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Distraction ~ [Quest]

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#1Arthur J. Sokolov 

Distraction ~ [Quest] Empty Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:36 am

Arthur J. Sokolov
“Alright! Time to begin!” Were the words Arthur screamed out as he he got out of bed. Today he had planned to do some house cleaning before he left to meet with a member from the Muramasa Castle for a job offer he was given. He had been quite active here no lie, this town, Orchidia was brimming with things to do and Arthur couldn’t be any happier about that. He had helped a spirit find peace and that was split into three different missions all that helped Arthur made some stable income, but most importantly, he had learned his name, his true name. Using the enthusiasm of this new finding he had decided to clean his home and Panthello was going to help whether he liked it or not, dammit.

The first step was to clean the windows of the house. That was a bit risky given that he had to hold this thin wooden frame to get a good look on the outside side of the windows but he also had to rest his knee on a similarly thin wooden frame to not fall down, both of these things had not felt very safe at all and he couldn’t lie and say that he wasn’t worried. After cleaning the windows with some lemon and menthol flavored spray, he took out a small broom and blessed it with a small ritual before starting to cleanse his house with each broom move. After the initial dusting off with a broom, he took out a sponge and gave one to Panthello and they started to make the floors reflective clean. It was quite fun to see Panthello going one way with the sponge pressed between his forehead and the ground and then all the way back until it hit something to see he can change direction now. They did this for a while. After that, Arthur changed the sheets of his bed, made dinner for the night before leaving, made some tea, had a smoke an finally left the house to meet with the cobbled streets of Orchidia.

He was getting used to navigating the streets better with each day he spend here, of course that would be expected. After walking for a while he could easily pin point the location of the castle. There wasn’t anyone around that looked obviously like who Arthur was to talk to, so he walked to the front gate and place his butt on the wall to sit and wait. It was somewhat interesting to watch the people on their days anyway. He yawned and watched some birds close by. Standing around was boring. At some point a girl came to him asking if he saw a white haired boy that glowed gold but Arthur had no idea what she meant. She looked very furious but then left. After that the client approached, a big bulky man of some short and started to talk to Arthur. “You are Arthur right? Listen, listen. Today is a big day at the castle, very very important people will be arriving from all over Fiore to discuss some important stuff and the village idiot Leis has the potential to ruin this all for everyone. We need someone to take him away from this place before he starts talking about Satan like he always does and ruin everything for everyone. Your job it this. Take him away, show him around, he is in a wheel chair so he will need some help. Give him a good time and we will also have a good time and reward you with some jewels. I’m sure you will like that.”

Arthur tilted his head and then agreed. He was here for this reason after all. After the guy left explaining what he had to do, Arthur got down from where he was sitting and started to wait for Leis. At the corner of his eye he spotted a guy with an enthusiastic face on a wheelchair coming towards him. He realized this was Leis and got down from where he was sitting to quickly meet the guy. “Hello Leis, I’m Arthur, can you allow me to spend some time with you? If I take you around you can sermon everywhere instead of just one place.

Leis was happy about the offer and they left the vicinity of the castle and around the streets of Orchidia, a wonderful town Arthur thought, colorful and filled with interesting people, their journey started. Leis would talk about Satan a lot, a figure Arthur didn’t know that much about except from some random sentences that filled his hearing, his ear, here and there. Leis was crazy but sometimes he would use such sentences that would make deep senses that Arthur was baffled. Leis was also popular too, crazy guy popular but still. Many people would come near to talk to him and Arthur would meet them again. Dacol and Dex included, first one just being nice and treating them both some ice cream while the second getting in cahoots about some deep crime case that Leis was really into and make comments about how the culprit was Satan, to what Dex would agree. Arthur even had to join in their little game to ensure good things happening and the off the hook duo of a sermon guy and detective didn’t get in trouble or hurt themselves. He would occasionally take small breaks to light a smoke.

Sometimes however, Leis would get sad and talk about his wife. Evil was the thing that had gotten to them. He was so fond of his wife, that old guy. Endlessly talking about her at times and being melancholic. Apparently his wife’s life was taken by dark mages that cornered them at some point. That same point of time was also when Leis lost his legs. The incredible sad story had gotten to Arthur who couldn’t help but feel sad for the guy. After this, he would take him back to the castle and get his reward.

Distraction ~ [Quest] Untitl16

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