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Ex's Closet [North]

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Ex's Closet [North] Empty Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:19 am

It was a normal day in Hargeon Town and business was hustling and bustling on an ordinary Wednesday. Most every respectable citizen was at work, including one Ex-Girlfriend of a man named Max; Brittany. Brittany worked at the local tailor as the counter girl, dealing with customers and attracting new clientele with her feminine charm. Back at her apartment, North Rickley too was at work, but his job was infinitely different than hers. He had been hired to break into her apartment and steal a box for some reason. "I sure get hired for some weird jobs. It's a good thing they pay well." North thought to himself as he carefully creeped up the concrete stairs towards the apartment of his supposed target. North had been given a key by Maxwell which had been leftover from their relationship, so breaking in wouldn't be a problem whatsoever. The box might be a bit difficult to find, but Brittany was supposed to be at work for several hours still, and as far as Maxwell had informed him, no one else lived in the apartment. Supposedly, the only thing that he had to worry about was getting past some vicious guard dog. North wasn't worried about that in the slightest. He was a wizard after all, and some domestic beast could never match up to his awesome mushroom magic. Really, the fungus mage didn't have much anything to worry about other than being caught by the woman he was supposed to be avoiding. So, with incredibly little difficulty, North walked up the remainder of the stairs and found the floor that was supposed to hold the apartment of his target.

North padded across the balcony hallway that held the apartments, looking out for the number of Brittany's apartment. Of course, it was the last apartment on the floor and North reached it at the same time he reached the edge of the balcony. From here, North could see inside the window placed inside the door, and the guard dog was lying their silently. Much to North's surprise however, the guard dog didn't look nearly as vicious as described. In fact, it looked downright adorable. North pulled the key he had received from Maxwell out of his curly head of hair and quickly set about sticking it into the knob of the door. It stuck fast but turned easily and the door clicked open without any trouble. North pulled the key out and placed it back into his black and curly mass of hair for safe keeping as he silently crept beyond the threshold of the door. North was wary of waking the tiny canine as despite the size of the beast North was definitely not wanting to be bitten on his exposed beans and wiener especially. The tiny beast was still sleeping right there, immediately adjacent to his foot, and North wasn't sure what to do. It would be difficult to search without waking the dog, or even move from this spot. His options were rather limited, and he stopped for a second to consider the best course of action.


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