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Welcoming Committee [Houren]

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#1Houren Vanadis 

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Houren Vanadis
He remembered being here just a few days ago when he first entered the city. The entrance to Orchidia wasn't anything spectacular and Houren did not expect to be back at this part of town, at least not before it was time for him to actually leave the town and head towards Era like he had planned. But here he was, apparently to do the job of handing out flyers to people who were new to the city. It was apart of Dacol Lubex's plan to try and get people to enjoy Orchidia more, to get them to see the better side of the city past the dirty streets. He wanted to highlight to them the good things about the town, and in particular, he was fond of the Lamia Scale guild in the town. They were strong, and their mages were respected throughout the nation. Even Houren had heard good things about them, but in the end, the only guild in his heart was Fairy Tail. He accepted the large stack of fliers that Dacol handed him and began to browse through them. They were all the same, of course, but they were done by hand so there were very subtle differences between each and every one. However, Houren easily believed that Dacol Lubex had done all of these posters by himself, and he knew that the Orchidia native's heart would break if he saw someone throw one of his posters away; in a industry like this, that was bound to happen though.

When the next traveler came, Dacol immediately went to talk to them and after a brief conversation, he led him away into the city, telling Houren that he was going to bring the man on a tour of the place and instructed him to hand out the flyers to anybody who walked into the city. It was a simple, if tedious job. The next person who walked into the city took the flyer graciously, but didn't give it a second glance as he walked off into the distance and Houren knew immediately that he was the kind of person who acted polite when confronted by people handing out flyers, but would probably just dump it in a trash can somewhere once he was out of sight. The second and third guy were more or less of the same breed, and because they were most likely people from out of town who were coming to Orchidia for vacation or whatever other reason, they were fairly nice about it, and took their time to idly chat with Houren about the town. Not that was able to talk to them much about it; the tourists with their tour manuals and whatever were probably more knowledgeable about the place than Houren himself, who was doing this flyer handing thing simply on the behalf of a real Orchidia Town enthusiast.

The next person to come into the town was much more rude than the others, and seemed to be in a hurry for whatever reason. He did not accept Houren's flyer at all and brushed past him simply as though he wasn't there, despite being much smaller than the Fairy Tail mage. Houren had to commend the man for being so fearless, but at the same time, it didn't make him happy to be ignored like that. He sighed, and began to idle around as he waited for the next person who eventually arrived. This person was similar to the last, but actually took the flyer, had a quick look at it before throwing it back in Houren's face. Apparently, he was a native of Orchidia Town and was completely offended that Houren would actually give something like that to him, even though he was a well known face in the town.

"Don't you know who I am, dimwit?!" he scolded the Fairy Tail mage before stomping away. His rage eventually died down, and once it did, he walked away, looking somewhat apologetic but too shy to actually say he was sorry for bursting like that. Perhaps he was worried about his reputation, as he did say he was a ''well known and well liked person'' in Orchidia Town. Houren, for one, couldn't really care less though and allowed the man to walk away without really confronting him. If it was just words, then Houren could easily repel them with his strong mental fortitude. After waiting for a bit, Dacol returned, but didn't have time to say anything as he was once again led away by another visitor to the city who was more than happy to receive a tour of the place from one of its most prominent residents. So, once again Houren was left alone waiting outside the town entrance for people to come, and once they did, he merely handed them a poster. However, the vigor in which he engaged the people coming in and out of the city was long gone and Dacol sensed this when he returned from giving his second tour of the day.

"If you cared about this town like I did, you would never run out of muse," it wasn't a criticism exactly from the man, but it was obvious that he knew Houren was incredibly bored. However, these words woke him up somewhat, and he suddenly remembered that he was doing this because he was employed to. He was in the wrong if he didn't at least do his best, and he quickly perked up much to Dacol's joy, and they talked a bit about the town before the man was led away once again with a tour. It seemed like this tourist was interested in more than just the conventional route and wanted to see more, so by the time Dacol returned to the entrance, it was already nightfall and as such, he decided to call it a day. He took back the rest of Houren's posters, gave him his money and dismissed, thanking him for his work today with genuine praise.


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