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New face in town [Mei]

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New face in town [Mei] Empty Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:07 am

To the dismay of some of the people around him, Liston didn't hurry around as if he had to be somewhere five minutes ago. Actually that was something he didn't like to do unless he had to. Stress was just annoying and caused mistakes to happen. Take your time hurrying, was how he did things. It was how his father had taught him too!
So with wide eyes and a big smile Liston took his time down the street and looked around at the stalls and stores. So many things he didn't even know why you would need. So many things he thought were over priced. A dress that cost as much as the neighbours farm? A stool that cost as much as the material to make a set of them? Either cityfolk were rich or they had no idea what things cost to make... So with a sigh he turned back to the people of the street and looked about. A colourful mix of them at least, which made him feel sorta fitting in. Apart from the fact that he wasn't one of them... And one could see it.

While he thought he were all clean, he actually carried a faint smell of sweat and there were dirt on his clothes. Not a lot but enough to make him stand out from most there. His unkept look also stood out a little, his hair a natural mess compared to the well kept and barbered standard of his surroundings. He actually needed to get a haircut now that he thought about it.
But that was later he decided as he took a left down the next street.

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New face in town [Mei] Empty Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:04 pm

Mei Mei
Everyday was a fresh start, they say, so after a few minutes of starting fresh, Mei returned to the daily routine of jogging through the streets. She knew the streets here almost by heart, except for the ones near the outskirts, but she could navigate the area around the town center without any trouble. Wearing her yoga pants and a sport bra under her hoodie - the usual jogging outfit - Mei had also put on an elastic hair band to keep her fringe out of her eyes. Overall, she looked like a someone who was determined to get into a sport university or something.

“I’M LOSING A KILO TODAY!” she yelled as soon as she left her house, shocking everyone who was passing by. She allowed a slight giggle to escape her lips before starting her journey. She decided to go uphill first. Orchidia town had some elevated parts, which were great because it was more fun for Mei, compared to jogging on flat grounds. Her goal was not to lose weight like those girls who were obsessed with stick bodies, but to be fit. Recently she noticed she was gaining more weight than usual thanks to the food she buys after going on quests. So she was just trying to get rid of that.

After about an hour or two about jogging and running in her regular route, Mei came back close to the town center. She was now jogging in the streets, most of her body covered in sweat. She hoped she didn’t see anyone she knew because seriously who would want to be seen all sweaty and disgusting, right? Mei slowly reduced her pace to walking speed and was just looking for a place for breakfast when she realised she didn’t bring any money. “I see,” she said, looking up to the sky. She believed in a God, so thought that she was being punished right now. Sighing and lowering her head, Mei shoved her hands into the pockets of the hoodie and pursed her lips in disappointment, just gazing at the shops around her.


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The town really was teeming with life compared to his hometown. Where a hundred people might be a crowd there, it seemed to that many on each street here. It really was amazing to see! So there he was, in the middle a busy street, when he started to laugh to himself. Attracting quite a few looks of confusion and annoyance from passerby's around him.
That was until he moved around the corner and almost got ran over by a girl...

She was gone almost as fast as appeared, moving away from him and up the street. She looked like one the richer girls that used to do training for fun. "What the...!" He took a step back as he almost fell onto his back. Scratching his head as he looked at the back of the jogger quickly disappearing in the masses he wasn't sure what to think... So having been spun around from his original direction, Liston decided to roll with it and leave in the new direction. That just so happened to be the opposite from where he had intended to before the incident.

As he walked through the streets he hummed a old work song his father used to sing with him in the fields. So with a new smile on his lips he made his way towards what he presumed to be towards the center. And soon he came upon someone he actually thought he recognized. " 'Scuse me miss, were you the one to ran by me earlier?" He came up to her and asked, making sure to not come from behind since he didn't want to scare her.

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Mei Mei
Mei was now walking slowly along the sidewalk that was lined up with food stalls out in the open. This made her almost drool. She was so hungry after running and normally she would have already bought some food, or eaten in a restaurant. The situation was dire this time, however, thanks to her carelessness, forgetting something so important. Money was everything these days. With a scowl on her face, she took her time to sniff the scents of the food from the stalls. It was probably pretty embarrassing if someone noticed this. Everyone was quite absorbed in their own businesses though.

And then came a stranger who she had never met before, asking her if she was the one who ran by him earlier. Mei turned to face him with an annoyed look. “Excuse me, but, do I know you?” she asked, an irritated tone, you could tell. She shook her head and continued to walk, looking at the different foods each of the stalls sold. Mei would never steal from anyone, so that wasn’t an option to satisfy her grumbling stomach.

“Hello, what would you like to have, miss?” asked one of the stall owners. She smiled and waved a hand as if she wasn’t hungry although it was obvious she was looking at the food longingly. The owner returned her smile and nodded, now asking another passerby if they wanted some of their food. Mei stood there for a while biting her lip, then began walking again.


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Liston took half a step back at the snappy response, raising the free hand up in front of him as to protect himself and keep her at least that distance away. His face filled with surprise as she gave him a very annoyed glare before turning to the food stalls around them and slowly walking away. So with a shrug he pulled the rucksack off his back and pulled out a small sack.

"Hey, miss?" He said as he walked up behind her as he opened the sack. Pulling out a small red ball and put it in his mouth. "Do you want some?" The out held bag was filled with small, bright red cherries that still had the twig on. "They aren't bad yet and I probably won't think of eating them before that so feel free to take as many as you want?" A simple smile on his lips before he continued. "And to answer your question if I know you, no. Not as far as I am aware. The name's Liston and I am new in town."

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Mei Mei
The fact that the guy was still there suddenly got on her nerves. Didn’t he get her message? The tone in which she spoke should have angered him and made him leave, but nope. He was ready to get a smack across the face! Mei pretended as if she didn’t hear him at first, but when he asked if she wanted some, her head snapped back, a glare to the weird man but a look of yearning to the sack of cherries in his hand. Her stomach grumbled, as if to answer his question. Mei looked up at his face with a silly smile.

“Well, since you are so nice as to offer food to someone who was rude to you just a moment ago, I cannot refuse you!” Mei chirped with a slight giggle. Her voice had turned very cheerful as she reached into the sack to pick a cherry from its twig. Then she grabbed the sack from his hand and replaced it with the single cherry. She held the sack in one hand and cleared her throat. “My name is Suyin Mei. I’m not exactly new here, because I’m from the guild in this town - Lamia Scale. Feel free to call me Mei!” she said, then turned around and marched off.

She didn’t expect him to follow, but if he did then they might become friends. He might follow her for taking all his cherries though, but he did say that he didn’t plan on eating them before they went bad. So she was doing him a favor by helping him not waste food! Eating the cherries one by one from the sack, Mei paid no attention to the food stalls anymore as she took the path that would take her out of that area while tossing away cherry twigs.


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The glare he got the second time almost made him pull the hand back since she didn't seem to want him near. Than her stomach let out a noise that almost made him chuckle. Sometimes the body just simply were more honest than the mouth and he couldn't help but return the smile she gave him with a snicker and one of his own. As she then quickly snagged the bag out of his and put a lone cherry in it instead he looked at it with and let out a hearty laugh. Suyin Mei, interesting name at least. And Lamia Scale? How interesting!

"Don't worry about it, you should help when able to. And you are part of Lamia Scale as well?" The words came as he followed her with his hands now tucked in the pockets of the jacket he wore. "No idea where I am in town either, just aimlessly wandering about get to know the place really. Can't say it makes much sense..." He said as he looked back at the center with the signs and stalls and shrugged. "Not that I would know much about that. Country folk and all that."

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Mei Mei
Of all the things that she could done that day, she had bullied a guildmate who was in fact, lost. The moment he asked to verify if she was from Lamia Scale ‘as well’, she knew it was time to abort mission. Maybe run away and hide somewhere? She didn’t want to run straight home. She didn’t want him to know her address, otherwise he would come and harass her in front of her neighbors, or worse! The sudden rush of anxiety made her shudder slightly as she came to the most appropriate conclusion.

“Ah! You are from Lamia Scale as well?! What a coincidence! I’m going to the guild after taking a shower and eating something. Do you want to follow me?” she would ask with an extra friendly smile. Maybe this way she could prevent him from getting revenge on her for taking all his cherries. Then, Mei would lead him through a shortcut towards her home. It was completely his choice to follow her or not, but if he did, the following would continue to happen:

Entering her humble abode, Mei would announce to her parents the arrival of a guest which would bring her curious mother out to their living room. “Take a seat here,” said Mei to Liston, gesturing towards the sofa in front of a television set and a table that had a vase in the middle. The vase held fresh flowers her mother had bought from the market just hours ago. Her mother would come out to greet Liston, but her father was too busy working in his office upstairs. Even though it was a Saturday, her dad was still busy. He was a hardworking man.

After Mei told Liston to take a seat, she would open the TV for him and then rush upstairs to her room to take a quick shower. It would take her about ten to fifteen minutes to finish showering and dressing up. She put on a very simple outfit, drying her hair quickly with a towel and rushing back downstairs. She didn’t want to keep Liston waiting. “Hey, do you want to join me?” she asked, pointing to the kitchen so that he knew what she was talking about.


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His companion fell silent for a while after he had spoken, seemingly bothered by something as he just barely noticed the shudder that came before she finally spoke. What came after that made him surprisingly happy and at ease as it showed him not all people here was as afraid of letting someone join them in their home. So with a wide smile he happily accepted the offer with a "As long as I don't bother!" and almost skipped a step in a joyous leap. Looking more like a child that got hold of a very tasty lollipop than a grown man following someone home.

As they entered the house he stopped for a moment to look around before carefully following into the living room to greet her mother with a shallow bow and a quick introduction. It was a small place compared to the house he lived in but he could see the charm in it. It felt a bit stuffed but that was it. The sofa was almost a bit too comfortable for him and it took a while for him to find a nice seat in it that wasn't half laying. Finanlly finding one where he held himself up more by the armrest than actually sitiing he looked at the TV for a moment or two, but it couldn't keep his attention ver well. His eyes darting across the furniture and walls of the room as he tried his best not to seem too curious. He tried at least... This until Mei came down the stairs and asked him if he wanted to join her.

"Sure!" He shot up from the sofa and were next to her in a moment with a arm reached out as to tell her to go first. "I might not be a very good cook. But I don't mind menial tasks so feel free to give me orders if you want me to do something!" He offered with a wide smile as he pulled up his long sleeves over his elbows to free his lower arms and hands.

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Mei Mei
Mei rushed into the kitchen, followed by Liston who agreed to join her not only to eat, but also to help her cook. She stared at him as he pulled his sleeves up as if he was going to start cooking a big meal. “No, Liston, we don’t need to cook, that’s already done. Don’t worry about anything, just sit down!” she ordered with a laugh. She then got two ceramic bowls, put rice in them and brought two pairs of chopsticks. She didn’t know if Liston knew how to use the chopsticks, so she brought a spoon and fork just in case, placing it beside the spot she placed a bowl of rice for him. She then sat directly opposite of him.

“Itadakimasu!” she said before she started. There were a number of dishes on the table to eat with the rice. After about two mouthfuls, Mei stood up to get them each a glass of water. She just remembered about that, hopefully Liston was okay with that. “Do you like it?” she asked, as if she was a five year old showing her friend a new doll she got or something, ready to cry if they said no.

Since she was a fast and big eater, Mei finished two full bowls in no time. She was exhausted from the morning run, too, and since she didn’t have money she didn’t even get to snack on anything on the way back, though luckily she met with Liston and got to eat some cherries. With a very satisfied grin, she would wait for Liston while washing the dishes. She didn’t want to seem like she was rushing, though, so if Liston hadn’t finished by the time she had already finished washing the dishes, she would come sit at the table and wait for him.

Once he was done eating, she would take his bowl from him and wash it for him as well, then give him time to wash up before sending him to the door where he could leave. She didn’t know where he lived and she was sure he knew his way around town as he was from Lamia Scale after all, she decided not to send him back. “I’ll see you later, Liston!” she said with a wave and shut the door to return to her daily duties.


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