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Train with Me [Alek]

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#1Aleksandr Sokolov 

Train with Me [Alek] Empty Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:23 am

Aleksandr Sokolov
With the flick of a switch, Aleksandr turned off the lights of the room sending darkness to prevail upon light, wasn't much light to prevail upon, anyways. Grabbing the room key, he exited the room and locked it. It was his first time going on a job in what seemed to be months and months. He chose this job, not because of the reward but because it was related to physical activity, and he desperately needed to work out. The weather outside seemed to be favorable and cloudy, just how he liked it. At least he won't have to run in the heat of the summer today which he would have hated; him being a winter person. Signs of rain later this day were visible in the sky, and he didn't mind.

Earlier this day

Waking up was never a pleasant experience for this particular man, Alek. You may call him a Sleepyhead or Lazyass, and he won't even deny it because he was and he wasn't even ashamed of it. He was a night person, so it was normal for him to sleep long durations. He stood up and walked to the window, he opened it and looked outside, and it was still pretty early in the morning. His best guess was around 6:00 A.M highlighting the sunlight and chirping of birds. Letting out a yawn, he stretched his body and then walked to the bathroom, took a shower and did the other stuff.

Aleksandr exited the bathroom half-naked while drying his hair with a towel, he had another wrapped up on his lower body, he looked at the clock, and it was 6:30 AM. You may ask while he had taken a shower so early in the morning and highlight his lazy persona. However, it was for a cause. He was going to do a job today, his first in months. The early you reach the request board, the fewer people you find there. "Time to dress up," he spoke to himself and opened up his closet, grabbed a tracksuit and put it on along with running shoes.

Grabbing the room key on the bed, he exited his room and locked the door using the key after turning off the lights. Walking downstairs, he threw the key into his pocket and entered the restaurant that was in the hotel he was staying. He ordered himself waffles for breakfast and ate them as fast as he possibly could, then exited the hotel/restaurant after paying his bill and tipping the waiter. His next destination was the request board of the town where he won't find as many people because it was still pretty early in the morning, 7:30 AM.

As soon as he arrived at his destination, he looked at the request board for anything that interested he, finally, after a few minutes, one, in particular, caught his eye. The client's name was Seheda Linas, and it seemed that she needed someone to train with because of a few reasons. He began reading the text on the paper including where he had to meet his client. As soon as he was done reading it, he unpinned the piece of paper and threw it into his pocket.

Back to the present

Aleksandr paced through the streets of Orchidia towards the Outskirts of the forest, the place Seheda had told the person who took the request to meet. He was still wearing his outfit from the morning; he looked around the streets at people, and then looked down. He sighed and looked forward. He was going to arrive at the forest outskirts soon which were much to his pleasure. He wanted this request to be over soon because he had other stuff to do. Sighing once again, he looked up at the sky and smiled. Due to him not paying attention to his surroundings, he stumbled on a rock and fell on the ground. He stood up immediately and rubbed his nose, he stood up so fast to avoid any laughs around the place.

Aleksandr soon arrived at his destination: the forest outskirts and started looking for his client. He soon found her and approached her. Seheda smiled, and spoke enthusiastically "You must be the guy who took the request."  And he replied, "Yep, that'll be me. I'm Aleksandr." He shook her hand and asked her "So why do you need to train any specific reason?"

With that question of his, her previous enthusiasm died down and was replaced by the awkward silence of some minutes. Then finally, she spoke up - "Actually I want to join the Combat Academy, and I have failed three times in a row. I do not want to fail a fourth time. I'm a mercenary and my job is to help people, I want to be stronger, and help more and more people!" Aleksandr looked at her; he could not help but pity her and notice how humiliating it would have been for her. Though she had failed her determination seemed strong and unbreakable to him. He respected that from the bottom of his heart.

He then smiled and spoke to her "You will pass this time, I'm certain of that." in attempts to assure her, she replied with a faint smile "I hope I do!" and Alek replied, "Let's warm up!"

They then started to do warm up exercises such as stretching and when they were done, they dashed towards the forest. Alek jumped over and ducked under branches, he successfully dodged everything that came his way and then Seheda started talking to him, she said "So where do you come from?" and he replied, "From the north." and as soon as he finished saying that, Seheda tripped over a log and fell down face first. He helped her up and advised her "Just pay attention to your surroundings." she was embarrassed, and he could see that. She rewarded him and ended the exercise,

When they were about to part ways, he said "You're going to be in this time, I believe in you and you should too." she just smiled and then they parted ways. He went to his inn room and sat on his bed, collapsed. His goal was shattered, he was just too tired. Soon after, it started raining.


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