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From Crocus to Era

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From Crocus to Era Empty Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:43 pm

Well, it seems all the fun young Uchida could have had from this place was all worn out. He didn't really have much else to do unless he wanted to continue to roam the maze of the capital city. Recently, he had heard his new "teammates" were one there way to another location to do more miscellaneous tasks. Since he had nothing to do and heard they paid decent enough, he decided he would tag along for the ride. Maybe then he'd get some new offers that'll help him become a famous mage. Other than that, nothing was really going on with his life.

Casually making his way through the front gates, uchida had turned back to look at the city entrance one last time. Taking a glance at hit for a second, he wondered why he was looking at it like he was never going to see it again. Meh, he thought to hismelf before turning around and travelling in Era's general direction.

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