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Welcoming Committee [KazumaSnow]

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So this was it, the city he had hoped to reach and see, Orchida. A interesting sight to behold. It wasn’t in the best shape but that just made The young man approaching the gates all the more happy with having picked it as his destination. It was a wonderful city as for his first impressions… Which probably told more about him than the city but he didn’t care as he entered through the main gates and almost tripped backwards as a man almost threw a stack of fliers into his chest.
“Wha-Wei-Who?” Liston stuttered out with a confused look and looked to the man who handed him the fliers.

“Yo! The name’s Dacol and you were one of those appointed to hand out fliers for the day, right?” He said with a calm smile and looked about the area for something. “It’s simple! You hand these fliers out to the people passing by and… That’s it really! Easily done!” He added before Liston had any chance to speak up. So this time Liston waited a moment before trying to speak. “I.. Just have to hand these out with a quick instruction to what they are than? Sounds simple enough… But there were more people coming? They said something about it but I didn’t get a name at the guild."

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Kazuma Snow
"That would be me...The name's Kazuma." said the newly arrived black-haired mage. The guy saw Dacol, his client next to a dude with red jumpsuit. 'Hm, this guy. A guildmate.' Kazuma thought as he recognized who the dude was. He then turned his attention to the guy who helped him two days ago with his prior quest.

"Kid! Good to see you're alright. Here, take this fliers and hand them out!" Kazuma looked at the paper blankly for a few minutes creating a slightly awkward atmosphere.

"Eh...Kid?" Kazuma finally then took it after a few seconds more making Dacol sigh in relief. Soon, their first traveler arrived. Dacol didn't waste any time and offered to take the said guy on a tour, which the latter agreed to. As a result, Kazuma was left alone with the red jumpsuit guy. They handed out fliers one by one while occasionally explaining what is it for. There were a few rude people who gave them a sneer or a glare but they continued to do the job. He couldn't even keep track of the number of times he had muttered the word troublesome throughout it all. When the number of travelers began to decrease drastically and a deafening silence ensued them, Kazuma saw his companion start to get wobbly knees then collapsed on one knee on the floor. He was quick to help the guy up while asking what was wrong. When both were standing once again, the guy answered.

"Sorry, I'm Sedatephobic. I'm Liston by the way." The guy extended his hand and Kazuma took it. He wasn't THAT rude.

"I'm Kazuma...You're a what now?" He asked softly.

"I fear complete silence." Liston scratched the back of his head while letting out an awkward laugh.

"Oh...Sorry." Kazuma looked down and stared at his own feet. "I don't like to engage in conversations that much." Liston frantically put both his hands in front of his chest and waved them frantically, trying to not make the guy think that he was accusing him or something. "It's not your fault. It really isn't." Fortunately, Dacol rescued them from the awkward situation by announcing his presence and asking a progress report from the two. Liston explained, with Kazuma occasionally nodding, that they hadn't encountered a problem yet deliberately leaving out the part of some guys being rude and saying that what they were doing was not only a waste of time, it was hell of a bother as well. Soon, another friendly traveler accepted their client's tour and they were left to fend for themselves again.

'Among all the jobs I took, this is by far the most troublesome. Why do I have to do this again?'
He saw the image of Dex Miller with multiple cuts and bruises adorning his body as he sat in the Hospital. 'Oh yeah, I have to make it up to the guy and Dacol. That's why' Kazuma thought before engaging his companion to random small talks so he won't get another episode of his Sed-something phobia.
This cycle continued for a while, Dacol coming back to ask for another progress report, Liston giving it to him, Dacol leaving them alone after someone accepts his tour, Kazuma and Liston making small talks and soon, the sun started to set. Dacol gave them both their rewards and congratulated them for a job well done after taking the remaining fliers from their hands.

Kazuma started to walk away when Liston suddenly called out to him. The guy ran towards him until they were face to face. Kazuma raised his eyebrows, not knowing what his guildmate could possibly wanted more with him. He was usually left alone by everyone after exchanging greetings with him. It was probably because he seemed uninterested in making conversations with them for long, which he is. Still, it was a nice change of pace. Having someone patient enough to get to know him better despite his attitude. He was brought out of his thought when the guy reached out his hand, offering a hand shake. Kazuma took it before noticing the guy had a really wide grin on his face now.

"What?" He asked with his usual soft tone. "I'm just glad is all." Liston said which confused him even more. "About what?" Liston looked up for a while, obviously thinking before facing Kazuma again. His grin returning.

"To finally get to know you better. I saw you a couple of times around the guild, you know. You were always sitting alone. So I was like, 'Hey why isn't anyone trying to approach this guy? Is he hated or something? I'll try to get to know him.' but you always seem contented so I usually don't get on with it. After today and seeing you helping me after my episode, I kind of figured that you're a really cool dude and I'm glad you're my guildmate." Kazuma looked at the guy dumbfounded. He didn't know how to react to that. Thankfully, he didn't have to because soon Liston continued "Well, I gotta go now. I'm looking forward to working with you again. See you at the guild!" The guy called out before running away while still slightly facing him and giving him a cheerful wave.

'Maybe I should try to get to know my guildmates better?' The image of him sitting and relaxing in the far corner of the guild hall flashed through him. He imagined seeing Liston greeting him and having a chat with him in the morning. Then other people will notice it and think how it's shocking and entertaining seeing one of the more, if not, the most reserved member of the guild actually having a conversation with someone else. Then comes the part that they would be swallowed by their curiosity and strike a conversation with him as well. Then he imagined seeing more and more people doing it and he shuddered at the thought of his relaxation time being taken away from him. 'Hm... on second thought, nah, it's way too tiring and not to mention troublesome.' He thought before walking away.

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Liston wasn't sure why the first thing he had blurted out was the word his mother had used for him once. It wasn't a word he liked since he felt it was too long and strange. Fear of silence, short and explanatory. No need for more. But once in a blue moon he decided he should use it. So, there they were and he wasn't sure what to think about now. That it was one of the things he hated was also kind of strange to himself even. Why would that be a good idea at all?
He decided to not think and just focus on his task. Meet and greet the newcomers and introduce himself and the city that they were going in to as best he could. It wasn't a very fulfilling or hard job but it passed the time in and there was a reward for it. He even had time to study the map a little in between as he wasn't too sure about the city itself. His companion's performance and actions were interesting, he seemed sort of alone and yet not at the same time. A person that would probably be far more interesting to get to know since the silent ones often held onto something fun!

Soon Dacol had returned and gone again before Liston met with the grumpiest kid he had met; she had just stood there and looked at him as if he had been made from her least liked food... And when she started to ask him if here a peasant it probably didn’t help with him answering yes. She looked like he had forced a raw radish into her mouth...
But soon after the sweetest old grandma had passed by and let him have a strawberry so it was all fine. They even stopped to speak about the harvest which was a throw to back home and made Liston a little homesick. And let’s not forget the cart filled with fruits and vegetables that passed by. He almost dropped the fliers and rushed up to take some but managed to contain himself given how he had a companion a few steps away. It was hard but you must make a few sacrifices to save your face sometimes. This was one of those times.
Thankfully the next person that grabbed a flier was one of those ‘a thousand question’ people and wanted to know everything that Liston knew about the city and more. He was slowly being backed into the metaphorical corner because of her and were about to panic if not for the amazing timing of Dacol that came to his rescue. A silent ‘thank you’ sent Dacol’s way as he led the lady away from the gates. People like that always had Liston quite in a pinch since he wanted to help but it was outside of his capabilities. Hence with a few moments of breather he prepared himself for the next person to come

And that is how it went all day with Dacol coming and going with visitors he picked up and them handing out fliers to the occasional person that wanted one in-between. His companion still didn't say much but focused on work, which is a admirable quality and should be commended when done right. Liston made a mental note to do just that when they were leaving.

The sun moved through the sky as noon passed to evening and Dacol came to them with a pleased sigh. "Well done you two, thanks for the help and hopefully we'll meet again! Your reward is at the guild!" He offered them a quick salute and shook their hands before letting them leave the area. Liston barely had time to react to Kazuma just up and going back so he had to run to catch up.
"Hey! Wait up Kazuma!" At first Kazuma seemed somewhat shocked over the fact that Liston came up to him and offered his hand with a wide smile. "What?" A soft tone, like the one his father used to have with merchants. "I'm just glad is all!" Liston returned with a momentarily wider grin and slight chuckle. "About what?"
"To finally get to know you better. I saw you a couple of times around the guild, you know. You were always sitting alone. So I was like, 'Hey why isn't anyone trying to approach this guy? Is he hated or something? I'll try to get to know him.' but you always seem contented so I usually don't get on with it. After today and seeing you helping me after my episode, I kind of figured that you're a really cool dude and I'm glad you're my guild mate." And now Kazuma seemed even more out of place as the cat took his tongue. So Liston decided to continue. "Well, I gotta go now. I'm looking forward to working with you again. See you at the guild!" He then jogged off backwards towards the guild while waving bye to the man who looked as if he had seen a flying pig... Nice fellow indeed! He had to say hi to him next time in the guild!

The day had been fun at least with new faces and old memories. Everything from old couples that just took a flier to make Dacol happier or because they collected them to young adventurers like him that came to seek their fortune. It was a nice place to be and he liked the way the city grew on him. It wasn’t the best place but it was far from the worst! Liston found himself agreeing with Dacol more and more, this was a diamond in the rough. Some polish of the right kind and it would definitely shine as bright as any other attraction in the country.
As he looked back towards the city gate he saw the old woman that gave him the strawberry walk away and it made him smile. She had made his day a far more enjoyable experience and he could easily have given her a hug for it. But his hands had been full of fliers and she were too far away now. Another time maybe!

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