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Remove The Drunk [Arthur]

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#1Arthur J. Sokolov 

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Arthur J. Sokolov
“I suppose there are many things I don’t know, my dear Panthello,” the man spoke slowly. The scent of wet grass, coated with morning dew had found its way to their apartment building, perhaps even honeysuckle and dandelion too. The vines that had grasped tightly around their building, like a snake squeezing its prey but with a much more lighthearted way. The mage and beast duo on the third floor have been up and talking for a while as if they wanted to get some mental things sorted, but didn’t exactly know what was ailing them. Glass clashing against marble echoed out for a second and then slowly dimmed out, a cup dangled between the index and the middle finger of Arthur, who was preparing coffee, carefree. He hummed a silent melody as his beast companion walked around, busying himself with a ball on the floor as he made sounds of growling and some sloppy mouth sounds that Arthur did not question.

A paper slid across the table gently pulled back by the fingers of the mage who was sipping the coffee without allowing to cool to fast. Arthur’s eyes glazed over the paper like his gaze was a needle, detailing the paper ever so swiftly to weave a summary, absorbing the information faster. Panthello was on the table as well but the bat did not share the enthusiasm of the paper with his owner and was much more interested in the morning sky, red tinted clouds and pale blue horizons painted a beautiful, picturesque scenery. Arthur noticed the awe of his beast companion too and indulged in the pleasures of the sight with his companion friend. A smile wryly placed itself on his lips and he allowed himself for the next twenty five maybe thirty minutes. He would soon be back on work anyway.

Putting on a dark blue coat and wearing his glasses Arthur would throw himself to the streets with Panthello. The mission was a simple perhaps even stupid one. But ever since coming here in Orchidia he had found himself helping people more and more. Had he not hated them before? Was there something he didn’t know? He shook his head as his feet traced the cobbled stone floor. The morning people were at and out, the city was waking up, no need to cloud ones mind with such thoughts when the world itself cried out “Wake up!”

The bar that was their mission was close by. Obviously such words were wrong because the bar wasn’t their mission, their mission was to keep someone out of the bar because their tendency of creating a problem in there. When they arrived at the bar they looked around for a while to see what kind of place it was.

The bar was surprisingly cozy, the entrance had a front port made out of some dark spruce wood planks, three tables were fitted in nicely and a couple was there eating some cake next to their jug of drinks. Inside the door was a round mat on the floor with flowery designs and the bar counted stood right in front of them. The bottom of the walls were coated with a wood railing and the upper parts were painted a minty green, not too dark and surely not too light. The rest of the floor had no mats or rugs and were the following of the same planks from the porch in front. The way to the counter was left open by a small margin for easier walking. Arthur and Panthello got some gazes but none so malevolent or wrathful as they approached the bartender.

-What can I get you lad,

The bald mans head was gleaming under the orange block of lacrima embedded into the bar frame above them, he eyed Arthur up and down which made the mage feel a but awkward, so he quickly scrambled up the small bits of thoughts and formed a sentence.

-I was here for your request, actually.

These words made the man nod a bit and and smile, how funny it was to see such a change of aura, whereas it was somewhat overwhelming, now it was much more eager.

-You see that guy, he already came in and he is fine, but he is known to get rowdy. I am too busy to handle him so be a good lad and fix his problem without causing some-- no, any commotion.

The man went over the details and then leaned back straight, continuing to wipe the glass in his hand with a wet, white piece of cloth. Arthur then started his wait for the man to get drunk. Perhaps he wouldn’t even have to do anything, there would be no problem. He ordered a cup of green tea and was involuntarily reminded of Nastasya. How was she doing? Was she still with that guild? Grimoire Heart? A small tinge happened in his heart, sadness, an individual has lost her name and place in life maybe.

At the first sound of hands slamming to a desk Arthur soared into action, turning around on his stool and getting up. People were too absorbed in their conversations but Arthur wanted to be fast before they got pulled out of their focus.


He greeted the afro haired man, he knew this man from before, he had taken care of his mother for a mission. However, the cloudy eyes of this man made it clear that he didn’t recognize Arthur back. Some mumbled words came out before he was grasped by Arthur and was getting carried away slowly.

-Drinking is bad for you but I am so sure, that you have your reasons.

The man raised his index finger into the air and made a sound that felt like gargling and laughing at the same time. This was some advanced drunk that Arthur realized why it had became a mission on the board. Making sure the guy left, his client soon came out behind the bar as well.

-Well look at that.

After a small shared chuckle, Arthur was rewarded and patted on the back a bit too forcefully. He still had to pay for his tea, though.

Remove The Drunk [Arthur] Untitl16

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