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To Era [Crocus-->Era/Travel/Solo]

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#1Avis Kitagawa 

To Era [Crocus-->Era/Travel/Solo] Empty Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:52 am

Avis Kitagawa
Avis had packed her bags for the long journey ahead. Shika and Concord had turned physically human after the incident that night. The figurines of the three traitors remained in her suitcase that Concord had packed for her. Shika and Concord were waiting for Avis who was finishing getting her Excalibur and backpack. A job had called her to Era, the headquarters of the Magic Council. Right now, she missed Fairy Tail. The family environment and everything. Never in her life hsd one lie lead after another that was told to her, but the betrayal of her fellow spirits, parents, had caused her nothing but grief. Concord meant well in the long run, but went about things the wrong way. Shika was the only one she could trust. As for her sister, she really didn't know all the well. They started on their walk to Era. It was quiet for the most part as Avis was lost in her thoughts with nothing to really say to either one of them. She was still furious with Concord at what he had done. It was his fault things were like this, but Avis felt at war with herself. Perhaps Era would have more answers


In Era!


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