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Tf is this Note | Quest [Galaxy|V Day Event]

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#1Constantine Librorum 

Tf is this Note | Quest [Galaxy|V Day Event] Empty on Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:49 am

Constantine Librorum
The jingle of coin preceded him. It seemed the missions he had been taking recently had given him a bit of extra spending money, and while he wasn't in any rush to get rid of it, it certainly felt good to have it on him.

Turning the corner, he'd head towards the inn Galaxy was staying in. He had received a letter from her about a request that she had taken. Apparently it wasn't too difficult but she still needed his help for some silly reason. Not bothering to worry about it, he'd sit down and order some food to pass the time until she came down to tell him what she needed his help with.



Tf is this Note | Quest [Galaxy|V Day Event] Empty on Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:04 pm

Since she had found him she figured it was best to try and keep him around. After her last job with Tei, the two exchanged information and found that they didn't stay too far from each other as far as Inn's go. Having sent out a letter to the ivory haired male she found herself getting cleaned and dressed. Working kept her busy and now that she had someone she been acquainted with she wanted to do even more work. Slipping on the same getup that she wore yesterday but in a black and white coordination, Andromeda once again looked like a schoolgirl, her hair placed in a ponytail held up with a black ribbon. Grabbing a few items from the room she rented the young girl quickly made her way down to greet Tei, who was waiting for her at a table.

Hey! Glad you could make it. I'm pretty thankful that you can come, Zeus knows I could do it alone but I rather have two minds working instead of one. " Smiling that infectious smile she took a seat from across Tei and pulled out a piece of paper. On it was the job they would take on, with all the details they would need to complete it. It honestly shouldn't take us long to get this done, especially since there are two of us.. Calling over a waitress she began to order a fruit salad and some ice water. She wasn't famished but she could use a little pick me up before working. " Besides that, how have you been? " It was a small talk question, she honestly didn't know anything about tei beyond his name. The thought of how to go about knowing a person started to seed itself in her mind. She didn't want to just go into a barrage of questions, that was too sudden and probably very intrusive. Thinking about it, it was probably best to let things like that come about naturally, no need to force that kind of knowledge.


#3Constantine Librorum 

Tf is this Note | Quest [Galaxy|V Day Event] Empty on Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:08 am

Constantine Librorum
He'd visibly cringe at the taste of the tea he had ordered. He didn't quite understand just yet how people could drink such a bitter liquid but hey different strokes for different folks. Who was he to criticize someone's preferred drink?

The young girl would come down as he nursed the drink, hoping that in some fit of molecular insanity or alchemy, the bitter liquid would somehow turn into liquid gold. Giving her a small smile as she sat down, he'd watch as she pulled out a sheet of paper and strike up a small bit of conversation.

"Yeah, I had nothing better to do to be honest and it's not often people send me letters. In fact I get none at all so yeah that's a thing". A bit more detail than he would otherwise give about his life, but nothing too significant. He'd take the paper from her and read over the details that were imprinted on it. A single dark brow rose as he read over it two more times, bringing up the dark liquid to his mouth before taking a long slurp before coughing and spitting out to the side. He had completely forgot the bitter liquid taste like shit as he had read over the request that she had been given.

"Ugh that's just horrible..." His complaint would fall on deaf ears however as Galaxy told him that the request shouldn't take that long, something he could agree with. The text was definitely foreign to him but it seemed to follow similar rules that their own native tongue followed. Maybe it was a precursor or ancestral language? That only piqued his interest even more. Maybe he could learn about these ancestors through deciphering this text and using that knowledge to find maybe some hidden treasure?

A silly grin crossed his face as he brought the cup up to his lips to take yet another horribly ill fated sip. Coughing an spitting it out before cursing violently, he'd turn and give her a simple reply, "I'm doing about as good as a sober man can try. How about yourself?"



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It was amusing to watch Tei show visible disgust with what he was drinking, she didn't ask, she didn't need too.. She could smell it. Grabbing a piece of apple from her fruit platter she popped it in her mouth and nodded to his response. She could say she was feeling the same but she wasn't. "Mmm, you ever feel homesick? " The question was simple as she stood up, dropping some J and taking her platter of fruit in her hands. The question would lead into something more if he answered it in a way where she would need to say more. Giving a little nudge in the direction of the door she started to walk out. She knew he would follow so she took the lead. She was pretty curious about what the note said and wanted to honestly get to working on it as soon as she could.

Looking over at Tei for his answer to her question, it was one of genuine curiosity. Since the library wasn't far the two would have probably reached it in less than five minutes, which was good because as soon as she stepped out of the inn rain began to come down in heavy blobs. " We should hurry.. " Her voice held an annoyed tone as she looked up in the sky and for whatever reason under her breathe she muttered words she knew she couldn't take back.. " Damn Zeus... " It was almost immediate that she shut her mouth once the words slipped out. She didn't mean it, she honestly didn't, and she prayed that no one heard it. Looking down she bit her lip.


#5Constantine Librorum 

Tf is this Note | Quest [Galaxy|V Day Event] Empty on Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:18 pm

Constantine Librorum
His inquiry would be ignored but that was fine. Looking down to his cup, he'd push it aside and ask for a tall glass of apple cider. Tea was still too far out of his way to try right now and he'd probably end up making it alcoholic through the copious amount of sugar he'd dump into it just to make it good. As he waited for his drink, she would ask him about homesickness, something he hadn't contemplated ever since he was forced to leave that bunker in Seven. To be quite honest with himself he couldn't say he truly was. It wasn't like he knew what his home truly was, nor where it was or what its purpose was. All he knew was he had a job to do and to do it until he was told otherwise and considering the fires that were around when he was running away, he doubted he'd get the cease and desist order any time soon.

Shrugging at the inquiry, he'd accept the tall glass of apple cider, the smell of fermented fruit greatly improving his mood as he took a long warm sip of the liquid, the response much more joyous than the one for the bitter tea. "I wouldn't say I would be, I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not from here, but I truthfully don't know where my 'home' is so to speak. I don't think you can get homesick if you don't have a home to miss you know?" It was an odd moment of pensiveness, or rather shown pensiveness. Normally he'd brush such questions aside but he was right. How could he be homesick for something that didn't exist?

Getting up to follow beside her, he'd listen to her response on their way to the library. Humming along as they sat down, he'd crack open the tome that they were told would give them context clues to the meaning of the text and began looking for signs of what they were trying to find. Hopefully he'd find it quickly.



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Dwelling on his words she never thought that someone could be without a home. She guessed it wasn't entirely impossible and nodded her head as a gesture of understanding to some degree. " I guess we don't all have somewhere to call home.... I sure miss mine. " The last words trailed off like an after thought, it slipped through the cracks of her mind and she couldn't catch it in time before it made it's exist. She didn't really have much more to say, for once she was at a loss of words. It seemed that didn't matter because the two were soon at the library. Smiling she looked at the structure. It was an amazing place filled with information and stories of all sorts. She could remember the first time she stumbled in the rather spacy place she was overwhelmed. Nowadays she knew the library like the back of her hand and each section was like a different world. " This should be easy.."

Looking over at tei she saw he found a some reading material already. She smiled and for a second her mind toiled away at what she needed. " Well since I am translating.. I think I would need something that copied the words... Although these words look like a normal list of just random foods. " A short giggle came from her lips as she wandered the library halls, picking up books and reading through a few pages before placing them back on the shelf. The task itself was simple as she thought of it she now knew it was more long and boring than anything else.

It seemed hours went by before she found a book with some sliver of the language that mimicked the words the list gave her. She could only translate two of them but she wrote them down anyway and any other notes that could perhaps help with the completion of this task. Instead of placing the book back she took it to where she remembered seeing Tei sitting. She knew that maybe he could get a bit more out of it than she did. " Hey, I found two of the words translation.. This book helped, maybe you could figure the rest of it out.... Unless you already finished. " Plopping the book down in front of tei she sat across from him and slipped him the rest of her notes and the two translations she herself found. Hopefully he already found the answers that she herself sought.


#7Constantine Librorum 

Tf is this Note | Quest [Galaxy|V Day Event] Empty on Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:51 am

Constantine Librorum
He had continued to read after she had walked off, the book he had been perusing through was far more interesting than he had thought originally. It detailed the life of a young genius who had discovered the ancient homes of the under-dwellers and through the power of his genius and the strength of his bodyguards had seemingly outwitted them over and over in a series of adventures that spanned the entire over and underworld. He didn't quite see how this book would give him context clues though there was a very peculiar language strewn throughout that he couldn't quite put his finger on. Being an archivist he was quite familiar with most languages, yet this one eluded him.

He continued to study the story and the language for hours until Galaxy dropped a heavy tome in front of him and claimed that she had deciphered half of the message. Wiping his hand across the front cover, he cleared some of the dust away to read the title. He blinked as the words seemed vaguely magical in a sense. While he was certain that the text wasn't transforming before his very eyes the sigils and runes didn't seem to sit still either. Like it was in a state of perpetual movement while being eternally stationary. Rubbing his eyes at the idea of such text, he began to read from where she had tabbed the book, her notes on the words giving him some insight on what the rest of it could be. Marking down some notes himself and matching letters and meanings with those of the known language he was able to put together the rest of the text, his head seemingly aching by the end as translating a dead language into a living one was more tedious than it needed to be.

Once finished, he held it up and frowned. It was a grocery list. Like... It was actually an ancient grocery list. Well that or the ingredients needed to make some supernatural potion. But he doubted the second use. Shaking his head, he'd close the ancient tome as well as the one provided to him. He'd keep both materials to study to see if he could see what the text that was provided to them was trying to tell him before passing her the remainder of the note. "We're done for now. I'm going to go study this for the rest of the night. If you need me you know where to find me". He hated to leave on such short notice, but the information in this book could lead him to more artifacts that he would likely have to keep hidden. He'd hope that no one else had figured out the connection between the two before he had. If they did, he may have already been too late.


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Nodding her head she took the information and waved goodbye to Tei. Walking out of the library she peeked her head out, relieved that it stopped raining. The moon was out at this point and Andromeda found herself running under it's light. She would hand Tei his reward the next time they met since he did help her.

- exit -

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