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Onward to Marigold foot travel

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Onward to Marigold foot travel Empty Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:39 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was walking along the road as he was traveling to marigold for a new job he picked up. He had to take out some stupid dog like creature. Well he was always for killing some wolfs. Nothing was funnier then seeing a dog putting his tail between his legs and run away. The day was clear of clouds and the sun was shining partly through the leaves of the forest. It was a beautiful sight and a beautiful day to travel. And he had a long long way to go. “And one and two and three here we go!”, a little lizard shouted as it walked along side Chelvaric. It was orange and was holding loose skin as pants around it waist. It was a weird habit but it didn’t slow him down one bit he was still super fast in walking that he could keep up the pace with him. He had a small red scale on his head and his teeth were always visible. This was Chelvarics new partner. Chelvaric thought deep back to the time he found scraggy -as the creature was called- in a special place near crocus. Chelvaric was scouting out some tech shop to score himself a rifle but allas the owner had sold everything he had to other people already. Chelvaric was explaining some technical details of the gun to see if they knew anyone else that could have a gun like this before he left the building. But they didn’t know anything either.

That’s when scraggy showed up and started talking about some tech he was searching too. After a few drinks and long conversations the two made a friendship and scraggy was now tagging along to there first job they would do as partners. Chelvaric didn’t mind the company at all as scaggy was a quiet calm lizard and had a big heart for tech too. He hoped he could fight too as chelvaric didn’t train in months and didn’t know that much yet. Heck he ddin’t even cast a spell yet! But apparently the lizard had some good spells under its belt and could fight alongside him. He already dreamt about the glorious battles they were gonna have. And how scaggy  could go shop while chelvaric could lay down in the shadow and take a hard earned rest. He stretched his body out as they walked before they made camp to sleep for the night. Thy ate some eggs and sausages as dinner and then told some scary stories till scraggy was hiding in his pants. They then turned in for the night. The rest of the trip was very uneventfull and boring but that was atleast good for his peace and tranquility he always searched for. Soon they would arrive in marigold where a bunch of work and jobs were waiting on them. Duty called them but also the jewels he wanted were shouting his name. the good thing about this travel was the no rent he had to pay each day, he tought as they arrived.

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