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Disctraction [Axel Quest] [WIP]

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#1Axel Tengoku 

Disctraction [Axel Quest] [WIP] Empty Thu Mar 30, 2017 1:09 pm

Axel Tengoku
Another day, another dollar. Or so, that's exactly what goes through Axel's mind as he partakes on these quests. The experience he is going ot get is all for him to fulfill his true purpose- to become the strongest. He needed this strength to protect his guild- but more so to get revenge. He could not stand the ones who murdered his entire family in front of him. As cliche as it sounded, it was what carried Axel forward. He has thought about what happens when he gets his vengeance, but he knows that what actually will happen will only arise when the situation occurs. For now, it is time to just concentrate on the mission ahead, and to see what he has to do.

And... it was practically baby-sitting. Not that he truly cared, but Axel got a message from the head guard of Jelies Sov, someone who wanted Axel to keep an old man from the castle, someone who was slightly crazy and would cause a nuisance. A clear cut case of baby-sitting duty. But, Axel only had one thing in mind- experience and cash. And this mission would supply both. It was one of those quests that was probably incredibly easy, but would still teach him a lot. Or... this could just be a way to get someone out of someone's hair.

Regardless, Axel figured he was going to make sure he could do this. But first and foremost, it was time to visit the castle. It wasn't hard to find it, it was a massive looming building. Axel had a time that he was supposed to be there. The schedule was on the quest form. So, Axel arrived there at the time, waiting for this old man to come.

It wasn't long before the old man showed up. He was riding to the castle doors, and starting spouting his usual stuff. He started talking about Satan, yelling at the castle doors.

Axel approached the man on the wheelchair and started talking to him.

"Hey, are you... Leis?" Axel said, trying not to scare the old man.

Leis looked at him for one second, as if nodding in approval, but then proceeded to immediately ignore the presence of Axel and go back to his screaming.

"SATAN! THIS CASTLE IS FOUNDED TO THE LORD OF THE UNDERWORLD, THE DEVIL HIMSELF!!!"[/b], Leis screamed. It seemed that he wanted to go in, but Axel knew he had to stop him. He also started realizing that this man was probably not going to listen to him, even if Axel were to talk to him more.

So, Axel decided to take the "any means necessary" portion of his quest a little more seriously, and just walked up behind the old man, taking the handles of the wheelchair in his hands and started rolling the man off.


Axel knew that he needed to say something or people will start wondering what was going on, so he decided to play along.

"The Good guys have sent me. We are trying to keep you safe from the devil's army.", Axel said in a hushed tone, as if it was completely serious.

It was utter bull crap, of course. It was strange to even say. But, it was anything to complete the

mission of course. Axel knew this could also help with everything else in life, in terms of letting people listen to what they like hearing. Manipulations, of course, was what he was thinking.

Leis looked at Axel and quieted down, nodding, as if they were scheming together against the devil's army. The ploy was there, and now, Axel will have to continue with it for the rest of the day. As they walked through the streets, Leis became calmer and calmer. It seemed that certain places calmed him down on these streets, and Axel would definitely use this to his advantage.

As they were walking down the streets, Axel noticed Leis was looking at a particular food place. It seemed that there was some sort of connection to Leis at this place, and Axel was starting to get hungry, wheeling this person around.

"Let's stop and get some lunch." Axel said, wheeling the guy to an empty table.

The man, Leis, picked up the menu and smiled. A single tear dropped down his cheek, and for the first time today, he said something that wasn't utterly crap.

"My wife and I came here all the time... this place has the best chicken I have ever tasted. She loved getting the salad, and taking food off my plate to put on top of her salad...", Leis said with a distant sound in his voice. It seemed his thoughts seemed to become lucid after a while, and places like this triggered him in the best way possible.

Leis went on, describing a time where he and his wife went walking through the forest, surrounded by friends as they went to camp. His wife was a very successful mage, able to conjure many wonderful things using water. Axel listened closely, asking the right questions at the right time so that time would go on. After a couple minutes, Axel started becoming enamored with the story. It wasn't one that made him feel worse- rather, it reminded him of a time with his family, where he was extremely happy. Perhaps sometimes, it was ok to think about something other then revenge.

"And there we were... fighting off the bear. Or rather, my wife was. I was too scared to move. But, after a minute, the bear left. I felt bad, so I decided to give it some of my food. It seemed happier, and left on a better note.", Leis said, finishing both his story and his food.

Axel finished his food as well, and got the check. He didn't know when he needed to be back, but figured it would be easier to wait before taking out the piece of paper.

"You know... thanks for listening to that story. I haven't been able to tell it for a while. I'm feeling kind of tired. Do you mind taking me home?" Leis asked Axel.

"Of course. My pleasure", Axel said, delighted.

After finally taking the man home, it was much darker. They both said goodbye, and Axel patted the man's shoulder. They were both happier, and they both had a very long day. This old man touched the soft spot in the hardened interior of Axel, and it made Axel that much happier to have done this mission.

As time flew by, Axel finally landed on the gate to see the man Jelies awaiting him. The man thanked him and gave him his reward, and Axel smiled. He had money, he had experience- but most of all, he made a friend.

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