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Distraction [Quest][Atlas]

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#1Miyu Kento 

Distraction [Quest][Atlas] Empty Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:31 pm

Miyu Kento
She started the day quite earlier as usual. They to a request to Help the Guards which was vaguely instructed on the mission. It was though common for Atlas and Miyu not to turn it down. She herself felt to be more useful than the last time. Knowing Atlas of his daily routine he could forget to eat and not really pack on essential items. It was not a bad thing at all know she found a liking to it. It was a way to feel more useful to him than she usually was with her casual faints or her lacking ability to really socialize or uneasiness with crowds. Wearing a similar outfit like the job at the bar she held a quite large Bento box before herself.
She perked up as she heard footsteps coming towards her. From the Corner, she could see Atlas approaching her with his usual friendly facial expression. She herself gave him a quite brighter smile which she usually does which was good in a sense. The feeling of comfort near him grew more where she is slowly coming out her little cage. "Hello, Atlas ... have you ate anything before the job. We still have a little time so I made you a healthy big breakfast and lunch.." She said while passing it onto him. When he would be finished with the meal they head towards the Castle to be then greeted by the Guard and get more details of the job.

247 words.

#2Atlas Prime 

Distraction [Quest][Atlas] Empty Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:30 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas couldn't believe it. He accidentally slept in and it seemed he would possibly be running late to meet with Miyu. He quickly got up from his bed and started to get ready. He quickly threw on an outfit in which was normal for him, being a black shirt. He wasn't sure why he liked to wear it like that but one sleeve was short while the other was long. He guessed its because he liked to feel different. He threw some tan pants on and put his shoes on. He left his spear today, finding that it wouldn't really be needed here. It seemed like another simple request so leaving it was the best choice. He looked around for anything else he should grab before leaving to go meet Miyu. He ran through the town before arriving at the location they agreed to meet at. Most likely because he was running late it was different this time. Normally Atlas would be the one to arrive first with Miyu coming shortly after. Atlas didn't like to be late so when he came he was a little out of breath. He would take a moment before recovering himself. Miyu asked him if he ate any breakfast saying they still had time before the request started. "Actually I woke up late today, so I didn't. Thank you for thinking of me," he said taking the box from Miyu. He opened it up and started to eat it. "Thank you, this is delicous," he said to her after swallowing a bite. He would try to finish it pretty fast so they wouldn't be late for there request. When he finished he would ask Miyu what she wanted to do with the box. He would do as she said then head off to the castle with her.

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#3Miyu Kento 

Distraction [Quest][Atlas] Empty Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:22 pm

Miyu Kento
She watched him run towards her gasping for air. He was really out of breathe and his morning was certainly not the best. She gave him a timid smile has he excused his uncommon behavior. Eating his breakfast he complimented her on her cooking skills like usual. It brought herself to wonder though which dishes he preferred more but that was a Topic they could speak in private. They had a task to fulfill. It took a good five-minute walk til approaching the Steel Gates of the castle walls. Hours later a Man walked out of the opening Gates greeting the two. Miyu bowed slightly while greeting the noble with a curtsey. "Sir Jelias, Miyu Kento and Atlas Prime to your services .. we were informed of some assistance of an inconvenient and small predicament of the event." She nudged slightly to Atlas giving him the gesture of him to bow. Miyu's voice and posture were filled with poise and grace. Her eyes met then onto the old man which placed a small peck onto her frail hand as a type of greeting. "Also glad to make such an acquaintance of such a well-mannered lady like yourself. Kento ... a Familiar to the Kento Heir? Very extravagant Family ..well most to their rambunctious son Ryou I suppose?" She was rather baffled he knew about her family and who he referred to. Her Face gave off a cold and expressionless vibe where the Guard formally greeted Atlas with a firm Handshake. Jelias skipped the introductions and explained the situation also addressing the Issue of the old man. He gave some details of him and his actions. Miyu listened and nodded. She stood then by Atlas grabbing the fabric of his shirt stretching the material. She was really at unease with the castle. Atlas himself could feel then Tension coming up. The Guard finished giving them instructions and Miyu wanted to rush out of the place. Overheard the question of Jelias if she wishes to greet her other relatives. At the Entrance of the gates she hood somewhere on the side so the Nobles could not see her while entering the event. Miyu sat silent as she then stood up to see the old man in the wheel chair. He brought the attention to him brabbeling about Satan and his menicing actions. Miyu nodded to Atlas more she came to him. "Hello ... Sir .. I wish not to insult you but I fear the people hear do not wish to hear your message. But .. Atlas and I do ... but wouldn't it be best to venture somewhere with less commotion ... and where we could enjoy a cup of tea?" hoping that it would pursue the elderly man to leave.

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#4Atlas Prime 

Distraction [Quest][Atlas] Empty Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:47 pm

Atlas Prime
After Atlas finished they made there way to the castle. Atlas had never really been this close to it so he was quite shocked of the size. He found it weird to not have gone by it at all while he was here in town but figured it was probably because he knew he couldn't get in. He would like to check it out to see what the inside would be like but knew that was not going to happen anytime soon. They seemed to still have some time to kill so Altas wondered what they might do. He tried to think of something to do but it seemed there client had come by at that moment. The man was captain of the guard it seemed. He came up to them and introduced himself. Atlas was quite shocked with how Miyu started to talk. It seemed there was quite a bit to still learn about her. Miyu bowed to the man and she elbowed Atlas in the side to do it too. Atlas, who wasn't super trained to act like this, was confused why he should do it. He knew that nobles bowed to others but felt it wasn't necessary to a guard but did it anyway to make Miyu happy. He didn't want her to yell at him or be mad at him later for not bowing there. The man kissed Miyus hand as as a sign of greeting which irritated Atlas a little. He wasn't sure why but it just did. The man then extended his hand to Atlas to shack his hand. Atlas took the mans hand and gripped it tightly. He felt like this might be a show of strength in a way so he did it. Atlas was confused as well by the conversation the man gave them. He heard Miyus last name and spoke of her family. This and it seemed the other nobles made Miyu nervous and thus she shrunk behind Atlas. It seemed the saving grace for Miyu was that Leis had arrived. He started to speak out about different things and Atlas was happy and a little shocked to see Miyu take charge. Mostly she left him take charge of what they were doing, but she stepped up and started to speak to the man saying that they would like to talk with him somewhere else. Atlas felt like she was doing a great job on the request and decided to let her take the reigns here. He wanted to watch her come out of her shell more.

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#5Miyu Kento 

Distraction [Quest][Atlas] Empty Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:38 pm

Miyu Kento
The old man was surprised by such a person interested in his speech. He nodded and agreed to go for Miyu set a good argument. Due to the Event, it was loud and hard to hear without over talking the commotion. Miyu assisted on helping lewis while bringing him to a restaurant where they all order something to drink. She listened to the nonsense he had to say but giving him an understandable and interesting demeanor. Setting her tea to the side she insisted of asking his purpose of informing the people of Satan which made him talk about his past. He descriptively told the two about his wife and the glorious memories they had which made her smile. It must have been a wonderful they time they had and it was tragic and heartbreaking for him to lose his wife. It was rather relaxing now for he wasn't that frantic or so insisted with his preaching anymore. Atlas and she spent time with him and giving him a smile also escorting him home for he had others tasks to be done. Miyu looked at the Tower to read the time while nodding. "They event must be finished soon... lets head back and inform the Captain about finishing the job." she insisted letting her expression be blank again. "I do not to wish to stay any longer under the thought that other members of the Kento household are present in Orchidia." She closed her eyes rather she looked over to him then looking a heard. Approaching the castle it caught their attention that the other nobles left and the servants were cleaning up the place. Miyu asked for the Captain which assigned them to the quest and to inform that the job was finished. He arrived at both of them asking them how things went and if it was difficult. Miyu shook her head rather she let Atlas speak.


#6Atlas Prime 

Distraction [Quest][Atlas] Empty Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:46 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was glad the man let them take him somewhere else to talk. He seemed to have a little crazy ideas but it didn't seem to overbearing. It took a little while for them to find a better spot to talk to the man. Miyu decided a restaurant was a good place since they could get some food if they wanted. Atlas had to wonder how long the event would last and how long they might have to distract this man though. Miyu would ask him about why he talked about Satan and such and it then turned into him talking about his wife. Atlas wondered at the moment what it might like to have a wife. He looked towards Miyu for a moment before blushing a little at the thought while turning his head away from her. It seemed he might of just confused himself with his own thoughts. Atlas was a little surprised though at the talk they had with Leis. For everyone making him out to be crazy he was pretty calm when talking with them. They talked for quite a while before Leis requested that he would like to go home. Being in a wheelchair it seemed best that Miyu and Atlas would take him back to his house. Atlas would offer to push his wheelchair to take the burden off the older man.  They reached his house and he thanked them for spending time with him today. "It was no problem sir. We hope to see you again," Atlas said smiling towards him. They then left to go back to the castle. Miyu didn't seem that happy saying something about not wanting to see other members of the Kento household. Atlas felt like it might be better to let it lie for the moment, but would ask her later on about it. They reached the castle as it seemed the party was getting cleaned up. They found the captain of the guard. "Well seems like everything went well here," Atlas said. The man thanked them for there help and Atlas and Miyu separated with there reward.

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