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Traveling to Era from Crocus/(Traveling solo)

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Traveling to Era from Crocus/(Traveling solo)  Empty Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:41 am

Natsuko got out of the chair and walked toward Avis and thanked her. She was so happy to finally have a lead on her last name. Finally something was that she go off of. She left the Kitagawa manor and spent a couple days in Crocus and then left for Era. She walked four hour throw the forest to safe time from traveling on the road. She had wander through these would since she was young. It reminded her of when she was young. She had remembered spending time in the trees looking up at the open sky and watching the clouds go by. All these memory made her remember so many things. It made her happy and yet it also made her sad too. She longed for the day that she could remember who she was. She wanted to know if she had a family or maybe she's had a friends that were waiting for her. The only thing that kept her from crying was the fact that she had a lead. She finally (many) had a lead on who she was. Avis just might be part of her family that was lost to her. With this lead in her heart and mind she continued to walk. With a smile on her face a renewed confidence she walked through the forest to Era.

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