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(OPEN SOCIAL) Should Have Learned Maps [Flashback]

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#1Oliver Oxford 

(OPEN SOCIAL) Should Have Learned Maps [Flashback] Empty Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:59 pm

Oliver Oxford
{Note: this thread is set to take place just before Oliver having joined Lamia Scale and likely will lead up to the subsequent joining of it at the end, thank you!}

It had been an arduous journey for the intrepid traveler, the meandering author, the supposed runaway from a lap of luxury, the-enough analogies! Oliver made a great achievement of using the money he had been given to get all the way from Enca to Fiore! End of story on that point.

Still it was an interesting thing to see the different kinds of wildlife and geology of the lands he traveled to, which made Fiore seem like such a strange place for someone on the other side of the map quite literally.  Yet to stumble into the crowded and high rise streets of Orchidia?  Oliver had luck on his side, whether it was good luck or bad luck was up to anyone viewing the red-scarf toting mage.

As he had finally arrived there were a few things he needed to accomplish.

  • Get an apartment
  • Find a guild to join
  • Form a team with those he bonded with
  • Write his book
  • Purchase a map of this town

Oliver's priorities MIGHT not be in the proper order, but he's trying folks. He's trying.

As he walked through the streets of the town, Oliver marveled at the architecture and the rusted look of many buildings.  "Structures made entirely out of steel? Tin? Whatever it is, it's a bit of an oddity." He couldn't help but mumble out.  Though his vision brought him down the main street to the sight of the building he was looking for The Lamia Scale Guild Hall.

Oliver made his way off toward it! Post haste lad!  He had to make a couple of turns as it wasn't a straight shot with a group of people in the impatient lad's way, so Oliver found himself onto one of the less than main streets.  It wasn't a back alley mind you, but it had several turns and twists.  He would be walking down toward the South end of the street, only to pop walking from the East to West side as if this were some artist's rendition of a staircase that only lead to itself.  It was also a bit comical for some to watch Oliver go by their window from left to right, just to pass the same direction in the same manner five minutes later.

Getting himself lost, Oliver tried to retrace his steps, and found himself back on a main street, just one that didn't have a clear view of Lamia Scale.  he would ask someone for directions, but that seemed trivial for someone that was looking to be self-sufficient!  Stubborn tendencies and generations of male genetics defying the notion that asking for directions is okay ahoy!

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