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Hello Again (Private)

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Hello Again (Private) Empty Thu Mar 02, 2017 12:42 pm

Tenshi †
So much had happened in such a short amount of time. Life was a stream whose current was too strong for many. So many fought against its raging might, and yet so few were willing to simply let go. To flow along with the powerful tides and to allow it to take you where it would. So many veins leading to so many different possibilities, and so few ever followed what already was, so obsessed they were with what could be.

Finn had let go, after fighting against it with all his might and losing. He had let himself be dragged beneath the surface, letting go of the will head had left in him to resist. Instead, he had embraced it fully. Oh, how it had taken him. The new blade that rested comfortably upon his back, a hilt made specifically for it having been won over as well. A new team whom would force him to grow, though the changes that he would make were still unbeknownst to him. Jake had been right all along. All Finn had to do was let go and see what was around him. To take in the sights before trying to change them was such an easy thing to overlook.

Now he was here. The vein had ended, and what Finn saw before him had been open land. Paths never trod. So much potential that had never been realized, and he was now free to do with it how he would. He allowed Life to give him what it would, and learned the lessons that it had put forth. Now he was welcome to make changes and to embrace the possibilities. He had finally begun to grow, after years of complacency. No longer was he who he was. He was finally beginning to search for who he may become.

Crocus had once again become a center for this search, having been the location where both his team and weapon were discovered. Within the capitol were a plethora of quests that one could take. They ranged from small time to difficult, though each one would serve its purpose; Whatever that purpose was.

The quests were but one aspect of Fiore's main city. The vast array of people who were within its metaphorical walls were also a luring aspect of the great town. One could grow vastly with the aid of others, and Finn had experienced great progress from strangers whom he had met here. Why would he not come back to this location, hoping to find more room to grow? Maybe even familiar faces that could offer more room that he had not been able to consider before.

The streets of the town were relatively full, though not nearly as full as they were on most days. After the warm spell that Crocus had experienced, the sudden reintroduction of winter air had driven many of the towns people inward. The allure of fire and walls could not be easily shrugged off. Finn himself had fought his inner desires to laze around, though the same could not be said for Jake.

Alone in the half packed streets, Finn found himself on a bench near the center of town. Before him, a short distance away, was a magnificent fountain that he'd seen many times before. The artist who created it had somehow avoided assigning their name to the piece. Instead, it was a nameless work that many knew only as a water fountain. It pulled Finn in every time he saw it, though many others walked past it as if it weren't there at all. While he could excuse himself at any time to talk with any of those who found disinterest with the fountain, he decided it would be better to wait for one of similar tastes. After all, one who found beauty in the simple things could never be all bad.

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