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Remove the Drunk [Houren]

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#1Houren Vanadis 

Remove the Drunk [Houren] Empty Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:19 am

Houren Vanadis
"Honestly, he's not a very bad guy. But his business isn't very successful, so he's get angry easily. It was much better when we were competing wholeheartedly against each other..."

Enil Issir spoke as though he were reminiscing about older, better days that have long since past; back when the bar down the street could actually compete against his own, and back when the owner of the competing bar did not often stumble into his own establishment just to complain about the drinks that was being served there. Today, he had requested the assistance of a mage, specifically the Fairy Tail mage Houren Vanadis to help in ''removing the competition'', if he were to get too rowdy. If history were any indication, then yes, he would eventually become so rowdy, so loud and unpleasant that the rest of the guests would become uncomfortable. Houren's job was to kick the owner bar owner, who went by the name of Mitya Noran, if that were to happen. He personally hoped that it wouldn't, he hoped that this other bar owner wouldn't even show up today at all and  Houren could be paid his money without having needed to break a sweat at all, but alas, life was not that easy and Enil told Houren that he expected the other bar owner to come in at around six or seven.

Just as Enil had said, the doors swung open at just a little past six and the man who went by Mitya Noran showed up in all his glory. It seemed like he was still completely sober, having not drank at all all day. He glided over to the counter, sat down and began to order the cheapest drinks on the menu that just so happened to have a decent amount of alcohol content. Being the nice man he was, Enil did not deny him his drinks and simply served him as though he were another customer, and not someone he was competing with. Mitya took a single sip of his drink, downed it easily enough, but immediately after complained that it was some bootleg version of the drink that he had actually ordered. He didn't go as far as to insinuate that every single drink of that brand in the establishment was bootlegged, but that Enil was purposely serving him this ''horrid swill'' on purpose.

"I bet you thought I was only going to order one drink, didn't you? Well, give me three more! I'll get the good stuff off you eventually!" he spoke like a seasoned barman and Houren knew full well that Mitya was not yet drunk, and that it would take a lot to actually get him to be drunk, simply because he was the kind of guy who lived with drinks, who's living depended on it. Once he had finished the three drinks he had ordered though, he had begun to slur slightly, but nothing too bad. His attitude was as bad as ever though, but it wasn't until he had ordered the spirits with the incredibly high alcohol content that he became the legendary Mitya Noran that Enil had warned him about, the loudmouth that was able to make people uncomfortable just by opening his mouth.

"You know, this reminds me of... *hic* drink that I had when I was young! Yes, it was with my childhood sweetheart, Deborah! Aaah, how I *hic* *hic* miss *hic* her," his words were barely coherent but from what he could make out, Houren assumed that this guy was talking about his youth, and a girlfriend he used to have from that youth. It was also apparent from his later words that she broke up with him because, you could guess it, he was drunk too often. "*hic* *hic* DAMN IT ALL TO HELL, DAMN IT!" he suddenly got up and began to slam his fists against the counter and Houren knew this was his cue to get the guy to leave.

He was polite at first, simply talking to the guy and asking him to go, telling him that it would be best if he would call it a night here, but Mr. Mitya Noran wasn't having it. He demanded to stay, and cursed in Houren's face when he insisted that he didn't. When it became obvious that force would be necessary,  Houren clipped the man by the ear and dragged him out; there was resistance, sure, but Houren, still sober, wasn't going to lose to this guy, regardless of whether he was drunk or not. Opening the door, the Fairy Tail mage threw the man out, who dropped into a heap on the floor. He was surprised to find himself so close to the ground and immediately got up, grabbing onto Houren's waist as he did so.

"*hic* My mother doesn't love me! You have to let me back inside, you have just have to, mister, you know I'm *hic* not *hic* drunk *hic* *hic* at all!" but it was obvious that this was a lie.  Houren shook his head and pointed towards the residential area, making it clear to Mitya Noran that he was no longer welcome here, and even made an uncharacteristic intimidating scowl with his face as a threat.

"You're drunk, Mitya. I think you should go home, sober up and come back tomorrow, if you want. But you have your own bar to attend to, don't you? Your own life, so why don't you go on back there and leave Mr. Issir alone?" Houren's words seemed to ring in Mitya's ears and he eventually grumbled something under his breath and began to walk back home, stumbling and hiccuping as he did so. Houren actually tried to help the man find his balance, but his good will was rejected by the other bartender who insisted that he would be able to get home by himself. Shrugging, Houren went back inside Enil's bar where he was paid handsomely for his troubles. As he pocketed the money, he decided to order a drink on behalf of Mitya Noran.


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