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From Crocus to Orchida [ Foot Traveling ]

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From Crocus to Orchida [ Foot Traveling ] Empty Wed Apr 19, 2017 1:06 pm

She was tired. Wiping the corner of her eyes, freeing them from the dried sleep that was caked on. She woke up even before the sun had a chance to in order to start her journey. After her last job with Teiho, she began to question the direction that her life took. She wanted answers to questions she didn't quite have yet. Her feet shuffled in a lazy fashion as she took the rode that was pointed out to her which would lead to Orchida town. Her final destination would be Seighart Mountains but in order to get there she would have to go past a few towns first. Once she arrived at Orchida she would find and inn and get some rest, before seeing what that town had to offer. She left a note for Tei telling him where she would be, just in case ya know.

- exit -

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