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All Stories have a Beginning [Plot/Private]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

All Stories have a Beginning [Plot/Private] Empty Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:47 pm

Lee Nakamura
The world shunned her of her very existence. Society sought her as not beauty but the opposite. Life has been harsh to her as such a young age. It would eventually find her emotionally, though it had been years since she has cried. Of course, its has been years since she let herself cry. LeeAnn was lost. Lost on who she was which was a path all on its own. The young girl had her eye path off showing two different colored eyes. The left eye, the ghoul which had a blood red ring as the rest was black. The other. The other was her supposed of 'normal' eye. Not so anymore.

She peered into a puddle showing her reflection. The right side of her face bared her black marking that looked like she was burnt toast on that side. Her right eye had claw marks run across her face which wore the constant reminder of him. The very enemy whom she dealt with earlier in her life that made her into a what she thought as a psychopath. The doctors said she was blind in her right eye. The puddle rippled from the winds blowing east from the western side of the world. There was nothing beautiful about her no matter how hard she tried to believe the comments from Alice and Rowan on top of that her own fiance. She couldn't see what everyone else saw in her. What her brother saw in her. What her own father saw in her. As blind as a bat, she needed her mother now more than ever!
Someone whom she can go to looking for an answer as of why this had happen to her. Someone who wasn't Konstantin, her brothers, or her father. Or even Hans. No matter how much she came to love them, it was still hard for her to accept anything that came from their mouths. Perhaps her father was right after all, she was hard headed and stubborn much like her brother. A long deep sigh came from her hoping it would wash away the negitive thoughts. Silently, she buried her face into her hands as her eyepatch lied around her neck still in a knot to keep it held up. The cat-like ears folded back while her tail wrapped around her. LeeAnn sat against a tree deep within the forest tired of everything going wrong in her life. "Why does he have to make my life so miserable?! First my mother, now rob me of my sight in my good eye. How can anyone love this face? Just how...." she whispered. The words she spoke were utter truth. Bottled up emotions was all she knew how to do for years. That's what she had always thought to be strong. Hikaru did it. Her father did it. Her mother did. Why is she any different? She was never one to really show emotion around people. LeeAnn never liked the center of attention, but she never liked to be alone either. Why was life so confusing?

The questions still remained. Who was she? What was her real purpose? How would the world take it if she was gone? These were the constant questions she stood with that were unanswered. The only reason why she was still alive was because the small amount of hope she had to cling onto.

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