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Hargeon to Era [Travel]

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The time had come for the attack on the heroes. Time for the leave of the mighty swordsman, Strategist, and for a new 'era'. Pun intended, the warrior had not undergone a change yet, but had been given a potion smelling of mint by Icarus. He swallowed it, allowing his body to change along the sand whereas he exited the beach from the lighthouse. The boy stayed true to the beach paths for many hours until he came by a cave. It shimmered and inside there was a chest, a battle suit remained there. He equipped the clothing, placing his dawn sword in the sheathe at his back, unlike at his waist as he had done prior to now. Next, there was a face plate, upon putting it on, he could see perfectly, which was strange. It must have been magic clothes; he concluded. After he ditched the soggy sweatpants he moved like a warrior.

His hair now long, his body more built, and his height upgraded by a few inches. To be honest, he came off more physically attractive, but the mask would cover his face. In exchange, he was now a mystery. A living mystery. But he was strong-- more powerful! His powers would rival that of Sun Wukong as he eventually cut down these... Mages. These godlike wizards. Soon... He came closer everyday. Indeed. By dusk he had made it into Magnolia. The home of Fairy Tail. Erebus laughed, as he passed by their home. He recounted the time he skinned Mammon, the tall idiot, of his hair. Leaving only blood and embarrassment. Ahh... Good times. He stopped to sleep.

Erebus arrived in Era soon after, searching for Nastasya, he heard rumors she wanted to see him before the plan. Obliging to his superior's wishes, he set out to locate her. Pleased with his own change, he had no idea how her's had come along


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