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Orchidia to Magnolia [ Walking ]

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#1Tori Lancaster 

Orchidia to Magnolia [ Walking ]  Empty Fri Mar 10, 2017 12:08 am

Tori Lancaster
Tori stretched as she awoke with the sunrise that leaked through the window. She she left the inn where she had stayed the night, she already noticed the town of Orchidia blossoming to life for the day. As much as she wanted to stay and see the sights a little more, she had to get back home to the guild. After a quick stop to a market to get some supplies for the road, she headed off, bidding the vegetation covered town a temporary farewell. There were other requests that needed done here, so she would have to return soon.

The journey back to Magnolia took another few days, but seeing as she had taken this journey just the day before, she was able to shave a little time off the trip, seeing a shortcut along the way. All in all, the walk was rather uneventful, which allowed Tori to reflect on things. She somewhat regretted arriving at the guild, grabbing a flyer, and leaving without a word to anyone. Even if she couldn't contain her excitement, she should have at least met someone so she would have a friend to return to.

She thought of her grandfather and how proud he would be of her. She actually made it into a guild. And one of the most well known guilds in all of Fiore at that. Her parents were probably still mad at her for leaving, but likely understanding. Her father once told her that everyone had their own path to walk in life and more often than not, it wasn't what one planned out. But alas, here she was on her way home from her first job.

As hunger found her, she stopped long enough to get a granola bar out of her bag. Peanut butter chocolate wasn't really her favorite, but it was the only kind they had in stock, so she figured she could make dup for a couple of days. She stopped for a few minutes to eat it, wondering what she would do when she got back to the guild. She could always just grab another flyer and leave again, but she had yet to make a single friend in the guild and it was almost a week since she joined. Deciding that wouldn't do, she set back out on the road and jogged the rest of the way back in excitement of her next adventure.


Tori has traveled to Magnolia

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