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Welcoming Committee [Solo]

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#1Aleksandr Sokolov 

Welcoming Committee [Solo] Empty Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:08 pm

Aleksandr Sokolov
Aleksandr stood around the entrance of the city, he was doing a job today and well there were some reason about why he was doing it. First of all, the person giving him the job had been nice to Aleksandr by giving him a flyer and offered to help him, but well he didn’t accept the offer and got lost. Second, he hadn’t done a job in a while and lastly, he felt bad that even his brother called him ‘slothful’ while he knew his brother never liked him, it felt bad at the same time too because he had to do something, he wasn’t that lazy as to not to do a job in months and well, it couldn’t hurt at the same time and also helped him earn some money so well, here he was standing in front of Dacol, having agreed to help him distribute the fliers.

Dacol having remembering Aleksandr from the other day, asked him “Did you get to your destination here that day?” Alek looked at Dacol, sighed and said “No, I got lost but well I was able to find a hotel afterwards, using the flyer you gave me which I didn’t use before.” Dacol giggled a bit and then said “Bad luck, you should have accepted my offer of giving you a tour around town.” and Alek replied with some remorse in his voice “I should have.” as Dacol patted him on his shoulder and handed him the stack of fliers as he and Dacol waited for the first traveler to arrive.

As the first traveler arrived, Dacol asked the traveler if he wanted to get a tour of the town as Aleksandr handed the traveler a flyer as the guy went with Dacol. Dacol said he would back in half an hour and Alek was left alone to fend for himself and give people fliers. He walked over to the center of the entrance to the city and waited for people, tourists or travelers to come and take the flyers or not as he sighed and looked forward trying to greet all the people that come here with a smile, even a fake one that he had on his face. He looked around to see if people were coming and well they were and one was coming right towards him, score.

As the traveler got close to him, Aleksandr spoke up in a bright and cheerful tone “Welcome to Orchidia, sire!” he had read the flyer back and forth and so probably won’t have a problem with telling him about it. He handed the traveler the flyer and spoke “This flyer tells you exactly where you need to go so that you won’t get lost in here.There’s a map in here and places you should visit or can visit.” the traveler seemed friendly and took the flyer, as traveler was about to go inside and away for him, he spoke up “Have fun in Orchidia!” and the traveler replied “Of course I will.” as he looked in front and waited for other travelers.



#2Aleksandr Sokolov 

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Aleksandr Sokolov
Most of the people that went by him and that he offered fliers to seemed nice and accepted the flyers and he gave them information about the flyer and the town until a rather ugly, towering and kinda overweight man came with a grumpy look on his face, Aleksandr asked him “Welcome to Orchidia, sire. Would you like a flyer? It gives all the information about the town topped off with a map.” the man didn’t say no and didn’t accept it either, he snatched the flyer from Alek’s hands and tore it up and made a ball out of it, before putting it in his mouth and chewing it down. He was left speechless by that man’s actions and couldn’t even speak anything until the man said “There’s my answer.” he didn’t like that, not one bit so he spoke up “You don’t have to accept it, just say no.” while trying to control himself burst out of anger on the man. The man walked away and before he could get out of sight, Alek picked up a small rock and threw it towards the man’s head, nobody noticed it, fortunately. The rock hit perfectly and the man grabbed and rubbed his head and Alek looked forward before the man could guess who threw the rock at him, the man soon walked his way and Alek started distributing the fliers again.

Then something touched Alek’s right shoulder, he could tell it was a hand, a albeit cold one though. This made him shiver a bit and he looked back, looking kind of scared but fortunately, it was Dacol. He sighed in relief and said “You almost scared me.” and Dacol replied “Almost?” and then Alek said “Well, not almost I guess, you did.” and Dacol asked him “How many people accepted the fliers?” and he replied “Almost all, except for one grumpy man who ate the flyer.” Dacol looked at him, a bit shocked by what that man had did but then shrugged it off and took some fliers from Alek’s hands, Dacol then went forward and distributed some fliers and then took some people on tour.

Then the regular cycle continued, people came and he gave them the information and handed them a flier if they said, if they said no, he just took the flier back and would say ‘Have a good day’ and then get back to his work, some people would just take it and then dump it up in a dustbin nearby, but well he didn’t care now he was here to complete the job and he was doing it. This cycle continued for a lot of time and then the day came to an end, slowly but much to Aleksandr’s relief.

Dacol returned as the day ended, he asked Alek “You’re done for the day, thanks for putting in work and your time for this.” and he replied with a smile “You’re welcome, Dacol.” and handed back to him the stack of fliers as Dacol handed him the reward and he went his own way to the inn he was staying at.


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