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All in a Day's Work [Solo]

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#1Aleksandr Sokolov 

All in a Day's Work [Solo] Empty Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:21 am

Aleksandr Sokolov
As he put on the rose tinted sunglasses, his attire for the day was complete. A t-shirt and light blue pants with sneakers accompanying his feet. He looked at the mirror, or more specifically at himself, and yawned. His hair fell on his shoulders, soft and smooth as ever. His hair was wild and uncontrolled, he would have to get a haircut soon, or his hair would be all over the place. The sunglasses weren't looking too good right now, so he took them off revealing his red eyes. It was 8 in the morning, and he was going out to take up a request, maybe earn some money. Aleksandr's bank balance was only 25,000 Jewels as of now, a good time to find a job. Tarkus, his Cyndaquil was also coming with him, he wore a jacket, and the little creature jumped inside it. He took a final glance in the mirror and then walked out of his inn room; he locked it and traveled down two flights of stairs.

Reaching the request board of the town, he joined the crowd looking for the jobs available. He glanced at most of them; then one caught his eye, it was from Dex Miller, a client he has once worked with, he didn't mind working with him again. The little Cyndaquil, Tarkus climbed out of his jacket and used the heads of the mages as his platform to get out of the crowd. Alek followed Tarkus and got out of the crowd himself, he found himself a bench, picked Tarkus up and sat on it. He began reading the job description. His client, Dex had specified to meet at a coffee shop, the name of the coffee shop? Meem. Woah, that’s a weird name. Not that he minded, but he found it rather amusing. The paper also specified that Dex would be waiting there for him.

Aleksandr's client, Dex seemingly believed that there was a plot of assassination against him. Remarking the man was crazy - the thought was probably delusional. But nonetheless, his job was to shadow him and follow him around all day. He would get his reward for that, and that's all he wanted. But deep down, he was concerned for Dex, for the man's mental health and if he would be alright. He pulled out a map from his pocket that had been given to him a by a lovely bloke, Dacol. He started reading it, in attempts to find the coffee shop that Dex had mentioned. As soon as he located the coffee shop, he stood up, and Tarkus jumped onto his right shoulder. He looked at the map once more so he could confirm the location. He began walking and patted Tarkus who was still on his shoulder, the coffee shop was east, and that was where he would be going.

When they arrived at the café, Tarkus jumped off Alek's shoulders and on the ground. He fixed his clothes, pulled the door and walked inside. He started looking around for his client, Dex. He finally found Dex, who was sitting on the farthest bench. The man was sipping his coffee while looking around for people that looked suspicious to him. You may ask who looked suspicious to him? Everybody. The man sat there examining everybody through his big eyes. Alek took a deep breath and looked at Dex who was rather very reserved doing what he was to notice at all. Alek picked Tarkus up, and the little creature climbed onto his head. He walked to Dex's table and pulled out the quest paper. He then slammed the paper down on the table and said: "I'm Aleksandr." The man looked down at the paper and then at himself. He was trying to confirm if Alek was the person that took his request. The man muttered "Red eyes, maybe a vampire. He's also got a little creature sitting on his head. He could use it to kill me. Oh, look there's the request paper. Maybe he's the guy who took my request."

Dex then looked up and in a baritone voice, spoke up - "Sit down." and Aleksandr obliged. Aleksandr picked up the menu and started reading it, partly because he had nothing better to do. He wasn't going to order food or even coffee. He began going through all the dishes while waiting for Dex to say something. "Let's go," Dex said as he finished his coffee and Alek nodded. Tarkus climbed Alek's shoulder, and Dex stood up. Shortly after, Alek stood up as well. They made their way out of the café. Dex began to explain the plot of assassination against him that had been mentioned in the request paper. He said, "I had a fling with the wife of a Mob leader long ago, he has found out and is now after me." and explained it all with intricate detail and ridiculous stories, but Alek just nodded like he believed him. Then, Dex started with his idiosyncratic antics. He began cross-examining people on the streets. It all went too far with one girl who was sitting on a bench. Dex crawled up behind her and started examining her - which she didn't notice. And then he touched her butt. She stood up with an angry red face and slapped Dex, screaming afterward.

Aleksandr sensed that were was going to be trouble, and he grabbed Dex's hand and began to run, so did Tarkus. After they were at a safe distance, Aleksandr let Dex's hand go which was red by now because of his strong grip. He started to pant but unknown to him, Dex entered the ladies bathroom nearby and Alek started looking around for him eventually entering the luckily empty ladies toilet. When he found Dex, the man was examining a toilet seat for clues and had searched the whole place as he said. By now it had become clear to him that no murder had happened. But, he decided to follow Dex around and seemingly indulging in his fantasies.

At the end of the day, the man rewarded Aleksandr for his help and went home. Aleksandr went to his inn room, closed the door and began to laugh. He had been holding this back for a long time, Dex's antics just turned out to be so funny. He sat on his bed and soon fell asleep, he was pretty tired from the day.


1073 Words.

quest completed.

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