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Again with Training? [Mission: Amai: V day event]

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#1Káilètte † 

Again with Training? [Mission: Amai: V day event] Empty Mon Feb 20, 2017 4:41 pm

Stretching a little as she was walking towards the forest outskirts with her little sister. She was somewhat excited for this as it was within the natures hold and she finally got to do more stuff with her sister. Leafs that were long before dead would crunch on every step she would take. As it was winter there would be no flowers growing upon every step she would take. Her eyes of lioness color would look forward. Her brown medium hair would tickle her shoulder blades as the wind was soft once more. It was cold as in the air as it was gently to the touch. Swiftly she would bring up her right hand to brush her right bangs to the side behind her hair. Slowly walking more she would go into the forests darkness part.

Arisa would look around for the woman that she was supposed to meet. What did she want with her? The further she went into the forest outskirts the more she became curious on where this chick was. Softly her lips would part as she would sigh. ‘Where the hell is she? What’s with me always not knowing where they are?’ she thought as she would then see some woman just lean against the tree. She had shallow bangs, grey-like hair and saddened eyes. Her side-bangs were rather long though. It was an interesting type of haircut. Just like her though she had a rather calm expression that could only wear a simple smile. Her head turned to look towards Arisa as she would then push herself up. ‘’Glad you two could make it. So it seems we're doing this again yet with someone else ya?’’ She would say calmly as she let her arms dangle and tilted her head a little.

She would simply smile back at the woman who then stood ten feet away from her and bowed her head. ‘’My name is Seheda for the one that doesn't know me.. I would like your assistance too.’’ She would start with her introductions. Arisa would look at her, following movement which was none for now. ‘’I… I called you for assistance because I have a little insecurity. I have been rejected three times already… plus yknow the times I failed with you last time.’’ she would speak once more and looked up at the sky with the small space the dead trees would still leave. ‘’My dream… I have dreams… as my dream is to succeed in my career. My failure will not drown me. It shall not make me roll in despair as my determination is on my side!’’ she would say and looks at her in the calmest facial expression ever. Most would think she would have somewhat an excited look to her, but not her. ‘’I want to improve myself with someone beside me. To train with me with a similar level as me - such as yourself.’’ She would say calmly and bowed her head once more towards Arisa and Alice. ‘’Please assist me in such training.’’ Seheda would then ask nicely.

‘’Urm, alright. Sure! I don’t mind and doubt Amai cares.’’ Arisa would say as she would kind of have an unsure smile. That chick sure talked a lot, but there was sure a good reason for it.


#2Amai Okashi 

Again with Training? [Mission: Amai: V day event] Empty Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:47 pm

Amai Okashi
Green Apple would be the flavor for that day.

How ironic that would be!

The forest was not exactly the more stable environment for Amai. Sure, the trees were fine, but every step was causing her to be more and more alert. She was not in the best condition for being around so much foliage at once. She appeared slightly ill in the face, but she masked this with another face of perkiness and liveliness, just happy to be with her sister once more. They had just recently spent so much time together traveling that Amai felt a lot more secure around her sister. Regardless of this increased comfort around her elder sister, the immense amount of plant-life was having an adverse psychological effect on her. In its entirety, the forest was not an issue. She was afraid of a very specific type of plant. She held her hands together, trying to keep her anxious attitude at bay and appear very plucky and sisterly.

Amai gave a short head tilt all the same as she walked with Arisa. Her sister seemed a little annoyed at something, assumingly having to do with the quest. She recalled that they were needing to meet up with someone for training, but she did not remember the exact details. Arisa was very happy to lead them both, so Amai was more than willing to follow her sister. She tugged on her crimson skirt to make sure it was pulled down in the back. She was happy this morning when her skirt seemed a little shorter in the back, signifying a growth spurt; however, it turned out that her rear had just gotten a little bigger.

Amai cursed her small body under her breath as she tugged the skirt down a little.

As Amai finished adjusting her wardrobe, they approached the target. A woman was ahead of them in casual clothes leaning against a tree. It was a little unsettling to see a woman requesting such help in such a garb. This woman did not seem to have the right idea about just how much training they were going to be doing. A small shake of her head was unseen behind her sister. Just seeing the woman before them was tipping her off that this was going to be a little bit annoying. However, all the same, Amai was not one to turn down a request for help. If the roles were reversed, though, this woman would be on the ground. She did NOT accept help from anyone…except maybe Arisa. Pride brimmed within the younger sister as she gave a confident smile. She didn’t mind in the slightest, and she did not even find it necessary to say anything. After all, that woman was talking enough to fill all three of their mouths with a conversation.

Amai followed along with her sister, wanting to keep pace and show this woman just where her place was. Yes, she did feel a little bad because of the insecurity of the woman, but the woman was talking too big of a game to warrant success. It even for a moment sounded as though she wanted a date or lover instead of a training partner. ‘I want to improve myself with someone beside me’ – the way she spoke was a little frustrating, to say the least. It was okay, though, because Amai had been such people before.

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#3Káilètte † 

Again with Training? [Mission: Amai: V day event] Empty Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:54 pm

Arisa wasn’t that huge in big talkers as she loved things or people in this case that were simple – to the point. she hopped that Alice wasn't getting too annoyed. Her eyes would look at the girl and wondered when they were going to start. Her lioness brown-gold eyes would look towards the lady who then started to stretch. ‘Okay I guess we do this first.’ She thought as she would bend down to touch the dead grass, stretching her spine for it to then pop a little. 'Am I getting old? Nah..' Next after getting back up she would then stretch by touching her toe and back up, touching the other toe. After that exercise they would then stretch her arms and legs. ''Here we go again. Ready Amai?'' she would question her little sister and turned her head to look at her. Even if she didn't answer, Arisa would start. Slowly she would start walking face paced so she did as well. She made sure that Arisa was right there or at least close by as Seheda started to jog. Slowly the two would pace up in a rather slow manner.  ‘’You know… being a top mercenary has always been a dream…’’ she would slowly drift off with words as she jogged. Arisa would sigh, taking a breather as she would then look up at the sky like 'Oh god here we go again..'. The wind felt nice against her face as she jogged on through this forest of Orchidia. ‘’I honestly hope I succeed this time. If I do maybe I’ll try to find you and the drinks will be on me. I would offer you as well, but I don't think you drink.’’ Seheda would say and chuckle softly, lastly talking about Alice. Her voice was still calm as ever as they would continue to jog on through the obstacle.

She wasn’t quite sure on how to respond to Seheda with her words about wanting to exceed so badly. All she really felt like being capable of is supporting and doing what she’s already doing. ‘What do I exactly say to her?’ she wondered as her lioness eyes would corner to look at the woman. She looked calm as ever, no sight of excitement or anything. Truly the only thing that really changed was the tone of voice by a tiny bit, other than that it was her choice of words.

‘’Well, I’ll be around hoping the best.’’ Arisa would say calmly back as she would jog 'Again..'. Soon not that long she would then see Seheda trip over a log and face plants into some dirt. ‘Poor thing, yet funny.’ Her mind would think on its own as if it was the other voice in her head. Softly Arisa sighed and walked to Seheda helping her up. She saw Seheda’s face somewhat embarrassed as the girl looked away. ‘’Yea…urm…Ending the exercise. I’m sure that’s good enough.’’ She would say and nervous checked while handing over the reward. ‘’H-here you go you two…’’ she would say and gave up the reward. Arisa would nod and waved goodbye as Seheda left and so would Arisa with her sister, Alice.



#4Amai Okashi 

Again with Training? [Mission: Amai: V day event] Empty Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:21 pm

Amai Okashi
Green Apple is a tart flavor of sorts. It starts out a little tangy, but then it sours quite quickly. Long extended sessions with green apple flavor turn from sweet to sour fairly quickly, and they make it a difficult flavor to tolerate for any significant period of time. Such potent sour flavor makes green apple a tough one to stomach in a measure of endurance.

In response to the growing sour taste, Amai bit down on the lollipop. The cracking noise was rough on her teeth, traveling up to her ear drums and rattling them. This drowned out whatever was being said. She gulped down the shards in her mouth and gasped with realization of breath. She grimaced when she looked back to the woman.

This woman was definitely green apple flavored. If only she could just bite down and make her disappear. At first, she was pleasant with asking for help. However, this changed fairly quickly. The mood shifted from an upbeat training session to one drained of all enthusiasm. This woman was practically sucking it out of the air. Just like a mana drain, it was becoming a situation where she just did not feel any enthusiasm to participate in the conversation, let alone talk at all. Snide remarks were nowhere to be found. They were all holed up safely in her head, waiting for the precise moment to burst out.

It is a shame that Amai would never find the opportunity to lighten the mood for herself or Arisa.

Amai mostly just followed along with the training. There were various obstacles to be overcome, but they all seemed fairly mild and mundane. A light job and a little thought kept this very brisk and quick to complete. She was merely worried about the loudmouth following and keeping pace, as well. It was frustrating to watch the woman flounder and stumble about, but progress was being made. This progress gave her hope that this would not take too terribly long. Little baby-step progressions were being made, and it was refreshing to witness.

Then, it happened.

Seheda tripped over a log.

Amai slapped a palm to her face, letting out a disapproving hissing sound. It was even more amusing to see the woman fall flat on her face, but the worry shifted back to the woman being able to finish the course. She ran up beside the prone trainee, and she helped Arisa get the woman up. She held back a chuckle, but it was replaced with relief.

Seheda handed over the reward for the training exercise assistance. With a smile and a nod, Amai left with Arisa.

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