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Train with me [Solo]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Train with me [Solo] Empty Thu Feb 09, 2017 9:41 am

Lacie Eventide
Another day in Orchidia, it was a bright day, you could say even sunny. Lacie would normally wear dresses but she could wear other clothing pieces, and she could wear other things than heels but it was not something she really liked or fancied. She knew dresses looked good on her. However she had seen a job yesterday evening, a girl invited her to fight. Now Lacie didn't like combat, fighting or whatsoever but it was for a good cause. The girl wanted to go to some sort of Combat School, probably to become a Knight of some sorts. This was a good cause and it wasn't fighting between them it was more training like. Or that's what she hoped. She didn't talk much to Seheda, she had simply agreed and well she was now worrying in front of her wardrobe to see what she should wear.

It was a hard decission, she should maybe come back after training to shower and put on some nice clothing. She grabbed a old pair of jeans, the knees were open, as had been fashion at the moment she had bought it and she went in to find some sweater, thank god she still wore them often so that wasn't difficult to find compared to the jeans. She picked up a cream coloured sweater with in brown written on her chest: Bonjour. Because: fashion. No other reason was necessary for the red head to buy her clothing, as long as it was of good quality and found in a magazine.

When she was finally done dressing herself for most, since socks and shoes were a struggle as well. Where had she left the last pair of socks that she owned that were normal instead of knee height and where were her closed boots, but in the end she found everything and she could go and get some breakfast. Although she wondered if it was smart to get something before intense training. She could already feel her stomach pulling itself together to warn her not to eat and thus she didn't. She would simply head out to meet Seheda at the enterance of the forest.

She simply left the hotel behind her after she put on a woollen trenchcoat and grabbed her handbag. She walked to the tree line of the forest and thought she might be the first but Seheda was already waiting for her, she wondered if she was too late, "Are you waiting long?" But Seheda shook her head, said she was just too nervous to sleep. Seheda suggested to go for a run and she almost immediately sprinted off. Lacie stood a bit dumbfounded there and tried to stretch her legs and dropped her bag behind some tree in some bushes before she darted off to follow the other girl. Seheda must have realized Lacie didn't immediately start because she slowed down and waited a bit while running on the same spot. When Lacie caught up, she continued saying that they should just follow the path that barely anyone seemed to use, she jumped over a bush and Lacie followed her example. She was a pro in running on heels, this shouldn't be too much trouble. Only keeping up.

"Have you heard about mercenaries?" Seheda asked and Lacie was glad to hear she was a bit out of breath herself, while she ducked away for a low hanging branch. "Yeah of course," Lacie lied and she wondered how fast God would punish her for that but till now she didn't fall or do anything bad but dodge another tree was working fine. Only Seheda was going faster and talking to her, so she tried to keep up but her lungs felt like they were burning and her shins and calves didn't like it either.

"I have been training so hard. I can't quit now. I know I have failed but this time. This time I'm going to pass with flying colours." Of course you are, Lacie thought, well at least she had the speed, however Seheda kept talking and Lacie couldn't get one word out of her mouth as she was still not being able to properly breathe.
That's why the moment Seheda didn't notice, Lacie stopped running to catch her breath, she found that they were going in a circle and she could maybe cut through the forest after she caught her breath. That's when she heard a dull but hard noise and she quickly picked up her own pace again and hurried to the part of the sound.

Seheda had been so up into her story that she hadn't noticed the log on the path and simply fell over it. She seemed to have fallen right on her face and Lacie was fast enough to quickly jump over the log and help Seheda up, she let her sit on the log. She had blood dripping from her nose and Lacie wondered what to do, as tears appeared in the corners of Seheda her eyes, "Let me heal that, no problem at all." Seheda shook her head and she was hiccupping a bit to avoid the crying but Lacie understood, unfortunately for Seheda. "No, no it's fine." she seemed to manage just those words and looked away from Lacie.

The red head waited for Seheda to get up and together they finished the last part of the circle and headed back to their starting point, where Lacie got her bag and Seheda gave her the money, "It can happen to the best of people, Seheda. Don't give up now." The girl shrugged and waved goodbye before she walked away. Again she left Lacie a bit dumb struck and it took a while before Lacie decided to walk back to the town, her stomach was complaining loudly now that she had not eaten yet. She muttered to herself or more to her stomach that at first it didn't want to eat and now suddenly complained. But she shook her head and went to find something good to eat and a good strong cup of coffee.


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