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Hiho silvah! (Travel)

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Hiho silvah! (Travel) Empty Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:51 am

Tenshi †
What. The. Fuck.

Crocus always was a unique experience, certainly. The things that happened there always expanded his acknowledgement of what was the norm, and often led to him meeting new and interesting people. This visit was no exception, yet it was still one that stood out in his mind as what had to be one of the most unique experiences he'd ever had. There was little to no explanation for most of it. Or was there? Honestly, he couldn't tell at this point. The walk to Era was suppose to clear his mind, but instead it made him focus more on the confusing aspects of the trip.

Yet still it was something that he'd remember fondly. Sure, he hadn't intended to cross dress that day. Still, he had met a good man through it. Ace, the knight who seemed more alien to Fiore than Finn did now. Such a thing was rare, but an appreciated change nonetheless. With Crocus behind him, he focused in on this new town. Era, the home of the Rune Knights. He had not ever spent extended periods within this town, and thus had nothing to go off of. Was it a place he'd enjoy? Despise? Regardless, it would be an experience that would help shape who he was.

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