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Pitstop [Travel]

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Pitstop [Travel] Empty Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:51 pm

Geb had been making his way to Oak once again, coming back with a drive to improve himself and a new friend, Gallent the munchlax. The two walked upon a dirt road for a while, though they had left late, simply because Geb wanted to go to 8-island restaurant one more time. It seemed like Geb may have to make a pitstop around Crocus.

On his way there, Geb noticed Munchlax was starting to get hungry. Seeing the next town on the list was Era, geb sighed. "Well, I suppose we can stop there for a while. I'd like to check it out, too.. if I'm to overthrow the government, the Rune Knights are something to take into account as well."

Geb and Munchlax continued their quest, before arriving in Era. This was Geb's first time here. It seemed like an okay place, not good, but not bad either. Finding a hotel to book himself in and eat at, Geb had no idea that he'd be staying in Era for a while, and that he'd make some pretty big changes here. But, that was all for the future. For now, Geb, unknowing of his current situation, simply went to a steakhouse on the first floor of the hotel, before dozing off in a hotel. He himself had planned to stay a day, but little did he know that it would end up being much, much more than just that. The best was yet to come.



Now in ERA

Pitstop [Travel] BORZAPv

Pitstop [Travel] Empty Thu May 11, 2017 3:19 am

Geb's pockets feel lighter. It seems he got pickpocketed and lost 25,000J for using the wrong title.

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