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Translating a note [Valentines/Quest/Hiakru]

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

Translating a note [Valentines/Quest/Hiakru] Empty Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:27 am

Selena Maelstrom
It was a beautiful day in the Holy capital. The birds were singing, people were scurrying around, all the usual cliché things one would associate with a beautiful day. The sun was exceptionally warm for this time of year. The rays it produced pierced the clouds, warming the cobbled streets below it. Selena woke up in the comfort of her own bed in a very fancy Crocus hotel. She had spent a very large amount of time in this very room as when she was staying in crocus before, she stayed in this very room. Oh the perks of being a Rune Knight. The owners were very nice, but also rather cowardly, and having a Knight in a room would surely keep intruders and robbers out.Selena made full use of this and often got things at very reduced prices to the point where things were almost free. It was a very good deal. There wasn’t even much crime in the area, only once she had to arrest someone and it was because he was stealing from a fruit and vegetable shop right outside. Since then though it greatly helped her case whenever she talked with the owner, or managers.

Selena hopped out of her bed and began to stretch widely. It was about seven in the morning, a little earlier than usual. She decided to make her bed and clean her room with the spare time she had, rather than leaving it to the maids. As she cleaned around she began to plan her day. The Holy Capital always had something fun to do. It had gardens, parks and way more. Although Selena fancied some company today, not just any company, her new boyfriend. The last time they spoke she left things with a kiss. She enjoyed her time with him and wanted to get to know him better. other than his name, his family and his rank in the Rune Knights she knew very little of the guy. Selena made her way out of the hotel, and headed to the local Rune Knight Headquarters located only a few meters from the hotel. Selena was thankful for this, the sun was rather hot and walking for too long did not seem ideal. Selena wrote a quick note to Hiakru, inviting him to… Selena thought for a while. The library. It was a secluded area, nice and quiet, somewhere they wouldn’t get interrupted. As Selena went there she noticed that there was a girl there looking rather frustrated. She seemed to try and ask someone for something but the busy people around her were ignoring her outright. Selena approached her but before she could ask what was up with her, the girl shoved some paper into her hands. “Okay thanks.” She said as she turned. “HEY!” Selena shouted at her, causing her to stop and whip around. The people around seemed to not care for Selena’s yell. “Oh sorry, you looked smart myt mistake.” She said reaching for the paper. “I’m happy to help but I can’t read minds, honestly no one’s that smart.” Selena retorted. The girl gave Selena an impressed look. “Good answer.” She replied. “Okay I need you to translate that note for me please. Something came up at home and they need me asap. This needs to be translated soon for work and I’m already on thin Ice. The writing is runic i believe hence why I was outside here. So go and translate it. I should be back in time when you’re finished or to give you a hand have fun. Oh and I’ll reward you, of course.” The girl said before turning on her heel once more and walked briskly off. Selena sighed. She hoped Hikaru would understand. She turned to head into the Library, but slowly in case Hikaru was on his way and had seen her already.

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#2Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru walked into his hotel room around 6:15. He had come to Crocus mainly because he heard his girlfriend was there, and not only that it was always full of fun and exciting things to do. Hikaru had gotten up early to do a quick morning run, part of his daily training regiment. It was a light jog around town, but nonetheless a jog. He knew he was supposed to meet with Selena today however, Hikaru figured he'd get some work done in the meantime. He showered and headed over to the local Rune Knight headquarters. He had to fill out some paperwork for Era on his recent activities to show he wasn't just messing around and was actually doing work. Upon filling it out, he walked downstairs only to be stopped at the front desk. The women at the front desk offered Hikaru a note. It was folded and the women smiled. Hikaru immediately assumed the women read it but figured it wasn't a big deal as he took it and walked out. He opened it and realized it was from Selena.

She wanted to meet in the library. Hikaru couldn't help but be oddly confused. He wasn't one to hate the library but it just seemed like an out of the ordinary place to go to. The radiant sun shined on his skin as he looked upward. He wasn't wearing armor today but rather a black shirt, jeans, and some brown boots. He had just noticed the beauty of the day that it was. Usually, he wasn't one to pay attention to nature since the weather was usually static, but it seemed like today they were graced with perfect weather for a date. There was some excitement in Hikaru simply to see Selena. From a distance, Hikaru spotted Selena. There was a figure next to her, it was a woman. She seemed to be talking to Selena about something and gave her papers then walked away. He was curious as to who it was and what the papers were, yet maybe it was just a friend meeting her. He figured it was best not to comment on it but rather just focus on them. He wasn't one to be engaged in people's business so the best method for him to take would be ignoring the papers in her hand.

She was already walking up the stairs when he was only a few meters there. Hikaru decided to mess with her. He cat called whistled her in hopes of stopping her in her tracks. He was curious as to what her reaction would be but he would quickly follow up with the cat call by speaking. "Looking good today," Hikaru said as he walked up the stairs hugging Selena and giving her a quick kiss before speaking to her. "So the library? I've never been on a date here." Hikaru said commenting on her strange choice of a date spot, however, he did enjoy it. It was different, it was definitely a place that would allow them to talk and get to speak to each other about their lives. Hikaru waited for a response as he grabbed the door to the library opening it for Selena to walk in first so he could follow her in.

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#3Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Before Selena could even speak, Hikaru remembered there was something he was supposed to do. He was uncomfortable doing this and hoping she wouldn't be mad, but he had given a word to his friend. "Damn it, there's something I have to do." Hikaru gave Selena a quick peck and spoke to her "I'll be out of town for a few days, but let's pick this up after I get back? Sounds good? Good." Hikaru said as he continued to walk out and quickly pushed the door open and began running. She was going to kill him. As Hikaru ran he just began to brainstorm on ways to make this right.

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#4Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom

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