crocus library. She had no idea what she was to do, only that she was to report to the head librarian to retrieve her instructions. When she reached the building, Tori could almost feel her heart leap out of her chest. She had always fancied herself an avid reader having grown up on a secluded mountain top farming town. And this library was every bookworm's dream. It was freaking huge! Quite possibly the most beautiful thing she had ever laid eyes on. But now was not the time, as she was here for business. But once her job was finished, oh man would she be dead to the world for a few days.

Walking in the door, she was greeted immediately by the woman at the front desk. "Hello and welcome to the Crocus Library. How may I help you today?" she said cheerfully, clearly being a woman who loved her job, or at least faked it really well. "Hello, ma'am. My name is Tori from Fairy Tail. I was told the head librarian would have instructions for me about a request I've accepted." Tori answered as politely as possible, not wanting any of the staff here to dislike her in hopes to become a regular. "Oh yes! I'm afraid the head librarian is out sick today, but she did leave me with your instructions. Handing it to the ice mage, Tori read the piece of paper to find what exactly she was to do. Enclosed was a handwritten note in a very unusual language, the likes of which Tori had never seen before. Fortunately, there was a second note, this time in English explaining the first. It would appear that someone named Luciel found this note and is too busy with personal matters to translate it. The letter instructed Tori to find a Valan Runic dictionary to attempt to translate the note. Simple enough. She looked again at the runes and could tell that it was not in paragraphs or anything, just one line then another. Possibly small phrases or even full sentences, but nothing more complex.

"Excuse me. Where might I find a Valan Runic dictionary?" Tori inquired to the the clerk. "Valan Runic....dictionary..hmm...let me check" the woman said as she held her hands up as if she was typing. Instantly, a light appeared under her hands which took the form of a keyboard, which she did start typing on as if it was physical and right in front of her. Something of a screen appeared in the air, which was the final straw for Tori's silent curiosity. "That's so cool! What kind of magic is that??" the ice mage asked excitedly, always enjoying seeing new forms of magic. "Oh this? This is called Archive Magic. It's basically a magic that deals with knowledge and information. Not much use in a combat situation, but invaluable in a position like mine. All employees at the Crocus Library learn it. Just look around, this place is too big not to." she joked. "Ah, here it is!" Pointing out on the screen the serial number of the book, including department. Tori looked in awe at the number which had to be ten digits at least. Asking for a pencil to write the number down, the librarian chuckled. "I'll do you one better." she said as she typed up a quick something. Tori then saw an empty bar over her head which gradually started to fill. When is was full, she heard a small ping inside her head and could make out the word "Downloaded" on the bar of light before it disappeared. All of a sudden, Tori knew exactly where the book was and how to navigate the library to get to it. "Archive Magic can also be used to transmit knowledge magically directly into a person's mind, as well as all sorts of other things. Holders of a Crocus Library card gain constant benefits of the Archive while inside the Library's walls, if you would like one. After you complete your objective, of course." she explained, which sealed the deal for the Fairy Tail mage. If she wasn't going to become a member at the library before, she certainly was now.

With the knowledge provided by the Archive Magic, Tori effortlessly found her way to the 'Archaic Language' section, where she found books on dead languages, most of which she had never heard of. After a minute or two to find the exact number, she found the Valan Runic dictionary, right where the Archive said it would be. She carried it to a nearby table to examine the note to find her first rune to translate. "Hair..meat? Huh?" she looked at it confused, unsure what 'Hair Meat' was supposed to mean. After a few moments, she realized that a mark on the first rune was slightly faded. That mark would turn hair..into hare. "Of course! Hare meat!" The next line was simple once she found the correlating rune. "Cabbage. Ok. Halfway there." Flipping through some pages, she found her third line. "Potatoes? Ok this is little strange. Hare meat, cabbage, and potatoes?" After a minute of pondering, she shrugged it off and continued on for the last line. Reaching the end of the book without finding it, she returned to the beginning and started over. One page at a time until finally she found what looked to be part of it. "Hooves. But there is some missing." she thought as a description of the rune showed different forms, defining what kind of hooves. She would look for a moment for the variation before she found that it was ox hooves. "Alright! So what do we have here. Hare meat, cabbage, potatoes, and ox hooves." she said to herself out loud which made her realize what this is. "This is a grocery list. Are you kidding? That's hilarious!" she laughed. Putting the book back, she made her way back to the front desk to deliver her findings and claim her reward. Now it was time to get her library card and explore the library.


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