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Arrival to the Holy Capital [Private/Finn]

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#1Ace IX Lyon 

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Ace IX Lyon
Life was ever changing. The flow of fate was one that whimsically decided to toy with those whom destiny had branded. It was as if life was some twisted game invented by the gods for their leisure, whom had decided to infuse life into the world for their sole amusement. However, fate was always changing. And with it came new opportunities, new horizons. The only thing a man could decide for himself was if he’d try to fight his fate, or simply resign and lower his head. For Ace though, the second option was never even an option. He was determined to best this godly game. If he didn’t have the strength to do it, he would just strive to achieve one that would even threaten the gods. That was exactly what he was doing right now. Ace had arrived at Fiore; and he was sure as hell not leaving until he was owner of his destiny.

As he crossed the gates of the holy capital, Ace rode his horse. It had been his companion through the arduous journey from the Kingdom of Peregrande to Fiore. He had crossed many countries by now and learned about cultures he’d never once seen. Sin was the first land he’d ever been to. The country of Long Rivers possessed a mystical feeling that was only dwarfed by the artistry and tradition of its cultural life approach. From there he had crossed the countries of Desierto, Joya, Stella and Bosco. Each infinitely different from one another. However, it was the Kingdom of Fiore which had caused the biggest of impressions. No wonder his dad had always had a particular admiration for the country. As Ace rode his horse at walking pace, he couldn’t help but get lost in thought as he admired the towering building of Mercurius. He immediately thought about the difficulties of planning and building such an architectural feat as it. Ace had instantly developed an immense respect for the magical architects and engineers in charge of its construction.

Admiring the architecture though, was not the only thing that made the man get lost in his thoughts. Ace was here with a mission. And with it the conviction to achieve it. However, that didn’t mean the man was shut to any sort of interaction. On the contrary, if he wanted to know about this kingdom, he would first have to establish connections. As all of these ideas and thinking rushed across the confines of his consciousness, he had completely forgotten of his surroundings. He had now arrived to one of Crocus’s central squares, full of people and movement. As he did though, he was instantly brought back to reality by the unmistakable feeling of bumping into someone. How careless. He had only been a couple of minutes in Crocus and he had already established a meeting with wrong terms. Or at least, he hoped the other person would be gracious enough to forgive him. Instantly climbing down his steed and offering a hand to the stranger, Ace lowered his head in embarrassment as he heartedly spoke. “I’m so sorry… Please forgive my carelessness. Let me pay you back for my mistake.”

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#2Tenshi † 

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Tenshi †
The sun was reflecting upon the clouds forming napalm skies above the city of Crocus. Lights that blazed like flares upon an otherwise barren landscape for miles, Crocus was a jeer at the Gods who gave the land life. People had culminated there countless years ago, erecting modest homes and centers. Who would have expected such a city to arise from those modest beginnings? Crocus was not only the capitol of Fiore, it was considered to be one of the most beautiful places in all the world.

Brick cobbled road and uniform buildings that were crafted with both aesthetics and use in mind, the entire town seemed to meld. As Sol continued its decent, caressed by the hands of Gaia, the burning clouds settled into their ashy undertones. They were retreating, not approaching, the capitol. With their journey away from the main gates, the sky offered peaks of stars that struggled to outshine lanterns and flames below.

It was as these mortal flames were being extinguished that a stranger made his arrival. A man who had never set foot in the capitol managed to evade the task for just a little while more, riding in upon a steed of only the fairest breed. The two truly looked like partners, a knight and his partner making their way into a foreign capitol. Those who were about looked in intrigue while the guards eyed him with suspicion. Some continued about their business, unaware that the man had appeared at all.

One of these latter men was greeted quickly, the strings of fate bringing them together. The horse was well trained, knowing to listen to the soundless pull of the reins. When the steed was then led into a stranger how could it dare defy? While their pace was slow, a horse was still a massive creature. Knocked forward, Finn reacted based off instinct after not even a moments hesitation. Falling forward, he would roll upon his shoulder and push off the ground. This action would propel him not upward, but across the ground as if gliding upon it. Rolling to a single knee, his left foot firmly planted on the ground before it and his right hand at the hilt of his blade, he looked for the culprit.

Expecting to find a fiend or a thug, Finn's eyes squinted in suspicion when he found instead a horse. Could this be the horse uprising that Jake had warned me about? While his thoughts could not be further from the truth, he had truly no way of knowing. While the idea had seemed far-fetched when pitched to him by his brother, here it was happening before him. How could he deny it further?

The truth began to make itself clear in stark contrast to the boys inner thoughts. A man of regal appearance had worked his way off the horse, making his way around the mares muscular body and into Finn's view. “I’m so sorry… Please forgive my carelessness. Let me pay you back for my mistake.”

The owner of the voice was now in full sight of Finn. Despite the absence of the sun, he had the light of the moon and the residual lights of the town to discern the mans appearance. The stranger was both taller and larger than Finn, though many were. His hair looked a deep ocean blue under the lighting, and he was too far away to get a clear idea on the mans eyes. Other than his dress, appearance, and genuine look of concern, Finn had nothing to go off of.

The horse was a different story. A darker color, but its build was distinguishable from any other steed Finn had met. He did not know its breed, but could tell that it was designed for speed and distance. Its legs were muscular, its stomach thinner to indicate a long travel. Its nostrils were flared as if it were ready to move at a moments notice, obviously trained to fit nearly any master. It seemed like a companion that would take quite a bit of money to both purchase and train. The adventurer might not have been the best read of other people, but of beasts he had no problem.

Finally standing to his full height, Finn temporarily ignored the stranger and approached instead the horse. Slowly, he'd reach his left hand forward. It was open and to the side, allowing the horse to keep it in its vision. It did not pull at the reins or act uncomfortable, but instead eyed Finn with a worthy caution. As his hand slowly approached, he'd begin talking gently to sooth the horse before his hand finally came into contact with the stallions muzzle and gently petting him. With that done, the Blue Pegasus member flashed the ocean haired man a smile.

"That's fine. The city is big and the streets are small. It was bound to happen, we're just lucky that I'm sturdy." As if to make a point, Finn would flex an arm and put a hand to his bicep. Though he likely wouldn't look so to the man, Finn was likely the strongest individual throughout Fiore- At the very least compared to active adventurers. "That being said, I'll never turn away free dinner if you're buying. My name is Finn."

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#3Ace IX Lyon 

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Ace IX Lyon
Even if he had absentmindedly bumped into someone, the feeling of the impact brought Ace back in the spot. As he did, he could see that the young man he accidentally hit immediately responded properly by rolling forward, getting away of the danger in an instant. After rolling over, he would gently place his hand the hilt of his sword, ready to fend off any attacks. After inspecting Ace for a second though, he seemed to ease down and began to intently stare at both him and his steed. Slowly walking close, Ace could feel that he was no ordinary boy. Ace had trained to become a master swordsman from a very short age. If there was something his experience had given him that he could take pride in was his ability to distinguish fellow fighters with a glance. The rapid response. His immediate reflexes and the finesse with which he rolled out and away of danger as he instantly prepared to counter attack, were all clear hints of the stranger’s abilities. Apparently, Ace had just met with not your average run-of-the-mill person. Was this a coincidence? Or had the skies willed for it to happen?  

Even if he ignored his apology for a second. Ace couldn’t help but smile. It had only been a couple of minutes since he had first traversed the gates of the Holy Capital, but even now he was happy he had met someone strong. Although younger than him, the yellow head didn’t seem naïve at all, but rather knowledgeable in a vast array of matters. Ace could notice the interest he took on his steed. As he approached the horse carefully, the Lyon swordsman could see that he knew his fair deal on horses. Closing the distance between his hand and the beast, he had inertly appeased the muscular beast. Ace took pride on his steed. It had been a gift from his father for his 13th birthday. Named Tencendur in honor of the legendary King’s horse of legend in Peregrande, Ace and his steed had been together for years by now. More than anyone else, he knew of the value of his horse. Foal to imperial war horses and descent of the majestic wild mares from the barren steppes of western Peregrande, Tencendur had grown to become a steed like no other.

“His name is Tencendur.” Ace said with a friendly voice, breaking the silence as the steed slowly embraced the caress of the kid. "That's fine. The city is big and the streets are small. It was bound to happen, we're just lucky that I'm sturdy." Ace was relieved. After just hearing those words he knew the kid was someone not to take things to heart. The Lyon man chuckled as he observed the adventurer flex. From his previous observation, he knew the kid was not joking. How strong he was though, he couldn’t quite fathom. "That being said, I'll never turn away free dinner if you're buying. My name is Finn." Ace instantly smiled at Finn’s answer. “It’s settled then.” Proceeding to loosen the reins on the horse, Ace stroke the beast’s hide gently. He didn’t need to direct Tencendur. He was an intelligent beast, and was trained to follow alongside Ace even without a command.

“Finn it is right?” Ace turned to inspect the boy once again. “My name’s Ace the Ninth from the house of Lyon. Nice to meet you.” Not caring about stiffness and formalities, he gently patted Finn’s back as he introduced himself. He wanted to make sure to erase the distance between them and transmit a feeling of trust. As he did, an inevitable thought came to Ace’s mind. He had no idea where to take Finn for dinner. Desperately trying to hide his anxiety, he looked around to see if there was some place nearby. Luckily enough, he was able to spot through the corner of his eye a sign that read Restaurant. “How about that place. It seems nice enough. I’m new here, so I don’t really know about places to eat. Or do you have any suggestions? I’m starving either way.” A laugh automatically escaped the ocean haired man. He hadn’t eaten in more than a day. To say he was starving was an understatement.

After entering the establishment Ace noticed the tidiness immediately. The place was spacious, and several rows and arrangements of tables filled the place which gave a comfortable, hospitable feel. He had left Tencendur on stand outside. Ace knew he didn’t have to worry at all about him. “Table for two please.”

Arrival to the Holy Capital [Private/Finn] HBchyIR
#4Tenshi † 

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Tenshi †
Something about the stranger felt off. It wasn't necessarily a feeling of unease or wariness that now clung to Finn like morning dew, but rather a feeling of difference. The way this man walked and carried himself simply felt so foreign. Compared to the adventurer, or even others whom he had met along his journey, everything about this man seemed so stiff. Whether or not it was his intention, there were some things that people simply couldn't change. The way he tilted his head back ever so slightly, pushing his shoulders back and chest forward as he walked. The permanent grin that rested upon his face, exuding both confidence and pride. This man was another breed all together.

Tencendur... The name repeated in Finn's mind, an attempt to confirm that he really heard it. The shot came up short, however, and Finn quickly mumbled the name. "Tenshendor... Ten... Tencendur..." His brows had come together in concentration as he mumbled the name over and over. It was a complicated name, and Finn wasn't usually the kind to dote upon pompous words. They seemed overly complicated for a man who spent most of his life in the forest, and now on the move.

As the introductions were made, Finn nodded and flashed him a smile that reflected his distracted mind. In his head, he was playing a guessing game in which he was trying to decide this mans origins. Finn had no real base to judge this man off of. He knew nothing of his life or past, nor what to expect from the stranger. With that being said, those who struggled to introduce themselves within a single breath were often those of a higher birth. For all he knew, Finn was standing in the presence of royalty. For all he cared, however, he was standing in the presence of another man.

As Ace began to walk, leading Finn along with Tencendur, the man seemed to look around desperately before deciding upon a restaurant. Finn's face immediately became devoid of emotion, his mouth straightening and eyes setting themselves forward. As his lips slowly pursed, unable to form an immediate judgment of the man for his choice of restaurant, he quickly shrugged away those thoughts.

This was not to say that Finn was a judgmental person. He did not form opinions, at least not negative, based off of a persons interests or hobbies for the most part. Still, there were things that when they became apparent, he couldn't help but ponder the weight of them. As Ace had suggested a restaurant, apparently excited the moment he saw it, Finn couldn't help but toss the thought around in his mind. On one hand, it was free food with a stranger who could become a friend. On the other hand, how awkward would he feel going into a drag-restaurant with this stranger, Ace of Lyon?

"They're fragile, Finn. You can't just say that stuff."

An exasperated sigh came from the young man, no older than fifteen as he rolled over in his bed. While Finn lay claim to a hammock, Jake had created a bed within a drawer of a rather large dresser. "Okay, Jake, I'm not trying to be mean. Let them do their thing and glob. But I don't understand why."

Rolling over in his own bed to face his little brother, Jake pointed at Finn as if to scold him. "EYYYEYYEYY! What's the big idea Finn? You judging?"

"What? No! I ju-"

"Look Finn. You don't need to understand. Why do you adventure? Why do I like my head massager? People just like stuff and do what makes them feel good inside man. They might be men, but inside they're delicate. Like flowers. Don't kill flowers, Finn!"

Thinking about it for a moment, Finn smiled and looked at Jake. "Yeah, I guess you're right. Thanks Jake!"

The memory was long past, back when Finn first discovered what a drag queen was. It was a moment where Finn learned acceptance in a broader form. Now, after many years, it was put into use. Who would have thought that Ace was into such things? Better question yet, who was Finn to judge?

Reaching over and patting Ace on the back, Finn looked over at him with a comforting smile and an understanding gaze. "Hey man, I got you. I understand. Let's enjoy some food." With that, they were at the doors of the establishment. Finn opened the door, holding it for Ace to lead the way. Go get them, champ.

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#5Ace IX Lyon 

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Ace IX Lyon
After the suggestion, he made for a restaurant, Ace was no longer sure if it had been a good idea. The yellow haired kid next to him seemed to be quite nice at first glance. However, there was something that still seemed odd. Ace couldn’t quite grasp well what was. Finn had been rather lively a second before, but the expression on his face immediately neutralized after looking at where Ace pointed. Either way, Finn agreed to eat there. The condescending gaze he gave him though, further arose his suspicions. “Is it really that bad of a place..? I guess he’s been before and isn’t too fond of it.”

As thoughts such as these crossed through his mind, Ace read once again the front door sign with the restaurant’s name. “The Dragged Queen…” It seemed like an odd name to put to a restaurant. Yet again, Ace wasn’t all familiar with Fiore’s customs. Heck! For all he knew dragging their queens was some kind of tradition here. Trying to push all these weird feelings aside, he crossed the establishment’s door. As Finn proceeded to open it for Ace, he rose a brow once again. Was it his imagination, or was Finn actually acting weird ever since he suggested eating here? Either way, they were now in, so there was not much left to do. He was really intrigued about the boy’s acting, but his stomach now rebelled for food.

When the hostess came to lead them to their table, Ace almost burst in laughter. He really tried to hold it back, but inevitably failed by letting out a slight chuckle. Ace was not someone who laughed at others. However, the hostess was no other than a host, in woman’s outfit. He had never seen someone such as him in his life. He knew he was miles away from his homeland, but were people from Fiore really that different than from Peregrande? After being taken to their table, Ace turned at Finn as he tried to avoid being heard by others. “What’s up with his getup? Is it normal for men in Fiore to dress like girls?” He was seriously concerned about the answer. Ace didn’t like judging people, but meeting a man dressed like a woman for the first time at the age of 21 left quite the strong impression. Before Finn could answer though, the waitress would arrive to their table and interrupt them. “Oh hi there sweeties… Look what we’ve got here! Hmmmm…. You look like a delicious pair. Come on, don’t be shy… We’ve got you sorted out for the night. Before the dinner begins we need you to get comfortable. Now, follow me I’ll lead you to your dressing rooms.” An overly grave voice came out from the woma- MAN!? in charge of their table. “Another one?” Ace began to genuinely worry at that moment. He wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but he sure as hell knew this was no regular restaurant. Why would they even need to go to a dressing room before eating? This was getting weirder and weirder by the second. As they walked behind the waiter/tress, Ace turned back at Finn with a seriously puzzled face, full of concern. “Humm… So.. Do you have any idea what kind of place this is?” As he took a glanze in front to make sure he wasn’t heard he continued. “Is this normal for a regular restaurant in Fiore?” Finn was able to answer just in time before they arrived to a couple of curtains that Ace deducted were the previously mentioned dressing rooms.

As each of them entered a separate room, Ace’s fear became true. Carefully placed all over the place were a vast array of feminine garbs and clothing. Ace saw female wigs of different sizes and colors, a varied selection of undergarments to please any preferences, stockings, high heels, shoes, dresses and a complete set of makeup set up in a mirrored dresser. In a ditch last effort to see if all of this was all just a mistake, Ace peeked his head out of the curtains as he directed to the waiter/tress. “Humm… Excuse me? What are we supposed to do with all this stuff?” Ace crossed his fingers waiting for an answer that wouldn’t instantly freak him out, but it was all in vain. ”Why, but of course dress up silly!! We’re having a party tonight! Seems like you’re our cutest visitors today.” Ace instantly turned pale. Getting quickly inside to the dressing room he tried to contact Finn on the other side. “Pssst! Finn…. I don’t think this is a normal restaurant after all”

Just as he finished muttering those words, Ace could hear a ruckus forming outside. “Hurry uuuppp… We wanna see what kind of princesses you two are! Everyone’s gathered and ready for you ladiees~” As both Finn and Ace looked out of the curtains they would both see an army of males dressed in girly clothing, full makeup on and over the top wigs that gave them a scary look. “Holy Shit!” Without thinking it twice, Ace immediately grabbed Finn by the collar and lifted him up with superhuman strength. “We’re fuck@#& getting out of here!!! This sure as hell isn’t normal!” As the drag queen army in front of them flashed them kisses and barked compliments, Ace leaped above them all with Finn on his back as fast as he could. As he directed towards the door with record breaking speed he turned his face behind just to see that the army of shemales were now pissed and ran towards them. “Comeee baaack~~~ We wanna play with youu~” With renewed strength, Ace jumped through the front window, shattering it in a million pieces escaping just in time before the queens caught up. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!! Tencendur!!” The steed immediately responded to his master’s command as it begain to throttle. With a single movement, Ace would throw Finn in the air, making him land perfectly on the horse’s chair. Next up, Ace ran alongside Tencendur as he quickly placed his foot on the chair’s footing, making us of the momentum he had built, he jumped into the steed as he screamed to his back. “I’m sorry about the window!!! I swear I’ll pay that back!!” As they galloped deeper into the streets of Crocus, Ace finally left out a sigh of relieve as he looked at Finn with an amused expression. “You knew didn’t you?”

Arrival to the Holy Capital [Private/Finn] HBchyIR
#6Tenshi † 

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Tenshi †
They had entered the building, the blue haired male leading the way due to Finn attempting to be kind. He's the bravest man I've ever met... It was true. They had barely known each other for a few moments, and already the man was so honest with himself around Finn. For someone to be so aware of what they were and so unafraid of outside opinion was admirable. Even the jungle boy himself found that it was difficult to fend of the gazes of others. For this man, on the other hand- Well, it seemed he was of higher birth after all.

Greeted by a queen himself, the pair were led to a table among a surprisingly packed restaurant. Finn knew of the place, of course. It was hard to come to Crocus for any extended stay and not know of it. What he did not know was how busy the place was, nor how many people really looked much more like men than they ever did women. This must be what people meant by being unique on the inside. "Don't judge a book by its cover!" The words seemed so silly at the time, and yet now...

“What’s up with his getup? Is it normal for men in Fiore to dress like girls?” The words cut through Finn as if he were wet paper. The man was confused? How could that be? He had chosen the restaurant with a sense of excitement about him, and yet now he seemed completely unaware of where it was they were at. Could it have been all a misunderstanding?

Before Finn could answer to sort things out, the waitress showed up to the table. She was a handsome woman, that much was for sure. Cleanly shaven, and yet the obvious signs of whiskers till clung to her face. Speaking quickly, she beckoned them to follow to a sort of changing room. As they walked, Ace began to show obvious concern and confusion. He would lean back during their walk, edging over as close as he could to let his mouth travel like a summer breeze. His words were soft and subtle, barely making enough disturbance for even Finn to make them out.


His one word response was barely a whisper before they were split into their separate room, though they were merely separated from the world by curtains. While Finn couldn't speculate upon his companions area, his own seemed to have been specified to his appearance. Everything sort of matched what Finn was already wearing, and at this point he couldn't help but marvel at their efficiency. The sounds of Ace questioning their temporary confinement was not lost upon Finn, and for a moment the adventurer considered busting out of the place, grabbing his new companion and heading for the nearest exit.


The word echoed in his brain. He was a good guy, right? Could he really crush so many people this way? As more voices called out, begging them to hurry, Finn would peak out of the curtains. Unbeknownst to him, this action was done simultaneously with Ace's own. As they looked at the small crowd of men dressed as women, Ace began to act. Moving quickly, he went to grab Finn. Without a doubt the plan was for them to make a hasty escape, but before that could happen Finn made a mistake.

He looked into the crowd.

What he saw staring back at him was hope. Faces that were filled with eagerness, excited for the new arrivals. Faces filled with a yearning for others to confirm that they were indeed normal. A want for acceptance, and a need for belonging. The trained eyes of the young adventurer spotted several glinting bands of gold on the ring fingers of many. There were married men here, with families back home. While some could very well have been married to other men, others could very well have wives at home. This was an escape to them in one way or another. If they left now, the blow to these men's self esteem- Could they handle it? More importantly, regardless of them, could Finn call himself a hero if he left them?

Certainly it was his decision, but such an act would obviously cause there to be hurt feelings. What harm would it cause by indulging them? What issues would arise for momentarily allowing himself to play along? As Ace spoke in a panicked voice, Finn grabbed his arms. While the man attempted to root the blond male from his spot, the adventurer held firm. His grip was far tighter than the blue haired noble, his position much greater. They would not be moving.

"Come with me for a second." With that said, Finn would drag Ace into the changing room with relative ease. Once in there, Finn looked at him. "Look, there was obviously some mix up. I thought you were into this uh... Hobby. Looks like I was wrong. That being said, we came here and now if we leave they'll be crushed. What harm is there in dressing up for like five minutes than leaving? It'd make their days, and how does it actually effect us?" After his rhetorical questions, Finn would move the curtain and push Ace back in his own changing area.

"Okay... We'll both dress up, but we need to leave after." Finn's voice was commanding, surprisingly so. What normally would have been met with playful disagreement instead held a sort of accepting cheer. With that done, they began to change into all that was prepared. Clothes, accessories, wigs- Everything aside from makeup.

Stepping out, Finn was practically transformed. Pulling off the new look scarily well, the young man looked obviously perturbed. This was not his sort of thing, but still, the looks on the faces of those before him was something that caught him off guard. Through their jollity and jubilant behavior was a sort of relief, as if himself and Ace had confirmed that they could indeed live their life. Sighing and showing a smile, their cheers redoubled as Finn glanced over at Ace.

"On the bright side, I'm definitely never going to forget who you are now."

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#7Ace IX Lyon 

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Ace IX Lyon
As the images from their escape played on Ace’s head, he was sure that it was the right thing to do. After quickly running a couple of mental simulations, he proceeded to act. What he didn’t count on though, was that his partner was not as keen as himself on leaving. Or at least not yet. As he reached out to grab Finn by his clothing, Ace felt as if he was trying to pull a boulder. “How much heavier could this kid get?!” After the thought flashed through his mind, Finn proceeded to grab Ace by both hands. It was only then, that the blue haired swordsman really comprehended how lost was his fight. Though he didn’t quite understand, Ace was now at Finn’s mercy. "Come with me for a second."

Next thing he knew, Ace found himself flying towards Finn’s changing room. He wasn’t even mad. In fact, Ace was rather impressed by the fact that such a small kid had that kind of inhumane strength. Ace knew he had been right. Finn was not your average boy. As he stared at him with a puzzled look, Ace heard to what Finn had to say.

"Look, there was obviously some mix up. I thought you were into this uh... Hobby. Looks like I was wrong." Ace’s face immediately showed an expression of relief after hearing Finn’s words. He wasn’t crazy after all. Finn DID change his demeanor due to that simple misunderstanding. How far he was from the truth though, made Ace laugh a bit. With a newfound relaxation, the situation seemed much less perilous than what he had previously imaged in his head. " That being said, we came here and now if we leave they'll be crushed. What harm is there in dressing up for like five minutes than leaving? It'd make their days, and how does it actually effect us?" Finn’s words pierced Ace like a sharp needle. Was he serious? Still with a concerned expression on his face, Ace took another peek at the excited crowd waiting for them. Even if he didn’t want to admit it, the blond adventurer was right. Ace was no fool. He had previously noticed, but had decided to ignore it. The men gathered out of their dressing rooms looked their way with gleaming eyes.

“Always be kind to others Ace… Of all my wishes, what I desire the most is for you to become a hero in both spirit and body. One that will never turn his back to the ones in need. That will grow to respect and be respected. But above all else, one that decides not only to protect what is precious to him, but what is to others as well.”

The words of his sister resounded through his head. He knew that what Finn proposed was true. Had they decided to leave they’d leave crushing this which these men found as precious. Perhaps he was not able to understand it, but it didn’t matter. What Ace remembered was that he was a man of honor; a true member of the proud house of Lyon that never broke an oath.

After a second of hesitation, Ace managed to swallow his pride complete. With a flustered face full of embarrassment and a newfound conviction to not retract on his promises, he finally answered to Finn with perhaps a louder than needed tone. “A-alright… But if we’re doing this. We’re never talking about it with anyone! Deal?” Ace’s tone was a complete mix of determination and embarrassment. After all, he couldn’t help but think about his family back home. What would they think if they ever saw him like that? What would his ancestors think? The more he thought about it, the redder he become. Getting both hands to the sides of his face, Ace proceeded to powerfully slap himself with them. “I'd decided years ago… I’d be long dead before choosing to back down on my word.”

After entering his own wardrobe Ace quickly glanced at the clothing at his disposal. He hadn’t noticed before. But some of the things that were placed ready for him quite matched his current attire. Ace changed into a set of clothes that resembled the most what he was wearing. Getting a long haired wig that matched his hair tone, Ace looked at the mirror after securing in place a golden tiara over his head. He couldn’t help but stare in awe as he saw himself fully transformed. He bore a striking resemblance to his older sister Azura. Flashes of his happy past came back to him automatically.

As he walked out, the noble son of Peregrande had never felt as weird in his entire life. This was obviously the first time he had been prone to such public embarrassment, and the reddening of his face immediately gave it away. However, seeing the cheers of the gathered public more as a chant of relief than of lewdness, Ace was able to calm down. As he heard the remark Finn made, Ace finally managed to honestly relax and laugh. “You bet the same goes for me. I'm never getting this scene out of my mind either. Though this was not the idea I had in mind of my first night in Crocus, this shall be an anecdote we will remember for the years to come.”

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#8Tenshi † 

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Tenshi †
And thus the night continued, the two new additions going on with the events. Now that they had given into the expectations of those around them, those who had forced these acts upon them were much more open. A vast majority of these men were straight, in relationships with those of the fairer sex. The ability to come to a place such as this, though, was something that gave a certain allure to all of them. Their rhymes and reasons were different, but this was a place where they all felt both accepted and welcomed.

For Finn, it was a strange event. He still couldn't wrap his mind around it, even when given the reasons. With that said, it was clear to him that understanding wasn't necessary to that depth. The joy upon their faces and the happiness that they radiated was real. Finn did not need to understand why when the results were so clear. After a couple of hours, the two were finally able to excuse themselves and revert back to their old clothes and appearance.

"Well this was interesting. Wonk, but interesting. I've gotta get going though. Nice meeting you, Ace. Let's hang out again sometime, if you ever swing near Blue Pegasus check if I'm there!" Without waiting for a response, Finn would pat the man on the shoulder and jog off into the night.


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Ace IX Lyon
After a couple of the weirdest hours Ace had ever lived, Finn and himself were able to excuse themselves from the Dragged Queen. The experience had been... Unique. If Ace was sure of something was that it was not something that he'd fancy repeating. On the other hand, it had also been of use. He had gotten to know Finn a little bit better. After just meeting, they were both forced to share this weird situation. After transforming back to his usual attire, the blond haired boy and Ace left the stablishment. "That sure was.... different to what I expected for my first day in Crocus"

Sharing a laugh both males made their way through Crocus's streets. Before Ace could even say something, Finn seemed to have urgently remembered something. "Well this was interesting. Wonk, but interesting. I've gotta get going though. Nice meeting you, Ace. Let's hang out again sometime, if you ever swing near Blue Pegasus check if I'm there!" Leaving no time for Ace to answer, Finn immediately rushed to the mazed streets of the Holy Capital. Ace was left speechless. However, he couldn't help but let off a smile. "I'll definitely do." With that, Ace proceeded to find his way into the Rune Knight's headquarters. The sun had already settled, and the streets were now empty. No sound could be heard. Except of course, the one of a walking knight that moved slowly through the streets with a saddled horse by his side. "Crocus seems like an interesting place"


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