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All In A Day's Work [Solo Mission]

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#1Tori Lancaster 

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Tori Lancaster
It wasn't long before Tori had joined the Fairy Tail guild that she was out on her first job. She was so excited, she barely even looked atone of the flyers she grabbed from the request board. She simply skimmed over it, saw that the request was to take her to Orchidia, and off she went on her first adventure as a Fairy Tail wizard. It took a few days, but before she knew it, she was in the overgrowing town of Orchidia.

As she passed the buildings covered in foliage, she took in the beautiful sight of man and nature coexisting like she had never seen before, all while looking for the Lamia Latte. It was at this coffee shop, no doubt named for Orchidia's local guild, where she was supposed to meet her client. She was to meet a detective and it didn't take long for her to find him. As she entered the establishment, she soon found a man with rather large hair sitting in the corner sipping a cup of coffee and reading a paper. Granted, she could tell he wasn't actually reading as he was very bluntly looking over the top of the paper at the other patrons, as if investigating everyone in the coffee shop. Tori wondered what exactly he would be having her do, but figured she would learn soon enough as she approached. "Hello. I'm supposed to meet a Detective Miller?" the ice mage questioned, before being shushed a little loudly for his supposed profession. Still "hiding" behind his newspaper, he had already set down his coffee before looking the blonde up and down, mumbling to himself.

"Blonde hair; jean jacket; black leggings; yes you must be the one." he nodded confidently, as if he just cracked a case wide open. "Please have a seat while I finish my morning coffee. Then we'll get down to business." he said casually, taking another swig from his cup before adopting the same serious expression as before, keeping his eyes peeled over the newspaper. As he did this, the Fairy Tail wizard simply sat and waited, albeit somewhat awkwardly for him to readdress her with the details of his request. "Maybe he's got wind of a group of bandits and needs someone to take them out? No, that can't be it. He would have just got a wizard from Lamia Scale for that. Much more convenient for him." she thought to herself as Mr. Miller finished his brew. He slammed the paper down on the table and the cup down onto that, before standing quickly as if a brawl were about to ensue. Naturally, this caused most of the patrons in the shop to direct their attention to him, and Tori was none too startled by the spectacle herself.

Resting both hands on the table, he scanned the room, looking at each person individually for a second before announcing, "You just remember that I'm onto you. Whatever you're planning...you won't get away with it. Not while Ace Detective Dex Miller is around!" he exclaimed. With a boisterous overconfidence, he stormed out of the store, with Tori on his heels, a look of complete and utter befuddlement painted across her face. She shrugged towards a few people with inquisitive looks as she exited the coffee shop, wondering what exactly she may have gotten herself into.

He started to lead her down the street before turning off into an alley where he stood in the shadows. Tori was reluctant to say the least, but she could handle herself if anything went awry, so she followed him. As she entered the alley, he started to speak. "Thank you for accepting my request Miss..." he trailed off. "Lancaster, Detective Miller. Tori Lancaster of Fairy Tail, at your service." she finished as he nodded approvingly. "Yes, yes. Of course. That has a ring to it yes? Detective Lancaster?" he inquired, met simply with a look of confusion from the ice mage. "Allow me to explain. As you saw earlier, I am an Ace Detective with the uncanny ability to solve any case I take. Naturally, this ability has rewarded me with a fair amount of enemies and now there is an assassination plot afoot to rid these streets of a great private eye. While I don't forsee their plan succeeding, it would be foolish of me not to have a successor appointed in case it does in fact come to pass. My request is that you become my assistant for the day and allow me to show you the ropes of being a great detective. What do you say?" his words oozed with confidence as he spoke. Tori couldn't help but be impressed at his bravado and passion for the job, and was all but forced to agree.

Unsure of what was to unfold, but left with little choice, Tori followed the detective down the streets of Orchidia until they arrived at a small flower shop nestled on a street corner. It was here that Dex would stand and simply watch the elderly woman tending to the bouquets that decorated the front doorway. After a moment of silence, he began to explain. "You see that woman there? Yeah, your typical sweet old lady. That's the illusion. The reality is that she is a cold blooded murderer, preying on innocent children and using their bodies as fertilizer." Upon hearing this, Tori was overcome with a feeling of dread and disgust. Why children? Why fertilizer? These questions and more flooded through Tori's head as she looked up at her mentor for the day. "Not to worry," he comforted, as if reading her mind. "She won't get away with it. Just keep behind me and follow my lead." Tori nodded in acknowledgement before doing as instructed. The two walked past the flower shop and toward a nearby house. Detective Miller knocked four times and waited a moment before a young woman answered the door. Just looking at the detective's face sent her eyes rolling back in her head. "Good morning, Ms. Jenkins. Good to see you're doing well...all things considered." he trailed off before gazing at the woman apologetically. "What is it now, Dex?" she barked, seeming quite impatient with the man. "I just wanted you to know that I haven't given up my search of your daughter's whereabouts. Ace Detective Dex Miller is still on the case!" he shouted triumphantly, making Ms. Jenkins' eyes once again retreat to the back of her skull. "Dex, for the last time, I don't have a daughter!" she screamed before she slammed the door in his face. The look that plastered the blonde's face now was of confusion and a little shock. But Dex quickly explained that the woman is in so much grief over the loss of her daughter, that she completely blocked out the little girl's existence. While this made slight sense, Tori wondered if Dex had the wrong house, but the woman spoke as if she had been through this before with the detective. Surely one couldn't get the same wrong house more than once about a matter like this. And after Tori continued to follow Dex around, it quickly became apparent. This guy definitely a few sandwiches short of a picnic, as he interrogated random passersby, just for giving him a passing glance, and all for different reasons. But, being the one responsible for delivering on Fairy Tail's reputation, she gritted her teeth for the next few hours and endured.

As the sun started to dim and the shadows engulfed the streets, Dex congratulated Tori on a job well done before handing her the reward she was promised. "If you're ever in town and need some more work, I always have an open case that I could use a hand with." he beamed; a look of pride in his eyes. "Well, thank you, Ace Detective Miller for an unforgettable day. I'll be sure to keep your offer in mind. Be careful on your way home." she replied, her eyes teeming with a sincere gratitude before turning back and heading towards town. She was sure the inn would have a room for the night before she headed back home to Magnolia.


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